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Worms worms and more worms...

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I just got back from my little Isosceles's veterinary recheck/vaccination appointment. He's a 14 week old (vet's estimate) former stray. The vet was very pleased with his appearance. He said he looked like a new kitty. He had a roundworm problem, which has been taken care of...and the vet found hookworms this time. I still have the next dose of drontal, which the vet told me to administer tomorrow. (not sure why tomorrow, but i assume it has something to do with all the vaccinations, and not wanting to shock his little system. formerly, i was to do it in two weeks.)

Now...hookworms. I did some research and it appears that this is mainly a tropical/warmer climate infection. I live in Northern Ohio, although, besides the Valentine's Day storm, it was a mostly mild winter.

What kind of precautions should i take? because of the roundworms I have been scrubbing his litterbox as recommended in the cat veterinary home care book I have, but I'm worried that the larvae could even be in the carpet, along walls, who knows where else. I did lysol the floor in the areas he spends the most time...i regularly mop anyhow. (the house is entirely wood floors with some area rugs here and there.)

I overheard the receptionists talking. The hookworm infestation was a source of great curiosity. They don't see them so often. Any ideas to deal with this further ? I just don't want them spreading or coming back. Thanks!
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I'm not sure of the answer to your questions about cleaning. Some worms need an intermediate host and aren't spread by simple contact (i.e. litterboxes, etc). Tapeworms may be what I'm thinking of. I'm not real familiar with hookworms.

I do remember reading that cockroaches can carry hookworm larvae so cats can get them by eating a roach. I don't know what carries them otherwise...I'm sure there's a lot of possibilities.

I've dealt with worm issues more than a few times, usually just in new members of the household (cats, that is). After Drontal and some basic precautions like you mentioned (litter box scrubbing) I've never had a problem with them returning or infecting anyone else.
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Okay. Great! Thanks.

I'm reading the hookworms can even infect the humans in the house...but only by causing ugly worm tunnel rashes on our feet (since they're the species that infects cats and not humans they don't go much further than that.) ew! guess i'll wear shoes while cleaning the litter box.

I guess in warmer climates the larvae live in the soil and infect people and animals by burrowing into the feet.

Well, it's time for the second drontal dose...I hope it works!! thank you.
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