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What are the best apples

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for making home-canned applesauce? I made fresh a few times; but invented my own recipe, and can't remember what type I used! (Think it was Granny Smith.) Has anyone done canning, and made applesauce?

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We make stewed apples sometimes, and we always use Granny Smith! So nice and tart, and they hold up to the cooking well, too.

If your heart isn't completely set on applesauce, you might try leaving the apples in chunks, rather than pulverizing them... you get more good healthy fiber that way.
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I don't if this site is any good at all but it has a chart about the apple varieties. According to it, the best ones to use for Apple sauce are the Galas but I think it would be fun to experiment with different types of apples and compare the flavors.

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Granny Smith is always what I use, because it's nice and tart and really stands up well to the heat from cooking. It makes the absolute best apple pies and tarts too. But, if you don't like a tart sauce, you can use Red Delicious, it makes really good sauce that is nice and sweet. I don't always mash it all up either, I leave a few chunks, makes it a little tastier.
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I forgot to mention that I prefer the chunkier apple sauces too.

Which apple or apples is/are used in the making of most commercial apple sauces?
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When I make home made apple sauce I use granny smith and mackintosh equal, this way you get the sour and sweet combination!
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