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Frontline Plus Question

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Hi everyone i was hoping someone with more knowledge could assist me with a problem. Right now i am a second year college student and money is tight however recently my indoor cat got a bad case of fleas and no matter how often i comb with a flea comb they keep coming back. Also i have adopted a stray that is an indoor and outdoor cat, so the chances of it bringing in fleas is even higher. Anyways i heard that frontline plus is a great product for getting rid of and preventing fleas and i wanted to get some however the vet charges 16 dollars for a one month supply and on my budget i can't really afford that. However i was looking on ebay and found this auction item.

I know that it says that the item is intended for XL dogs and can be manually administered to cats.

What i wanted to know is whether or not you think this is legitimate and whether it would work or not. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you.
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I wouldnt chance it .. ONE the cat is actually STRONGER than the dog and thus you would get less protection .... I would suggest calling around to different vets... or try petco here they have 3 packs for 50 ish
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Try sites like entirelypets.com and 1800petmeds.com.... they sell the frontline in 3 and 6 month packages... It's kinda a lot to pay at once, but then you have several months supply (like maybe you could somehow cut back on something else in your budget for one month so you can buy the meds... I just graduated college, so I know how it goes)... I get either 3 or 6 month supplies from entirely pets - of the frontline plus and heartguard
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You could also try some of the other products out there. Advantage, for example, can be divided like Frontline, and there isn't a difference in potency. It also tends to be cheaper.
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I buy mine from Drs Foster & Smith. The shipping, if you just order flea stuff, is usually around $3.
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I order advantage from amazon.com ...amazon sells some and some other "marketplace" companies sell on amazon. If you can order it through amazon, you get free shipping on orders over $25. I found a 6month supply for around $8 a dose on amazon. They also have frontline, but it is usally $10-$12 a dose. Some folks say not to buy online due to some fraudulent products being sold, but all of the advantage I've gotten from amazon has been legit, unopened packaging, info booklet, etc. Amazon also has a great return policy, so if it's damaged or incorrect they'll send you more or refund your money.

The advantage has done a wonderful job on fleas for me...but since mine are indoor only, I don't have to worry about ticks (which is what frontline treats as well as fleas).

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