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Bakker is missing

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We went to farmer's market this morning and when we came home about 9:30-10 ish Neil let Bakker out and we haven't seem him since. Neil was inside this morning and so was my mom while dad & I were digging plants in front of the house. I didn't think anything unusual then but now thinking about it he should have been around our legs. So about 1:30 I started getting worried as if he is outside he would come if called for his nap. I've been around the property shaking the food container and calling. Neil has ridden around on the 4 wheeler.
Bakker does not usually come all the time when called or have we ever seen him cross the road. Neil won't call for him but he would have better luck than I. Hopefully our neighbor's will come over later as Bakker doesn't like their dog and would hopefully come running. I don't want to think about the evil shooting neighbor but we were outside and I didn't here anything.
Please send some come home vibes.
We had a bunch of people over last nite and Bakker is NEVER out EVER out when it starts to get dark-he was kinda crabby about that so I don't know if this is getting me back??
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My prayers are with you and Bakker! Maybe he's found a good spot for a nap and just doens't want to get up right now.
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Sending lots "come home soon" vibes for Bakker.
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Oh Gail, I hope he comes home soon and stops worrying everyone!
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Well its starting to get dark outside I rode the 4 wheeler around and checked my good neighbor's property (they aren't home yet). I jus tdo not have a good feeling about this as this hasn't every happened before. He has never spent the night outside. This is the reason I never wanted him to be an indoor/outdoor cat. He always sits staring outside esp this time of night but is never let outside.
I think this will be an all nighter for me.
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Oh no. Gail I am sending many, many good vibes that Bakker comes home soon.
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Tons of {{{come home soon}}} vibes!
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Oh Gail ..... sending many come home vibes for Bakker ........
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I am sure Bakker will be home soon, when his tummy starts rumbling COME HOME BAKKER !!
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aww come home soon Bakker

he's probably just got a moody on with you and will be back at tea time
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After trying to sleep on the sofa I just up at 11:45 and checked outside the front door-nothing. I go out to the garage and there he is (I left service door open) I was so happy, surprised, relieved etc.
So he was acting like nothing was differentand right now is on the top of the sofa in his usual position.
He of course is grounded until further notice.
I also have thought of this before but I might get his hearing tested (if possible) how could he miss up called.

Anyhow thanks for all the vibes this was a good start to birthday week for me.
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aww fabulous news wonder if he knows he's been grounded

give that fella some tummy tickles from us
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he was acting like nothing was different

Glad to hear he is home safely. Don't do that again, Bakker!
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Oh splendid !!!! So glad he is okay and safe now
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Oh Gail, what a relief! I am so glad he is home.
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What wonderful news!!! Keep that boy grounded indefinitely!
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Thats great! I am so glad Bakker is home!!!
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Oh I'm sooo relieved to hear he came home!!!
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OMG...I just saw this.
Thank heavens your sweetie is home & safe.
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I'm so glad you found him safe and sound!
Naughty Bakker! Did you give him extra treats?
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Oh I am SO glad he made it home safe!
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Just catching up, and I am so glad that he is home safe and sound...
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I'm so glad Bakker is home Gail!
Doesn't it just make your heart skip a beat when you know that they are out there and not safe at home?
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