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No Doubts Now

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It's was two weeks ago today I brought Misty home. Last night I caught Greta doing this so I guess I can say she really has accepted her. I was so worried about adding another cat to the house because Greta has been great since I adopted her and did not want to mess that up but now I am glad I did it and I think Greta is too.

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That just goes to show you, you never know!! Really cute pictures.
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Awwwww Sweet sweet pics!! Greta loves Misty
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Awww, you definitely made the right call. Isn't it so lovely when they snuggle and groom each other?
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That sure looks like acceptance to me! They're lovely.
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First off... I Greta and am going to come catnap her! Secondly.. those pics are just too cute!
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Oh my godddddd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Those pictures are so cute my tummy just had butterflies!!!!
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Aw, i love your pictures!! they're adorable! (and give me some hope )

Isosceles was interested in them, too. lol
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I defnitely think that Greta thinks Misty is a-ok!! Great pics
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OMG, look at all that love!!!!
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Yeah, I think there is definate acceptance there!

Soo cute!
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