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Hello there

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Hi there,
My name is Jen and I`m a complete newbie when it comes to cats. My hubby and I are getting our first cat tomorrow morning and I`m so excited that I couldn`t wait any longer to tell you guys!
Her name is Wilma and she`s a 13 weeks old British shorthair kitten. She`s a lilac tortie and is the most beautiful kitty I have ever seen.

You seem to be a very cosy bunch of people here and I`m really looking forward to getting to know you all.

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Welcome Jen!

This is a great site for advice and help for all sorts of cat queries, and fun as well.

I am so jealous that you are going to be experiencing the joy of a new cat coming into your life.

Let us know how she is getting along.
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Welcome to the site, Jen, and welcome to Wilma, too!! She sounds just beautiful, and I can't wait to hear all about the cute little things she does and see any and all pics you can post. Feel free to ask any questions you may have about Wilma in Our Feline Companions forums, no matter how trivial you think they are. We have all been new to kitty motherhood at one point in our lives. And please do tell us all about her cute antics and even what naughty cute things she does in The Cat Lounge.

I'm really looking forward to getting to know you and Wilma in the forums.
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Jen.....Welcome to our refuge!

A Russion Blue is a great choise. Hope to see many more of your posts here.
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I hope to hear all about your new British shorthair. I have my own and I have to say, he is the best cat I have ever had the pleasure of owning! He is so different from other cats. Look forward to hearing about your new kitty! Cindy W.
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I read Cindy's post about the British shorthair. Then I went up and reread yours. Where I got Russian Blue I have no clue. God just gave me extra blonde moments here and there.
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Send pictures!
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Thank you all for the warm welcome!

We finally picked up our little Wilma yesterday morning and she`s been entertaining us ever since. She turned out to be a very brave little girl and she started playing within minutes of being let out of her carrier. She was so tired last night so she slept through most of the night on the sofa where she could see us. She`s eating, drinking, playing and using her litterbox and we are so so happy to have her here!

I`ll post pictures as soon as I have the film(s) developed.

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Glad you found our little corner of cyberspace. Enjoy your stay!

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I finally got the film developed so here`s a picture of my little Wilma.

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What a great face!

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What a little doll! Wilma is just beautiful!!
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Oh, what a cutie! I think British shorthairs have the most pleasant looking faces.
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Welcome! Welcome! Wilma is gorgeous and I'm sure she is happy to have found such wonderful humans to own I look forward to seeing more news on her soon.
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What a cutie!!!

Thanks for sharing~
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She looks like a real sweetheart! I'm so glad you're getting a kitten, and happy that you two will be joining us. We want to hear lots about her adventures!
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Wilma is an ANGEL!

Sorry for not welcoming you here earlier, I haven't been online for a couple of days.

Great to have you here Jen, jump on in and chat or ask kitty questions.
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