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Talk about a rip off

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Not quite a rip off but... My wife works Monday to Friday here right. This Monday past was a public holiday here so she got the day off but get this, she had to go to work today to make up for it.

I don't know how it works in your countries but in NZ, when you have a public holiday, if thats your normal rostered day on you get the day off, you get paid for it and you DON"T have to make up for it on a different day.

Tell me how it works where you are.
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Wow, that stinks.

For everywhere I've worked, if we have a holiday that we get off, not only is it *USUALLY* a paid holiday (depending on the job and your seniority there), but you certainly don't have to make it up!!!! There's been cases where I haven't been paid for a holiday due to the job and REQUESTED to work another day to make up for the monetary loss, but I certainly was never required to do so!!!
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I work for the USA government - we get all our holidays paid and don't have to "make up" the day.
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Originally Posted by DIEGO View Post
you get paid for it and you DON"T have to make up for it on a different day.
That's how it's been at jobs I've had in Aus.
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I've never had to "make up" a holiday in the U.S. In Canada, if the holiday is on a weekend, and you work Monday-Friday, you get the closest Monday or Friday off (paid)!

Then again, my husband is a scientist and has to travel a lot and he works weekends and sometimes holidays, if travelling. For him it's all based on how much he gets done and how far he wants his career to go, not actual hours worked. Publish or perish!

But, having to make up a holiday stinks!
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Before I became a small business owner, I was an RN (working in a hospital )for years..we didn't have to make up our holidays off, though they were very creative as to just what constituted the "holiday" depending on if you were 12 hour night shift, or just the regular 11pm to 7 am night shift.

A memory that still frosts me hah!
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We don't have to make up days in Belgium. When saturday or sunday is a official holiday we usually don't have to work on monday and the business has to make up for it
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If it is a paid holiday during the week, we get that time off, paid for 8 hours, and do not need to make it up. If it falls on a weekend, depending on what day, you either get Friday (if its a Sat. holiday), or Monday (if its a Sun. holiday).
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I've never had to make-up a holiday! That is just not right. Are you sure they were legal to do that to her?
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wanna know what really stinks?? i've worked EVERY holiday at my job since i've been there.....every single one! (because unlike a normal office where you can close down and take off whenever....the animals still need food/water/meds....even on we don't get breaks for that)
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Definately depends on where you work. I work in the physical therapy department in a hospital and obviously the hospital can't close on holidays our department has a list of the holidays that the hospital observes and our staff rotates holidays (3 people each on a holiday). We get paid time and a half and generally we can get out of there early anyway. This year my holiday is Thanksgiving, which is fine since I only work until 5pm and the festivities don't start until around then anyway.

On the holidays that we don't work that fall on our regularly scheduled work days, we get paid for them, but they pay comes out of our vacation/holiday/sick leave pay.

I'm worried about next year though, my holiday will be Christmas and that's the only day in the entire year that my husband can be guaranteed to get time away from his restaurant so we can go up to my parents house (generally it's the only day in the year I get to see my parents and my sister).
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I live in America and work at a hardware/feed/rancher's supply/western wear store. Whenever there's a public holiday, it isn't subtracted from out paycheck and we don't ever have to make up for it. That's a sour situation with your wife... Some bosses are real turds.
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I live in the U.S. I don't have to work holidays at my current job, but I don't get paid for them either.
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She says its not normal over here. But she said occassionally she has to work on a Saturday, next time isn't til September. I think what they do is adjust the roster so you don't work the public holiday but work on a saturday to make up for it.
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We usually have to work on holidays. If you work your regular shift the day before and the day after the holiday, you get paid holiday pay which is double time. If not, you get time and a half. I have worked every holiday since I have been there, so I should have the seniority to have at least one off this year. They have pretty good incentives to work, though. If you get 15 sales in 1 day you get $100 through the end of the month. We have 5 hours weekly overtime , mandatory, but we get time and a half plus 5 dollars an hour. Not too bad, but it is kind of annoying place to work sometimes.
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Since I am self employed I set my own schedule but when I did office work if it was a federal holiday we didn't have to work.
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