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10 year old charged with underage consupmtion!

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Yes, I am serious! It is in today's paper....a 10 year old was charged with underage consumption!

My first thought....."Where are the parents?" How can this happen? What will that child's life be like if he drinks already?
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Wow thats young. I was not quite that young when I started not much older but not that young.

If the child continuew drinking after this bust life will be a rough one. Really rough.
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Wow!! 10 yrs old??!! Where in the world did the child get the alcohol??

Thats just crazy!!
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They're getting younger and younger.

I admit, when I was 14, me and my best friend would sneak some alcohol out of her parents' cabinet...but by high school, most teenagers are experimenting , and by that I mean EXPERIMENTING, not getting wasted or anything like that.

10 is absurd to me but I really can see it happening. We were 12 when we first started hearing about classmates drinking.


I have a twelve year old brother who I don't see much now that I live in another state and I worry for him. I'm just glad he has a great head on his shoulders!
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I'm not surprised, sadly enough. 10 is the new 12 in terms of getting into things like smoking, drugs and drinking. In Health class we used to start targeting 11-12 year olds to teach them things about prevention of smoking and such, but according to my health prof, kids are starting earlier and earlier.
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I'm not suprised tbh- I started at about twelve, smoked my first joint and bought alcohol

If this was the UK then social services would be involved following a high profile bust like that
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At 12, a friend and I snuck a few nips of her dad's wine and I started smoking that year, too.
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I want to know the back ground of that story. My Dad started giving us alcohol with dinner if we asked for it at that age. I don't mean a full glass of wine or an entire beer, but we were allowed to know what it tasted like, and he didn't make a big deal out of it if we were curious. We, however, were never drunk at that age.

If this child was found wondering the streets, drunk, and with some friends I'd have a huge problem with it.
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People are so stupid about some things. My sister has a friend that had a baby with colic. Her doc told her to put a few drops of liquor in her bottle. This idiot took that as mixing her infant bottles of rum and coke. She went to her first AA meeting at 10 years old because she had been an alcoholic since infancy. She had 3 kids that are being raised by her mother (the one that caused all this) because she dropped dead at 25 due to so much dmage to her organs from being an alcoholic all her life.
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