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When you look up "cute" in the dictionary - what do you see?

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Do you have any pictures that are so absolutely adorable, that if you were to pick up a dictionary and look up the word "cute", you would see the picture? Post your best of the best!

Here are my 2 all time favorites:

Jake at 28 days old (bottle fed orphan):

Scarlett in her new bed:

We know you all have them - post yours please!

Let's make this thread cuteness overload!!
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Oh that little orange muffin! Yep, he sure is cute.

As for posting my own, I'll have to dig deep see if I can find any "cute" ones.
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Both of those pics certainly fit the the phrase "absolutely adorable"
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My favorite and cutest picture of Kitters would be this one:

I know I've posted it before but it has been a little while since the last time! But I love that one the most!
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Aww! Bless all the cute kitties!

I have one that I think is cute. This is Kitty getting some zzzzz`s
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My fav of Lucy:

And of Carly:
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My choices would have to be one of these (both of Thalia):

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when i think of cute i think of this:

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Cuteness overload!!
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OMG there is so much CUTE in this thread!

When I think of "cute" I think of Trent and Ophelia as baby kittens.

And Ginger being a sleepy gargoyle on my monitor:

And Mojo playin'

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I think of Twitch & baby Lily

I think of Damita & her sunbeams

I think of my love-bugs Damita & Dorky Fish snuggled together

I think of PJ & Punky cuddling
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I would think of this!

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I think of Gordo sleeping.

I think of Tinker as a kitten

I think of Princess and Tufo together (they don't get along)
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I see this:
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Oh my!!!! I can't take all the cuteness in this thread so far!!
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I have soooooooooo many more, those were just in the first page of my photobucket.
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Lynx's first Christmas. He was only about 10 weeks old.

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Baby Ivory

My RB boy, BC

Baby Spaz

Baby Trouble
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OMG I need these pictures today!! Keep em coming!!
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D'oh! Why didn't I think of these guys?



And the "E" Babies....Echo, Ephram, Endora, Emma, Eli, & one more I forgot his name

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Here's baby Mooch:

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This is probably the cutest I can get:

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I think of Squeak...

Squeak and Tucker...

Tucker dozing...

Peep and his fluffy tummy...

Charlie stalking the hamster...

Squeak sleepin'...

Peep being pompous...

Tucker as a tiny baby...


And tiny kitten with the huge tongue.

The cuteness in this thread is too much...but keep 'em coming!
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OMG These are all so fantastic!

Ok when I think of cute, these are the ones that come to mind...

Weeble and his frog

"Yes, I am quite handsome thank you"

Weeble and Sammy

"Are you my mother?" (Mayhem and Apache, both RB)

"OMG What is THAT?!" (Mayhem, RB)

And my absolute favorites are when my three NY boys curl up together

[As a side note, some of the older folks on here might remember Azrael from the "Hug your furkids" thread a year.. maybe two years ago? I'm bad with dates. Anyway he was the one who had a urinary blockage, then had to be resuscitated and went blind from it. He's still not seeing well - only shadows we think - but looks how good he looks now!]

Azrael is the orange tabby, Jack is the black and white, and John Doe (aka Johnny) is the grey tabby.

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Here are a few I found of Woody (RIP)

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These are fantastic - I especially like that one of Mayhem and Apache...Mayhem looks just like a curly-coated lamb!
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I love all the upside down sleepy kitties!

Here's mine... my two sharing space (which never happens!)

Frankie not wanting to get out of daddy's lap

Chubby (aka; Wickett) tummy!

carry out kitty!
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Here are some of moonlight: I suppose some are more funny than cute

^Moonlight: I'm watching your every move.....

^His fav sleeping position

^So many people are surprised at this pic. Oreo is now at the bridge, but when she was alive moonlight was so gentle with her! He did not consider her food.

Keep posting more pics everyone!

Twstychik -- I love Carry out kitty! LOL!
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How did I miss this thread?!

This has got to be one of the cutest pictures I've ever seen!

Originally Posted by Renovia View Post
when i think of cute i think of this:

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I think kittens are the cutest, and these are the only kitten pictures I have:

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