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Free Samples question

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Did everyone get replies from the companies, or did they just send the samples? I sent requests to about 5 or so companies, but never got any emails back from any of them.

Wonder if they'll just send the samples or if they're ignoring my requests since they have gotten so many?
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Some of the companies I wrote to replied right away, some took a little longer and some just sent samples... so I guess that's not really a straight answer and who knows if the influx in requests means anything....
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I got samples from like 5-7 places. Only two e-mailed replies.
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75% replied and some just sent others told me no samples but gave coupons...
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I would also say about 75% replied. Most sent samples
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
75% replied and some just sent, others told me no samples, but gave coupons...
Same here!!
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Thanks for your replies. I must have sent to the ones who don't reply

Hopefully they aren't ignoring me.

I'll let you know if I recieve anything
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Bazkitty- I emailed maybe 25 companies... The high-end companies mostly replied via email soon and then sent samples. The lower-end mass-market companies (i.e. iams, meowmix, etc) mosly didn't reply via email but some sent a couple of coupons without emailing a reply. If you'd like a list of what the companies sent me, pm me.

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Most sent replies fairly quickly, some said they would send samples and some said they had no samples but would send coupons. The rest did not reply but sent samples anyway.
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Thanks! I only sent out about 5 or 6 emails last Saturday (I knew I woudn't get any replies over the weekend). It was only to companies I was truly interested in. I did get one reply that said they couldn't ship across the boarder directly to consumers, but other than that, noone else had replied. I did send two more early yesterday, so we'll see what happens there. One of the ones I really wanted to try was Evangers, but have heard nothing from them...there is a place that carries it that is about 40 minutes away from me, though.

On the other hand, I did get a package from Zukes yeaterday that had full size samples of everything! My cats LOVED them and so did my dog. THey all went nuts as I opened the mail.
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