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Any suggestions on toys?

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Well 6 very different picky cats we have here, and well Bellas birthday well gothca day is coming up soon well the 26th And I wanna get her some toys, and she is miss priss so to speak And a BIG mama's girl so to speak And well she likes little cat mice, but I wanna get her some new toys along with the others Soo...any suggestions on great toys and reasonable places for them would be so GREATLY appreciated...I looked at the brown tabby website everyone talks about and theres so much to choose from But I really want something for the kits well new to play with, they are sick of their old toys and I am tired of picking up the laser to move it and having 2 cats (the kittens) jump all over me

So here let me give u some background on the kits

Willie, hes an old man at 11 years old...but loves some catnip toys well the mice i have seen him attack

Midnight- likes everything

Bella- She to is like Willie

Stormie- she likes her caps to water, and mice and the laser and things to fetch with

Blue- She likes the laser, and well string And likes to bat things around

Tessa- She is just a goofball and likes to bat things around

Last time I went to petco I bought those foil like balls and well Tessa was the only one who played with it

So any suggestions would be so great, and thanx in advance
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Both my cats have very different ideas of what toys actually are.

Linus just loves those little felt mice, and those feather and paper crinkle balls. He likes them because he's not a very big cat and they are small enough for him to pick up and carry around the house.
Sassy is a paper bag cat, give him a paper bag and he is set for the day. He likes to sit in them, jump on them and when is a really bratty mood, rip the you know what out of them.

Sometimes the toy you cat will love the best is something you already have stored in a cupboard at home.

I also found that you can never go wrong with anything that has feathers attached to it.
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Definitely feathers! Mischief's favourite toy is the wand with a long string and feathers attached. I can get her to jump almost 4' up with that! It's great exercise. Frosty is too easy. She loves little tin foil balls and playing fetch.

I find cats are very interactive creatures and are happiest when we play WITH them.
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Da Bird ......... its an interactive toy but mine LOVE it and most people who I have heard who has one love it, too.
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