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Amber's Thread

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I have decide that, in the intrest of keeping things simple, i am going to post one thread and as long as it doesn't deviate from the cat lounge things i will just update it. kinda, i suppose, like a journal/post thing. either way, i am going to give a list of all my previous pertinant threads then continue along with my new thing.

1.Hola Thread
2.Kittenwar Thread- cuteness warning
3.I Moved Thread
4.My Kitty Arrives Thread
5.What your cat says when it walks... thread
6.Freaking out needlessly thread

ok. for all of you how either care or know my background (sorta), sorry, i am gonna give kinda a summary.

I live with my boyfriend Jake. we used to live with my mother, my mother kinda adopted him when his mother kicked him out in the dead of winter, i don't like his mother. she is a waste of oxygen. anyway. my mother has 2 cats, Stripes and Sadie, and my sister has a dog, Shasta[thread 2]. My kitty Had that i mentioned in the hola thread[thread 1] i decided to leave there with them. then i missed her and she missed me too much so i brought her over to where i live[thread 5]. however, as time went along, i realized that she really is happier with the rest of the family so i took her back. in thread 4 i mentioned our roommate Daniel, and the fact that he has a cat that had kittens and he was gonna keep one, well, he didn't and i did. i kept a kitten i named George. jake wasn't very happy about it in the beginning, but now george has kinda grown on him.

Now for the current problem. even though George has grown him, he still wants me to get rid of him because he doesn't want me to have a pet that doesn't get along with the other animals, which rules out anything that i might want. the dogs won't tolerate another dog and both the dogs and mama kitty don't like other cats, even her own kitten. anyway, my mother said that she would take george when she and jesse moved after they get married. if i can't get jake to change his mind that is where i think he will go. and also jake now doesn't want my laptop in the room. he thinks it turns me into a recluse. not totally true. its just the this room is open, and full of light and the other rooms are dark and full of dust, which makes me depressed. so i avoid them. plus aside from the couch and the computer chair, the other chairs are dirty and smell like dog piss. either way, until i get a job, i have almost no power so i don't have much of a choice. jakes excuse is that he wants me to be "sociable". a**hole. and i am not pregnant for those of you who read the freaking out needlessly thread.
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all i need is $26.00 measly bucks. 26. today or tomorrow. i have a 40% discount on Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows and i don't have to money to get it. i have a guaranteed copy tomorrow only, but i have the discount til the end of the month. the book itself is only $20.99. it is $35.00 normally. i just need money for bus fair. it is not cool. jake won't have money till the freaking 3rd. by that time i will need $35.00. i really want that book.
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Why not just save yourself money and borrow it from the Library? Chances are they have ordered it and have a list of people waiting to borrow it. Add your name to the list and read it free of charge. Then if you want to buy the book, buy it when you have the money for it.
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ok, i admit. i did go a little overboard with the dramatics. and the last time i looked, there was over 240 people on the waiting list to read Deathly Hallows. and they can have it for 3 weeks with 2 renewals. it will take a while. and i own all of the other ones, i will own this one. i will just have to wait. *sigh*

oh, and i updated the pics of the animals.

ok, nevermind. the pics disappeared. i know why, i messed with my photobucket albums.
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ok, i will put up new pics of my furfamily, i promise.

jake bought the book yesterday. yay. he didn't sleep last night cause he was reading it. then he left it at the freaking armory. he has drill this weekend so and he took it with him and he had to leave it. he goes back tomorrow but still. he is asleep right now. he wants me to wake him at 10, i don't know why. daniel is annoying. he keeps nagging at me.

today was my mothers bridal shower. i stayed the night last night and i am glad to be home. my brother JJ, his girlfriend Sabrina, her sister Devennie, and my adorable little niece Esperanza was there too. my aunt tammy and aunt marvina came, and so did a few of mother's friends. my aunt louise was there.

JJ and sabrina brought their dog. she is so small. she is like four inches tall and five to eight inches long. she is a terrier type, and she is almost full grown. it is funny, the cats there are all at least double if not triple the size and weight of the little dog and it just wants to play with them and they look at it like this little thing dares to come near me? And make noise? it is hilarious. they back away and she chases them.

i'm tired. i didn't get much sleep last night cause my brother was drunk and wouldn't go to sleep. he got on the computer and started messing with things. i didn't really mind aside from wanting to go to sleep until he got into the control panel, then i turned the computer off. he wasn't happy. plus, jake wasn't there so i couldn't really relax anyway.

i went to the mall today and i saw the book everywhere. it was not cool. and i wouldn't have been able to save the money from when i did have money. one of us would have spent it. in case you didn't know, i am talking about the seventh harry potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. my aunt tammy got it today, my aunt louise and cousin caroline got it today at a midnight release.

wow, that was creepy. you know how cats eyes shine in the dark? well, out of the corner of my eye i could see a shiny thing near my legs. i look again and then i see the shine of a cats eyes. i kept looking to make sure it was fine, and the i saw a shadow move and as it hit more light i saw that it was mama kitty. if i had known it was her i would have hissed at her. i don't like her.

well, i am tired. i am gonna go to sleep so i will talk to ya'll later.
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Finally. i got new pics of my furfamily. here is a link to it.

Pics of my FurFamily

P.S. it is perfectly fine to reply or ask questions if you want. i don't care. as a matter of fact it would be cool. thanks.
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I can't find the new Harry Potter book around here anywhere. I didn't pre-order it so now I have to wait until it comes back into stores. I just bought the other 6 though and haven't read any of them yet.
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well, i'm sure that many other people have told you this but harry potter is a series that you have to read in order. otherwise you will be lost. and they get better as they go along. the seventh one is her best yet, and the others are good. i finished it yesterday. yay. it is cool. warning: if you get into book you will cry. just to let you know. i couldn't seem to get into it. i was feeling really distant from everybody and everything so it was not the book. we all think that mama kitty(roommates cat) is pregnant again. he will most likely have to get rid of her and in that case, George becomes his again. poor kitten, being handed about like a ward case. ok, that is all i have for now. later.
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You are welcome to keep on posting, but this looks a bit more like "blog" material. You may want to go to blogger.com. On these forums, most folks are not likely to be in blog reading mode so you may not get many responses.
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yeah, thats true. sorry. i hate the blogs on other sites though. maybe i should just start writing a journal. that sounds good. sorry to bother you.
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