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Scaredy Cat!

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I own a cat named Kabuki (one of 4) who behaves very differently than the others. Since she was a kitten (she is about a year and a half old now), she has been shy, skittish, nervous, and downright frightened at times. She hides when I have visitors, while the other cats are very social. She wont even let me approach her, she runs from me, although she does allow me to pet her ON HER TERMS when she approaches me. She does play with the other cats but she is very easily spooked. I am starting to worry about her, because her fear seems to be getting worse. I have had her and her brother since they were very little and he is not like her. I love her very much but I fear that she is not living the life she could be because of her fear. Is there anything I can do to bring her out of her shell? Could she have a medical condition?
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I wonder if it's possible to let her live (a lot of the time anyway) in a room away from the main drag... with her own box, water, pillows, toys, cat tree if you can manage one and the door closed to the other cats? You would have to go in there a few times a day to play with her, feed her, etc., but don't make a big deal of trying to interact, just sit and talk to her, pull a cord with a knot slowly under some paper for her to pounce on, etc. Let her life be as peaceful as possible.
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My Seamus was like that when I first got him at about 4 months old, and he's almost two now... he had a rough start to life, he was found under train tracks by a friend of a friend of my brother and I offered to take him in thinking, wow, a cat to sit on my lap and play with will be nice... for the first month or so he hid under the fridge! Then outgrew that and hid under a dresser... then outgrew that and realized, ok, I can sit in the living room on a pillow... very slowly (after months) but surely he would come to my feet, then would sit on the floor with me, then on the couch with me... he still isn't a huggy huggy little mush, he comes to me when he wants to be pet, not when I call him for a little cuddle time... still jumps if I move and he doesn't expect it, still gets all puffy in the tail at loud noises... still runs away sometimes... and won't go near guests at all, just loves me... some cats are just like that...

Point of the long story is... maybe that's just her... give her her own space, as the other post said, but the jumpiness may just be her...
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