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I just can't win!! getting discouraged

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I posted earlier this week (kittens in bad shape)...and the kittens that were not doing so good, seem to be making progress. there eating and the one that looked the worst is comming along. Now, the Tortie, which was doing great. She has a 103 fever this morning and has been on antibiotics for 6 days now.She would not eat but I forced Pedialyte with a syringe. She sounds really junky in the chest again. I get one better and one goes downhill. I am getting little discouraged.
I am calling my foster coordinater this morning and taking all four to get checked. I am not going to quit on them...but I just feel so bad for these little babies, the hell they have been through in there short lives. I just wish people would be resposible and get there pets fixed..Then these unwanted poor babies would not suffer. Wish I would hit the dam lotto here in Ohio, I would take them all and give them good homes.
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Laurie, please don't get discouraged. If it weren't for wonderful people like you, then these kitties wouldn't even have a chance. YOU offer them that 1 chance at life, it may not always work out, if the angels decide too take them, then they take them, too a wonderful rainbow bridge though Here on earth you give your best, and ALL you can do IS your best, that is all anyone or any kittie can and will ask from you, and other loving people who take these precious kittys in. Focus on what you CAN do, and that is absolutely more than enough. It is very hard I know, but hun, you are the hope of life to each and every kittie you care for, you are offering them that 1 chance , they would not get if you weren't there.....these are the things to focus on, and I know everyone agrees with me when I say, you go above and beyond with your love and devotion too these kitties, never forget what you do makes a HUGE difference, just 1 abandoned , unwanted kittie, too be taken in, brings hope and love for the next one. Bless you for what you are doing, I can't say enough of how highly I think about kind hearts like yourself
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Everyone seems to be getting better...finally..All Kittens are on stronger antibiotics and are looking alot better.They are all gaining weight.Feels so good to see them playing and happy. Just warms my heart...at that moment I could not want anything more. I took more pics..there getting so cute...especially the Tortie! What a personality!! She is so sweet!
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It is good to see they are getting better. I have a friend that has congested kittens they were too young to really do too much for, but she took them into the bathroom, turned on the shower, and put in one of those things that steam up with scents that help congestion. It seemed to help them breathe a little better and she was able to get a good meal in to them since they weren't so congested. I wish I could remember the exact name of them, Shower Steamers maybe?
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watching kittens be sick is soooo sad, but i have seen them recover amazingly, they can be very strong and shock you! When my little cat Gina was a sick little foster, she had the Herpes virus, and was a very sick little kitten, but she amazed all of us, including her vets, by pulling thru, and is 6 yars old now. Just do what you are doing, and hope for the best. That they are still rallying is a very good sign.
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Laurie, who do you foster for? I am in Columbus with Citizens for Human Action.
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I foster for Geauga Humane Society. They have a beautiful facility for these animals and they take such good care of them. I was amazed to find out that there dogs get a massage. I would not beleived it if I did not see it with my own eyes. I have a great respect for the wonderful people that run that place,they are truly dedicated to making sure each animal is taken care of and also getting eachone a permanant home.
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