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Snowshoes anyone?

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Hey there I recently adopted a 6 year old male Snowshoe Siamese...he is beautiful. I have read some info on them but there's not much out there to find. I was wondering if anyone has had experience with them and would like to share. He has the Siamese smartness/saucy-ness in him for sure
Here's Pickles
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The only experience I've had is seeing some at an ACFA show - I think they are great cats. But only the seal and blue points are recognized for showing in ACFA.

Its very hard to get the bicolor gene to put the white in the right places. Sorta like the Birmans. The ones in the show are "perfect" marked and you are very lucky to get a show quality. The majority of them are placed as pets because the white spotting gene is so difficult to control.

I like the seal Snowshoe over the blue ones

Here's ACFA's breed info:

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Thanks...I have read that profile on them before...there really isn't much info out there. I supose he has the same demeanor as most kitties anyhoo.
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LOL ... I love them ... I was graced with one many yrs ago ... He was quieter than a siamese and loader than my dlh... He was a joy .... fetched walked well on a leash
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