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Coat and breed question?

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Ok first with the coat question. At this age can you tell if a cat will have a medium, short or long coat. If so what length do you think Pong's coat will be? His coat looks longer than I remember Ping's being.

Now to breed. I still think there is some Siamese in there somewhere but his white marking have just struck me as odd. So I pulled my big book of cat breeds out and now I remember why I find his white markings so odd. Ok the white on his front paws stop just above the first set of knuckles. And they are perfectly the same on both feet. And on his back paws the white stops just before his ankles. And as I read through coat descriptions it makes the SnowShoe breed. Could he have some Snowshoe in him with the Siamese? If not what are your breed guess just to ease my curious mind.

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AWE!!! What a cute kitty. I think he looks a lot like my seal mitted ragdoll kitten.
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Looks like he might wind up being medium hair. And there could be snowshoe or ragdoll. The snowshoe is a shorthair cat and not very common. I'd suspect Ragdoll in the mix as they seem to be more popular.

As far as age - you should know at about 3-5 months what coat length.
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here's a my SNowshoe boy...he is 6 but he has had short fur his whole life I was told.
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Looks like a snowshoe or a ragdoll to me. Here is a picture of my siamese as a kitten-notice the short coat.

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such a CUTE kittyyy in OP and also gorgeous cats in the following posts
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This one is a little fluffier then yours but he has the white on his chin and lip.

These look like yours too, they are more medium coat.

Without papres and knowing their background it is impossible to know what mix of breeds they are. He would be concidered a seal mitted (color) DMH. He is adorable
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