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Gotta love these politicians

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William Jefferson, the Congressman from Louisiana, indicted on federal bribery charges. You know the guy, the one that the authorities found $90,000.00
in his freezer right before Katrina. He is as dirty as they come.

Now Pelosi, (the most powerful woman in the world) is going to appoint him to the Homeland Security Panel. Seems only right doesn't it?

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Read the charges, now this is a man should be privvy to National Security
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Why is it so difficult for politicians to be honest, trustworthy, decent human beings? Is it the power? Are they decent people before they get into office and then somehow corrupted? I'm so sick of these politicians just thinking they can do whatever they want and not be accountable for their actions. It's amazing to me.
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A large part of the problem is that there aren't term limits for members of Congress. A newly elected Congressman/Congresswoman who is there for the first time may be alright at first but the longer he or she is in office the more they sucked into playing politics to please special interests rather than making decisions based on what is best for the country.

Since these people make the laws it's easy to see how they feel are above them and how they can us as beneath them. It's the elitist mentality of most, if not all of them, that allows them to think they can do whatever they want. The only way to hold them accountable is to make your voice heard and by voting them out of office. Sadly, the number of people who do seem to care enough to vote and make their voices heard is in the minority. Also, since the clowns in Congress make the laws I don't see them voting to give themselves term limits in the near future or ever.
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It's going to sound like I'm making excuses for this guy but trust me I'm not. I'd just like to give you a background on the way Louisiana politics work. Lets just say payoffs are nothing new in that state. In fact, I believe that's the way things are done. William Jefferson is the latest in a very long line of people to get caught.

Now with that being said. I don't think he should be anywhere NEAR Homeland Security. He should be forced to take a leave of absence to deal with the charges.
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