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OK Sliding Puzzle fans!

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Here is the new puzzle for January. Could someone who is good at these finish this thing and then let the email go through so we know it works? I so suck at solving these things! LOL And yes, you will be eligible for the prize draw if you finish it and you are a member of The Club at Meowhoo.com

Mystery of the Sphynx
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*sniff* I solved it and it said "Congratulations" and then...."Sorry, Page can not be displayed"

I know I am also a member but don't know what happened....

Oh well, it was fun!!!!!
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Yikes! Thanks Ghys for testing it. Send me an email and I will put your name in the draw for the prize and get anne to fix the puzzle. Neither one of us could solve it to test it! LOL
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Awwww....went to play again at home and my computer is telling me I need to download Java. Ever since I bought this computer (it has windows XP) I get this message various times, when i do go to download, it tells me I can't because I have Windows XP.
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Jeez...that Sphynx one was hard! I tried so many times and got soooo close. I just tried it again and the picture has changed. That one was MUCH easier!
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Okay, I just spent 27 minutes of my internet time trying to solve this puzzle!! :LOL: I should at least get something for effort shouldn't I? :laughing: I tried so hard, and got so frustrated, because I would get so close and yet so far....I had everything right except the ears were turned around and try as hard as I could, I could not get them right! I ended up messing all the rest of it up just trying to get the ears turned around and then I didn't have a clue how to get the rest put back where it was...but by golly I did get those ears going the right way!!! :LOL: I finally just gave up!
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