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I can't imagine that you're going to get 5 pics of snakes on there! I guess it must be difficult to judge your own work.

Well - take our word for it - you're doing GREAT!!!!!
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Thanks everybody. It's hisssing right along! But I still disssssslike ssssssssnakesssss.
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They are great Hissy. You have such an amazing talent.

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It's really coming along. Such detail! I love it . I get that too with the constant self criticism, it just makes us strive for perfection! Better that rather than just doing it and not caring if the other person liked it or not!.
You must have to keep a real steady hand.Very admirable.
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Here are the designs- boy do they look primitive-

Be kind with your comments (if you make any that is!)
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They are certainly not primitive. I really like the 1st one

Picture like that in normal size is talented, I am still awestruck that you can make somthing to beatiful on an object so small
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I don't think they look primitive at all either. People are so hard to draw/paint/sculpt, and I think your person looks great!
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Those pictures are beautiful, not primitive. You have an amazing talent.
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Thanks guys. The gent changed his mind about more snakes on that one stick so I sent both cues back to him today. I will know Monday what he thinks.......just hope he likes them.
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HE CHANGED HIS MIND!!!! Does that mean you have to do it all over again? How rude!
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My client called and he got his cues. Someone opened the package, removed both cues from the mailing tube took them out of the bag they were in, took out all the packing material that was in there and put the cues back in the tube pushed the bags down in the bottom, placed the sticks back in the tube (bare) put one end cap on the tube- taped the other end! ran a stapler through the one end cap, also stapling the cue inside the tube! When Dave got his package the one cue was sticking out of the taped end (that cue- the buddha is totally ruined) it had gotten wet and bent! The other cue was salvageable but not great! He did like the scrim though. We have started a damage claim against UPS.
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I cant stand UPS! I ordered something from them and I waited for so long for the package, it never came so I called the dealer of the product I ordered and he said that he had sent it off, so he called them and he said that they were waiting for us to pick up the package! We never got any notification that we had to pick it up. So they had to reimburse on the postage. I sure hope that they will step up and take responsibility on the damage that they made on your beautiful pieces of work. I dont blame you on feeling p.... off.
Why the heck did he take the packaging out anyway????
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My thoughts are this:

Someone saw on the form that I had written 2 custom pool cues, because you have to describe the contents of the package. I insured the package for $2,000.00 Maybe they wanted to see it, opened it in a hurry and was close to getting caught which is why they put them back not in the protective cloth bags and with the packing material around them, maybe then they lost the end cap and had to improvise with tape??? I don't know, but I am heartsick for David, all his hard work and now he has to wade through the red tape to get any money for what they destroyed.
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Originally posted by LDG
For some reason when Hissy posts this pic it doesn't show up, so I'm giving it a try.

Apparently this is the latest work in progress - a pool cue! She'd like some feedback before she details it out.

I think it's beautiful - what do you think?
I think it is lovely. You are very talented. Do you draw cats too? (smiles) Sarah from Ohio I sure hope UPS gets it good. Sorry your hard work was destroyed. Hopefully he understands and you continue to have a good business relationship.
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Hissy -

You are SO talented! That is a beautiful work of art. I also am not really into snakes, but it is fabulous.
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Poor discouraging is that??? I would be livid. Sending (((hugs))) to both of you.

UPS should be ashamed to be running a business like that.

I hope you guys win big against them....

Personally, this is one person that will never use them to send ANYTHING....ya hear me UPS????

Fed-Ex,'ve got yourself a permanent customer here. I have never had that kind of problem with them.
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What a sad end to this tale!!!!!!! How frustrating.

BUT - more importantly - WHAT DID HE THINK OF THE ARTWORK? I thought we weren't going to know until Monday, and I've been waiting patiently.


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LOL! He loved the artwork Laurie! He said the Buddha was very zen-like and he wished the snakes had been real and bit the person who messed with the whole package. But, I have to do the snakes over again for him, because they too are ruined. Some sort of black stuff got all over the cue. He is waiting for the inspector to come out tomorrow and then he will buff off all my designs and send it back to me. Now that we missed the boat, he wants snakes on the other ivory inlays as well. Plus he said I am not charging enough for my work- I charge $35.00 per square inch- he is going to pay me $50.00 per square inch! Looks like I got the job- he says he sees great things in this partnership in the future!
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That is wonderful news (about his being impressed and upping your price!)

I hope whoever damaged the package will be reprimanded for doing this!
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Way to go!!! SO glad to hear it!

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I am so glad to hear he liked the artwork! But I am sorry to hear what the UPS people did! I would be livid, after all your hard work! They should pay you the 2,000 that they were insured for!!!!
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