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Weve taken in a Feral kitten....pics inside

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My Hubby and I both work at the same place, he works in the shop, I work in the front office. We have a HUGE property full of all kinds of industrial equipment. We ship and recive from all over the world these HUGE turbine packages for power generation, gas compression plus other uses.

PLUS, we be in the country...

This equates to, "Plenty of places for feral kitties"

One of our maintenance workers caught a kitten in a live trap and came up to ask me if we wanted it. LOL I said. "Oh dear, you are gonna have to ask Jordan" After we got Little Dude, 3 months ago, he said no more cats!

Well, that didn't last long. I called Jordan and next thing I know, we had a very scared feral 10 week old, skinny, dehydrated kitten.

It is AMAZING how he has warmed up to us and the other cats. I can't believe it. Little Dude who is about 5 months old now, has taken him under his wing, and Fuji (the feral) follows him everywhere.

We did have him out and about in the house, but he hid SO much and getting him was such a scary thing, I decided to put him in a LARGE dog carrier with blankets (from other kitties) Kitty bed, food, water and small litter pan, for a couple reasons.

A) I want to make sure he is eating and drinking. I can't just leave food out for him, the other cats will eat it. Although, he has gotten very FAT over the last couple days!! YAY! I also want him to learn to use the litter.

B) I want him to get used to seeing the activities of what goes on around here, even though he was coming out on his own to play with Dude while we were here.


C) I don't want a HUGE scary chase happening to him every time we want to pick him up for socialization. He does GREAT when we hold him. He settles down and enjoys being pet. But GETTING him, that was the hard part.

Is this a good idea? Or should I just let him out again??

Here are the only pics I have. I will get more when I can get him to relax a little more.


The girl in the pic is a friend of our that is living with us while her divorce is finalized.

She has a cat and a dog here with us. SO, 5 cats and a dog now! My parents are NEVER going to visit!!!

Here's Fuji!

I love this one. He's like...YOU WITCH!!! How could you just snatch me up like that!!! OOH the things you have done to me today!!!

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I am curious what the maintenance workers are doing with live traps. Are they eradicating other critters or cats or what? Just curious.

Your kitten is probably fine in the large carrier and if he doesn't have a hiding spot in there, you should give him one, like an upside down box with a hole in it. You will be able to tell how comfy he is by seeing how much time he spends there versus on top of it or at the cage door.

You didn't mention how he is reacting to being held and handled. Is he growling and struggling or just timid?

It is wonderful of you to be doing this for the kitties!
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Has he been vetted yet? I'd be concerned about letting him near your other cat until/unless he's been tested for worms, FELV/FIV, etc.
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What a beautiful kitten! He will come around with lots of love
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Fuji is doing great. We had been putting him in the carrier so I could monitor his "In's and Out's" as well as make picking him up a little less of a scary ordeal for him.

He does very well once he is in our arms, to answer the question. He even fell asleep on my DH chest, half a belly up, letting me scratch his head and belly.

When he is awake though, we hardly see him if he is out of the crate. (which he has been out of for a couple days now)

BUT, now he is back in it, as we.....

...Have caught his sister!

POOOOOR thing. I have never seen a kitten more dehydrated. There was NO water in the room where they were living. I didn't think she was going to make it when i got home and actually saw her. But I sat with her all night, the little dear rolled up in a shirt of mine, sitting on my chest. I gave her a dropper full of water every half hour ALLLL evening. Around 8 pm she rewarded me by waking up from a nap and purrrrred and licked my fingers and started to knead on me. I melted!! Her energy perked RIGHT up! So much so that I thought I should try her in the crate again, and see if she would eat.

TA DA!!! Straight to the food she went! I almost bawled! This little angle was the closest I have seen an animal to death just a few hours before. I couldn't believe my eyes!!

Both kitties have been vet checked and amazingly enough, got a clean bill of health.

Here is Sui! (soo-ee)

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This is wonderful! They are so lucky to have found you.
Thank you for taking them in and giving them a wonderful life!
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Wow what cute kittens! It's great that you took them in!
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