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Fighting or playing?

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We've just ontroduced our new 8 week old female kitten, Maggie, to our male 8 month old Angus (he's been castrated).

We read the books, and followed a step by step guide to introducing them...i.e...keeping Maggie safe in a dog cage to prevent fights while letting angus check her out in his own time, without invading his territory. We then began to feed them 'special' food either side of the cage so they would associate good things with them. Slowly we began to play with Maggie around the house without angus around so Andus would get used to her smell....etc etc.

We have now let them meet freely....as they seemed to be very interested in each other, and ate peacefully together...even sharing the same bowl at times.

BUT....all they do together...is chase each other at full pelt round the house...when they catch up with each other they seem to be 'play fighting'....but we cant be sure...as this is ALL they ever do...chase...fight....back off...chase...fight...etc etc.Angus is ofcourse much bigger and we worry he's being too rough.its hard to tell if its all too much for Maggie.

We seperate them when it seems to get too rough...or when Maggie appears to be tiring, or whines.but then they just whine even more frome either side of the door.And Maggie dosnt appear to be scared...she often runs after him, once we've seprated them.

I just dont know what to make of it.on the one hand they appear to be comfortable with each other, and want to be around each other.but then all they do is chase and fight.

My question is...

Is this true aggressive behaviour, or are they playing???

Will it end and will they learn to 'chill out' together??

Any advice or similar expereinces would be really appreciated!!!im beginning to get very worn out dealing with this and am worried they will never get along....what will become of them?
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First of all they are absolutely 100% playing.

Second of all, an 8 week old kitten is SO young and really shouldn't be left unsupervised with an almost adult cat.
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It definitely sounds like they're playing. I agree, keep an eye on them and if it seems to be getting too much for Maggie break it up. It sounds like you are doing everything right. Believe me, if it was real fighting you would know. Play fighting still looks so violent, but that is how they work out their energy.
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oh ofcourse....we NEVER leave them unsupervised...she is definately still a very young little thing.and we never let them play like this for too long...i worry so much for her.

But i just dont know when it will stop....there is literally NOTHING else they do together...and it is exhausting.they just charge up and down the house...then fight.

we're constantly trying to keep them in seprate rooms just so Maggie gets enough sleep/food/rest.but when we do that Angus wails at the door.and we feel so torn between the two.

Do you think it will stop one day???
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