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Cat death at the humane society! HELP!

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We adopted Cleo from the humane society and brought her home Saturday. Today (Monday) I stopped back in there because I wanted to snag her a collar as they had some REALLY cute ones. The one girl I always see working in there told me that the Cattery (what they call where they keep the cats) was closed because of some illness. Apparently someone adopted a cat within the last few days and it died within like a day so the shelter is keeping the cat area closed for now. I FREAKED!! They don't know what happened or anything, but she told me she wouldn't worry about Cleo because she is an adult (2yrs) and has had her shots, but this is freaking me out. She looked ok today and was going nuts watching the birds out the window, but I am bothered.

Has anyone heard of anything like this? Do you think it was just a isolated thing with the one cat or what? These cats are tested for Feline Leukemia and get wormed, shots, etc. when they are put in the adoption area. Of course, I have seen the upper respitory, but that is common and that doesn't scare me. THIS does. I am not telling my mother as she would probably analyze every little thing Cleo does and worry to death since we just lost Angel.

ANY insight would be appreciated!!! Thanks!
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Anytime you have a roomful of cats crammed into cages where most of the cats were strays or owner surrenders, you are going to have problems with disease. Even vaccinated, cats in those sort of conditions (stressful) will have compromised immune systems and can come down ill. I would ask for specific details about what they were talking about- distemper? Leukemia? what? Then once you know what caused the cat to die, then you will be armed with more knowledge.
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It is a normal occourance for humane societies or shelters to have problems like this. Hopefully you can obtain more information about what happened, as in what type of illness befell that animal, or possibly others in the humane society, incase you are still worried for your cat.
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