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Went to Petco today and helped out :)

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I was there looking for a gift and some toys for the kits, which I might add I didn't find any But anywho...it was adoption day up there, so there were these gorgeous pure white kittens with blue eyes, so gorgeous! And then when we got there 3 tabbie kittens, and 2 older boys who were gorgeous and had the most unique coloring

But anywho...this guy was adopting the one kitten, and well theres me preaching how if hes able he should really adopt both, the one adoption lady told him, and then I chimed in and said how great it was especially for kittens, they have each other there to keep company when your not home and everything...next thing I know we had him sold ...I didn't get lucky though, I tried for the last kitten from that litter poor baby, I also tried to persuade gram but it didn't work But I hope that she gets adopted soon and same with the other kitties, but they had a total of 5 adoptions so far today My mom told them they should just keep me, Id get a lot of people with a kittie or 2

But that had made my day, also they all loved my tattoo of the paw prints And also I helped the guy get some toys, I told him which ones I recommended and such, which with kittens is pretty much anything And the one kitten he adopted was playing up a storm when we got there too!

Also it turns out the adoption agency that was there was the one where we had seen Anastasia the one blue kittie that we really wanted but didnt fit well into our chaotic household, but sent us on a search for a blue kittie

Also I did tell the one lady about this site, so I hope she remembers and joins us
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You should work for them, or volunteer for them. They'd get alot of kitties adopted that way! My PetSmart has an adoption agency inside called SAD-SAC (Save A Dog-Save A Cat) and that's where I got all three of my dopeys, as i call them.
But I wanted to ask you about the paw print tattoos---do you REALLY have pawprints tattooed on you? Sounds so cool! I've never heard of such a thing. I mean, I really don't like to see tons of tattoos on people, and I don't have any myself, but if I were to get them, I think that's what I'd get!!
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I think that's great that you pitched in and helped. I'm sure that 2nd kitten is happy to go to a new home.

Nice work!
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Well done! It's always so nice when kitties are adopted together.
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That's great!!! I can't even let myself go near the furbabies at our Petsmart here! We did get Bunny there, but that was only because she was moved there from the shelter. I couldn't get across town fast enough the day we went there to get her!
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Great job on helping out today with that adoption. I saw three little girls in there the last time I went to Petsmart. They all looked just like Kitters when she was a baby! I wanted them so much! Phooey! They weren't there when I went in today! I hope they went to good homes and are happy!
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