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What could have happened?

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I don't know how long this link will stay active, the daily news has a tendency to archive things within 24 hours.

Lorri has been the director at the Humane Society Shelter for as long as I've had dealings with them, but I had heard of David Peace, and everyone agreed that he was a very good director with a boundless love for animals. For him to have so many animals living in these kinds of conditions pretty much just shocked everyone that knows him.

I wonder what could happen to a person to change them so much. It's a very, very sad article, with even sadder pictures, so use your own judgment
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That is so awful! I wonder if he is mentally troubled? I have a hard time believe a man who worked at a humane society could let animals live like that....unless something happened. Either way....can any of those animals who haven't been euthanized be placed?
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Aww that is so sad. Something must have happened to him - where did he go - I hope he is okay.

Sending lots of vibes for the poor animals.
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That is just unreal. Those poor animals. And, the former director...I'm speechless.
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That is so sad! Those poor sweet animals!
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Oh, wow... That is really sad...
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That is just heartbreaking
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Yes, clearly he has a mental problem of some kind. I hope he's alive and gets the help he needs.

And oh, those poor critters.
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Oh good lord, I wonder what happened to the guy that he could live like that and keep those poor animals in such squalid conditions.
I hope he gets help, and of course the rescued animals.
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Those poor babies

It sounds like the guy must have some kind of mental disorder, maybe severe depression or something. By the sounds of it he was "normal" at one point but has been living in squaller and neglecting his pets for sometime.
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Emotional/mental problems would be my guess. That's very sad, for the animals as well as for him.
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My thoughts go to him and the animals. That place looked awfull :s. Those poor poor animals, at least I hope they are okay now.
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i agree something must have happen to him, Emotional/mental
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Very heartbreaking!!!

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It is absolutely a mental illness. Most animal hoarders are initially doing it out of good intentions, they want to help more and more animals, but they eventually get overwhelmed. Then scared that they will be discovered as he was (which means most of those animals will have to be PTS and he is humiliated). There is usually an element of depression and sometimes they hoard other things too.

My Stan was taken from a house with 60 cats. The woman wanted to help, but she was sick. Took on too many, and couldn't keep up with it all. She had a laundry list of questions (above and beyond the usual rescue questionaire) so she did want them to have a good life, but she sure wasn't providing it. We had to re-train him to use the litter box because in her house, you just found a clean spot and went. He was bolting down his food at lightening speed and to this day he tries to bury what he didn't eat.

I also know someone who lost her house because she had 40 cats that she could no longer take care of. She's now prohibited from owning a pet (a condition of her parole agreement- and a good idea) and she spends a lot of time looking at the adoptees in Petsmart worrying that they'll get good homes.

Very, very sad indeed.
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