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7/20/07- What Did You Eat Today?

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Just kind of thought it would be neat if everybody posted what they had for B, L & D each day! Actually, I call "lunch", "dinner" and "dinner" for me is "supper". I was raised "southern". There's only one rule... If somebody asks for the recipe, you must!!

Breakfast: Toast & two fried eggs with a glass of orange juice with LOTS of pulp, like a orange juice slushy, just the way I like it.

Dinner: I made some tuna fish salad... Momma's recipe! Tuna fish, mayonnaise, celery and relish.

Supper: I haven't eaten it yet... But I know it's going to be a nice fresh salad with lots of veggies and a lemonade... Which I am totally craving right now.

Tell us what you've eaten/gonna eat today!
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Lunch~chicken alfredo and sun chips, with a coulple 'lil brownie bites for dessert

Supper~umm, havent ate yet, but we are invited to my friends for a cook out. They are treating me for my
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Breakfast was cheese and crackers with hot sauce. Not your traditional breakfast but it was good to me! Lunch was a chicken breast with corn and noodles. Oh and a plum! Dinner will be food and that's about all I know right now!
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Well I started the day with my usual cup of java. Then made a cheese sandwich on rye bread as my breakfast as I ate it in the truck. I worked until a little after 1:30 so I stopped at a gas station and bought a small bag of potato chips and a Pepsi. I drove home and had 2 pieces of this yummy raspberry dessert and now am having instant mashed potatoes and a glass of wine.

Such a balanced diet!! Supper is yet unplanned as Neil hasn't eayen much all week with his tooth so I fend for myself.
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haha Well... I made that post about nutrition , and all I've eaten thusfar today is ICE CREAM!!!!

It's one of those days.

I never plan my meals, we may go out to dinner tonight so I'm waiting to see.
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Breakfast - Nothing

Lunch- nothing

snack- BBQ chips

Dinner- ordering out tonight ......YIPPI!!!
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Breakfast: Nothing...I was sleeping.

Lunch: Shepherds pie...but all I really ate was the mashed potatoes and some of the beef and I had a yop yogurt drink.

Dinner: Not sure yet. It won't be much because my mouth is sore.
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Breakfast -- Chocolatey Drizzle Special K Bar

Lunch -- Bowl of golden grahams cereal and a slice of crumb cake

Dinner -- Not sure, probably just soup or something equally as easy
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Breakfast - leftover pizza

Lunch - leftover pizza

Dinner - nothing yet, but I assume leftover pizza

Yea, we don't have much in the house today!
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Breakfast - Toasted whole wheat bagel, low fat hazelnut cream cheese
drink - sugar free iced tea with a large slice of lemon

Lunch - Greek Salad, drink was iced tea with a large lemon slice

Dinner - we plan on grilling, and I will probably be drinking iced tea, as I am addicted, no sugar, I can't stand sugar in my tea
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All I had today was a grilled chicken twist wrap and some potato wedges from kfc... Of course my beverages of the day have been water, chocolate milk, and mountain dew (which I never drink)...
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I had a Slim Fast shake. Here is how I make it:

1 cup of skim milk
1/2 cup of frozen berries
1 scoop of chocolate Slim Fast powder
1 heaping teaspoon instant decaf coffee

Run the above through the blender on liquify until the berry seeds are pulverized.

Add a tray of ice cubes. Chop, grind and liquify until thick "slurpee" consistancy.

Makes the equivalent of one grande size Starbuck's glass. And is very filling.
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Let's see, for breakfast I had a bananna and a cup of coffee, for lunch, Lobster Bisque, a croisant, slaw, and a piece of coconut cake, for supper, green beans, the rest of the slaw from lunch and breaded Butterfly Shrimp.
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We had a little cookout at work today (we have a grill at the shelter for special events and such)

I had a hot dog and a piece of lemon cake!
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You guys are making me hungry! Okay... gotta go snack! There are 3 bottles of Dr. Pepper in the fridge and... let's see.... 2 scoops of mint chocolate chip ice cream in the back of the freezer! *goes to snack...*
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Breakfast: coffee
Lunch: nothing
Supper: Hubby is working, so the kids and I ordered a pizza.
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I had a couple of waffles, a small bowl of ice cream, and a can of spinach.

yeaaah...i should really eat something. I always do this when I take a "me" day off of work. mess with the computer, run a few errands, read, watch bad small amounts of nearly nutritionless things (with the exception of the spinach)...

maybe i should do yesterday (a more typical day):

breakfast - coffee, plain yogurt with grapes, an orange.

lunch - microwave meal cheese lasagna (one of those healthy meal things), an orange, water

dinner - peppers stuffed with bison meat, feta cheese, and onions (my own recipe, and my fiancee's favorite), some zucchini cooked up with butter, milk, and a small margarita.
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Breakfast - nothing I've eaten every morning this week but this morning.

Lunch - Wendys. Ultimate Grill Sandwich combo.

Supper - nothing yet, probably whatever I scrounge up. We were supposed to go to a steak night at the VFW (though I didnt really care to go), now the fiance is at the neighbors house for who knows how long .. I think I might grab something from Bilo...
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