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Hissy Needs our Feedback! (It's beautiful!!!)

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For some reason when Hissy posts this pic it doesn't show up, so I'm giving it a try.

Apparently this is the latest work in progress - a pool cue! She'd like some feedback before she details it out.

I think it's beautiful - what do you think?
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It's beautiful... for a Snake fan! (which I am not!!)
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That is wikkid kool!!!
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Wow - love it!
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That is amazing! I love snakes and that one is awesome!
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NOT a snake fan but, I can appreciate the workmanship.
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Ditto on Cindy's post!:tounge2:
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Gorgeous .
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It would also be a good start to a dragon!
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Thanks LDG! - and thanks you guys. This order makes me nervous, it is a high end item going over to Japan to be sold when it is finished. It is inlaid in ivory and the gentleman wants a snake head on every inlay, and two on the grip. It is made of snakewood and purple heart and needless to say I am a bit daunted here! I work under a microscope and sometimes just need new "eyes" for the project. Mike loves everything I do, so he is not much of a critic.
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Absolutely beautiful. You have a real talent. I'm sure the gentleman will really appreciate it and love it.

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nice detailing. it definately has attitude!
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I also think it's a great start for a dragon, too, which I also think would be beautiful. But, of course, this is a special order....
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Of course it looks great. Then again, I can't carve my initials in a tree without killing the tree.

My question: is this the ORIGINAL pool cue order? Wow! Talk about time-consuming.
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Beautful! But not for a snake hater!
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Yes it is the first order He liked the frog so much he decided he wants more design on it. That's okay, he also told me I don't charge enough and is paying me a higher price for my work. I just started adding color. It's coming "alive!"
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Here it is now - with color. It is coming alive, and it's SO COOL!
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Did they give you a picture or something to work with? How do you know what colors to use? Or is that simply part of the art of it? (But then how do you know it meets the client's expectations?)

You don't have to give away "trade" secrets or anything - LOL! I was just wondering....

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Thanks Laurie-

The picture I used is pretty wild in color so I just toned it down a bit. I can only hope he likes it- if not, I will just buff it off and redo it. Thanks for posting the scan.
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That is amazing! I can't imagine creating something like that on paper, and certainly not working under a microscope!
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The microscope is a must Bren. The design is just under an inch-and-a half! I'd go blind trying to do that with just glasses! Started the second snake (cobra) last night- only 5 more snakes to go on this snakey stick......and I hate snakes!
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Cool The way she draws looks a lot like mine too. Look almost as if something I would draw!
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Hissy that is beautiful! And even though I'm not much of a snake fan either, I can certainly recognize talent when I see it!!!! That is great!!!!!!!!!!!
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Though I am not big on snakes either. The delicate work and the patience that was needed can only be respected. That is definatly art!

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Second snake is started, not much here yet- but it's a start.

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VERY nice!!!!
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It looks good, Hissy but, I STILL don't like snakes.
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Hissy I love the second snake! I can't believe you can do that in such a tiny space. Amazing talent! Can't wait to see more photos!
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Thanks guys, and here I was afraid I had ruined this beautiful cue stick. I never like my stuff until it is finished. It just never looks quite right..
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I don't know how you could possibly think you had ruined it! it is beautiful! My mom was like that too....she painted the most beautiful pictures but always thought there was something not quite right about each one...the horses foot wasn't quite right, or the barn roof wasn't quite right, or the fence...etc...but all the rest of us saw was how beautiful they were!!! When (if) I get a digital camera from hubby for Christmas (he hasn't given me all of my presents yet, says we have to go to the store for one) I will take some pics of my mom's work and post here.
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