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Injury/Disease... I don't know what, please help

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Can I post a picture of the wound here? I have no idea what it is, and google has nothing since I don't know the name. It would be hard to describe, so is a pic ok?
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There appears to be an "insert image" icon in the posting window, so i would assume it is ok to add a picture to your post. I just joined so I am not sure though.
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ok well i'll post it then. actually two of my cats have probs, both different. hope these photos help, any advice/suggestions/info about it would help me a ton, cause i have no idea what to do. a name of the disease or whatever would be helpful too

this photo is of the kitten, of which i spoke of. it is a kitten of about 4-5 months. the ring of flesh around the wound projects a bit, and the center moves inward if it is disturbed or if the cat makes rapid movements. the cat has been licking it a little, as well as letting its siblings try to clean it.

and here is the pic of the other cat, who is the mother of the first. i have no idea what this is either, and i have had many cats over a number of years, and neither of these have ever i come across. any help would help a lot

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I can't see the pictures here at work (firewalls in place), but it almost sounds like a botfly larva is in the wound. Do a quick search on this forum for botfly and see if it is the same as what you are seeing.
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The second one (mother) looks like a puncture wounds but I'm not sure. Have either of them seen a vet?
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no, and as i would have to scrap together some money somehow, i would rather try some medication before taking them to the vets. just trying to find a cheaper, but still as effective, way to help them.

im googling pics of botfly larvae in cats to find out if thats the problem with the kitten.

as to the mother, is there anything you recommend my doing to help her? she doesn't appear to be in any pain, nor is she bothered by it even when i got near it. it is more hard than soft, and the wound appears to be centered around a small black dot or puncture or something.
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I understand that money can be hard to come by but I still think your best option is to have the vet take a look at them. Maybe your vet will be willing to use a payment plan for you?
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please do not use any medications that you vet hasnt aproved. untill you can get them to a vet keep the area very clean, but they really do need to see a vet asap as they do look very nasty and could get infected if not seen to.
in the mean time could you possible phone a vet and see if they will see them and make a payment arrangment?
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Originally Posted by twstychik View Post
I understand that money can be hard to come by but I still think your best option is to have the vet take a look at them. Maybe your vet will be willing to use a payment plan for you?
yea that lol sorry i must have been posting as you posted.
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i can try to find out

for the kitten, i think it is a botfly, not definate but after looking at some photos i think your right. can i get treatment for that, or does the kitten need a trip to the vet to get that removed? and will it spread (reproduce), either in the kitten or to my other kittens and cat?
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ah k looks like a vet appointment is needed anyhow
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the prob is money.

if its a botfly... everywhere i've been reading it says it will come out on its own,... is there something im missing of why i need to take it to a vet when it'll happen in a day or two without harm to the kitten? or so says the sites, which may be wrong

as to the mother, yeah im trying to get the money...
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but you dont know that it is deffently botfly, i dont have any experince with botfly, so i cant help there. and i do understand money problems a few of us have been there. but please just phone the vet and ask them if you can work out a payment plan.
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yeah yeah doing that the now
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I see the pictures now that I'm on my home computer. I cannot say whether it is botfly or not, but those are definitely nasty. Even if it is botfly they can kill the kitten - at least that's my understanding.

I can only echo the others - the cats need to be seen. If it's a puncture wound it will have healed over on the top and be festering and nasty underneath. That's how cats heal - the surface heals over first and the bad stuff gets trapped inside and can fester and cause more serious issues. I'm not 100% sure, but if left untreated it can cause death because of the poison's affect on other organs, etc. I'm no vet so can't state all this as a certainty, but I do know with absolute certaintly that both kitties need to be seen by a vet. Please try to work out something with your vet and get them attended to.

Keep us posted - we're very concerned.
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The mother cats wound looks really nasty! Is that under her neck area? It sure does like like a bite wound that is infected. The kitten I really have no idea what it is. But as others have said both cats must be seen by your vet ASAP. The longer you wait the more expensive it will be. Bite wounds infect quickly and left untreated they often require more treatment to help heal them up. If a bite wound is seen to quickly usually just oral antibiotics will do the trick. But if you wait often the cat will need a wick put into the wound to help keep the bite area draining and this in the long run cost much more.
Ask your vet about making a payment arrangement. Good luck and let us know how the cats are doing..
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was hopping for an update, please do up date us when you can and i hope that both mum and kitten are well.
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