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Cleo has come home:)

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It was very bittersweet to adopt Cleo from the Humane Society and to bring her home so soon after Angel, but she needs love and a home, too....we won't forget Angel, though! Here is Cleo! Her owner left this picture with her when she dropped her off.
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Aww what a sweet looking kitty! Love the picture! I know she will never replace Angel but it will be good to have Cleo around! How old is Cleo? She is very pretty!
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She is two...isn't she just a doll? My dad is calling her "Oil change" because she looks like she stuck her nose in oil!! lol

She is all four declawed (she was like that when we got her), but seems to be able to still bounce around and jump places just fine. She looks like she has black nail polish on, doesn't she???
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on the new kitty-she's a beautiful girl!!
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Bittersweet is the perfect word. The bitter part - missing Angel. But I'm sure your Angel understands, you're saving a life. I truly believe she knows what's up, and she knows you're not replacing her.

...and the Sweet part. Cleo sure is a cutie! She just looks like she'll be fun - kind of like she's a bit of a clown... you'll let us know!

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Oh Carrie...Cleo is beautiful!! She really does look like she got dipped in the oil pan! LOL! How is Ashley handling the new addition or is Cleo staying with your Mom?
Anyway, Congrats on the new little one...she looks like she's loving her new furever home!
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I am sure Angel is watching from above and is happy you were able to rescue another cat! Cleo is a very lucky kitty to have you in her life!
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She is sooo funny! Yesterday morning she was laying on her back with all fours in the air on the bed.....SHE FELL OFF THE BED!!!!! LOL

Then I guess this morning she was sitting in the dining room chair watching the birds at the bird feeder and she jumped up to try and "get them" and she fell off the chair!!!! How funny! Like DUH!
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She is a very pretty and lucky cat. It is so hard to lose a pet, having another cat around can help ease the pain. I had my cat Tara put to sleep last year, I don't think I would have made it without my other cat Faile. Then I added Molly a month later. I still miss Tara, but it is nice to have someone furry aroung.
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...so she IS a clown!! LOL!!!!

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Yeppers..that she apparently is! lol My mother told me she fell of the chair AGAIN while trying to jump at the birds. Does she not get it??

I also saw her actually SITTING like a person...like on her BUTT with her legs OUT straight in front of her. OMG! I never had seen anything like this before! Too funny.

Again....I miss my Angel-Pie terribly, but I also did want to make Cleo feel welcome and made her a Christmas stocking (it is fish shaped!) filled with goodies
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She is a cutie and she is doing what Angel wants...putting a smile on your face.

May you have many years of happiness and laughter together.

Congrats on rescuing her and opening your home to her. She's one lucky kitty.
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Cleo is very beautiful! I am sure she will bring you much joy!!
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