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Does your community have any fun "Dog Days?"

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Our community for the past few years, has put on a very popular dog activity at the end of the summer: a Dog Swim. I work for the Parks and Recreation Department, and, unfortunately, we are not going to be able to use the pools for this activity any longer.

Does anyone here have any suggestions for a fun owner/dog community-sponsored activity? Our citizens loved the dog swim so...I hope we can think of something to put in its place. TIA! Kim
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My community is very anti-dog. I feel lucky they still let us walk them down the street. I actually had an old man yell at me once because I had my on-leash rottie pup (three months old) in the lake to swim. There were no signs saying 'no dogs'. He couldn't believe I let my 'damn filthy dog' in the same water as his grandkids.

I don't know of any fun dog days, just wanted to wish you luck. What about a gathering at a big park, set ups from plastic pools and do some 'bobbing for hot dogs'? Then some owner and dog races. Maybe set up a few agility obstacles and time which owner and dog team can do the obstacles fastest. Perhaps a silly trick contest or cute dog contest. You could even try a dock dogs competition.
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When I lived in Houston, they had a K9 Fun Run. People could either walk or run with their dogs on either 2K or 5K course.

In Kansas City, the big event is Dogtoberfest. Here's information from last year's event. They haven't published this year's line up yet. I think they've been having them for a few years now.
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We have a dog park, and most of the public parks are dog friendly, as long as they're on a leash. Every May, we have an AKC sanctioned dog show. Also, we have what's called Fun Fest and they do have events to do with your dogs like contests for best tricks, owner-pet look alike, etc. I'm not real familiar with this, but I know that we do have the JRT races,too. We do have a few pet friendly businesses, like Petsmart, of course, but, also, Natural Pet Supply and Pet Partners. Home Depot and Lowe's even allow well-behaved leashed dogs inside. Last, we have a few therapy dog groups that go to local nursing homes and hospitals. Within an hour drive we do have access to agility and obedience trials. I'm not in an extremely dog friendly area, but we do have several things we can do with our pets.
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Not that it could take the place of dog/owner activity like your dog swim or a dog walk, but our shelter used to hold a pet “talent†show at Strawberry Fest every year that was a big hit in the community. We got a local celebrity to MC the event and gave out ribbons for best pet trick, costume, cutest pet, and so on. Our only expense was the ribbons, but even if you got other cheap pet related prizes like treats the cost would be minimal.
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This community is actually pretty great, one of the few places I've lived where strays and ferals are not apparent.
They are there, but the city does a great job staying on top of the situation.

That said, there are no dog events and sadly, not even a dog park.
I have no place to let my boy enjoy some off leash fetch or romp sessions.
So in some respects, this area is great in regards to animal care, but it still has a long way to go.
At least they have their priorities straight on what to tackle first.
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We have something called Do Dah Day .... its more of a fund raiser, but it centers around dogs and cats, mostly dogs who come to the party .......... heres some info on it..........
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The events in our community that I know of are organized by the local humand society.
They have Surf Dogs at a big waterpark here at the end of summer. Very popular event. I wished I owned a dog so I could take it there, it looks like a lot of fun.
There's the Wiggle Waggle Walkathon, you get pledges and go on a nice 2 km walk with your doggie.
I've heard of Dogtoberfest here too, but not sure what they do.

Arlyn - that sucks that there's no off-leash place near you. Doggies just love a good free run!
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It does suck.
I could let him off leash when we go hiking, but considering the wildlife in our area, I'm too afraid he'll try to make friends with a skunk, or get snake bit.
Add to that that he always goes and jumps in the river, usually dragging one of us in with him
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Nothing here. You can't even rent an apt. with a Chihuahua around here.
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We have a "doggie dip" in our community pool coming up. We also have "Bark in the park" which is like a dog carnaval. We also have "strut your mutt walk and canaine caraval" which is like a carnaval for dogs, it has games for the dogs and contests and a bunch of other cool stuff.
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