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Cats & Ghosts

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Has anyone lived anywhere there were ghosts? If so, how did the cats in the house react?

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This is a loaded questions.

My cats freak me out when they're watching something intently that ISN'T there, and I've read many many places that cats are very intuitive when it comes to seeing things that we, as humans, can't see as well beyond our plane of existance.

I hope someone else here has a reply with any of their thoughts.
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It seems like there is a thread about this at least once a month.

And yes, I have.
For the most part I noticed and was bothered more then they were. They had more choice in completely avoiding rooms or even going outside, so maybe they were lucky with that.
On the few occasions one was in a room when something happened the cat would look startled and run out, generally with me on the cat's heels since I had seen/heard/smelled whatever had sent the cat running.

If you're cat is staring off into space it doesn't necessarily mean your house is haunted.
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The building I live in has had "spirits" for years, and while I see, hear and smell things, only one of my three cats reacts by becoming anxious, which I find interesting.
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My cats just watched.

However my husband said Felix (my in-laws' dearly departed tabby) had some pretty big reactions over the years. Once he yowled and puffed out and the dog was barking at something in the middle of the room that Mike couldn't see. Then both tore out of the room.

My in-laws' house is very much a haunted house. Although my experience made me think the ghost is a bit of a prankster.
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If you're cat is staring off into space it doesn't necessarily mean your house is haunted.
I often do that myself...
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The cat that does react doesn't stare at particular spot, he just gets a little anxious. I have lights turned off and on, a strong perfume smell and doors locked and unlocked.

I find it fascinating that only one of the three outwardly shows any acknowledgement that we're "not alone".
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When I was little we had 2 dogs and they would look at the ceiling, then their heads would dip down and across like they were watching something move across the room. It was like it was in unison. We did have a "spirit" or guardian angel in that house, and she moved with us both times, and is currently at my house. I will be interested to see how the cats behave.

And yes, spririts can be very "mischevious"! LOL
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I have reason to believe the current visitor is my mother, who was a total animal lover. Maybe the two cats that don't mind her being there are aware she's a friendly guest.
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Glad to know I'm not the only one with ghosts! My father likes to "haunt" me (he passed away about 2 1/2 yrs ago). Pictures move, things appear where you've already looked, smells, things like that. Apparently, Dad wasn't a big cat fan so whenever George freaks out for no apparent reason I usually attribute it to him. As long as I don't actually see him I don't mind him being here - just wish he'd give me the winning lottery numbers
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my house has a few, lets say, Ghosts,lol. the cats ALWAYS alert me to when a night is going to be bad w/ the ghosts trying to get in touch ( most the time it incrues a bad migraine and seeing things).

Every time we have had that happen, Sace and Uno willl come onto the bed and cry, whine and headbutt me, and no matter how much love i show, they are still agitated.

they will also sit on the edge of the bed, and "watch" the bedroom doorway ( there is no door). they will also cry at whatever they see too. Im glad they do it, cause then i can prepare.
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I took a picture in our new house once and got one of those reflection circle things that ghost hunters refer to as "orbs" (I personally don't believe in ghosts, but I was joking to my husband that we have a ghost).

Anyway, Isadora will sometimes sit downstairs by herself after we go up to bed and she'll meow to herself.....we always say that she's talking to the ghost
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OMG! You are all freaking me out! I don't know what I would do if there were spirits in my house..... even if it was a friendly spirit I would probably have to pack up and move ASAP!!!! Or at least I'd have to sleep with every light on in the house and definitely not alone.

Sometimes my cat will be in a deep sleep on the living room floor and then suddenly lift her head and stare down the hallway, looking really freaked out. It kind of freaks me out too but she is such a scaredy cat. We live in an apartment building so whenever I hear something I just think it's the other tenants.

Uh oh... it's getting dark out and I'm starting to freak out now. Thanks a lot guys!
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My cat stares at the celing and then gets all weirded out. I don't know if it's ghosts or if it just because he's goofy.
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