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Baby found in dumpster

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(Not sure if this is the correct forum?)

Why do people do this, especially with safe haven laws in place? They could have gone to any hospital and left the infant in the bathroom or anywhere. Just makes no sense. Maybe the mother was a confused teen. No matter though, this is an awful start to life.

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Unfortunately, we have to share the planet with some sick, sick souls. It's great that the baby was still alive.
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Things like that make me so mad! That poor child! I hope someone will adopt her and give her the loving home she deserves! In a way, I just hope that that mother was in some awful situation to have done that! But how awful could it have been to not bring the baby to a hospital or firestation?
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S-T-U-P-I-D people...make me sick!!!!

I dont care what, theres no reason they couldnt of taken that baby to a safe haven!

Bless her soul. I am quite sure she will have no problems getting adopted.
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I was born two months premature (1947 in Anchorage) and left there. Never met my mother, but have located a couple of sisters a few years back. I have a baby feet imprint that indicates I was 2.5 lbs and 11 months old. Thank God for the Sisters of Providence who must have put untold hundreds of hours into my care.
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Ok, maybe I shouldn't say this, as I've never had a baby--but I just can't understand how, in 8-9 months, you couldn't think of a far better solution than that! Surely the person must have SOMEONE who couldn've helped them out? I can understand how a woman, especially a teen (but then again, where are the teen's parents in all of this??) could be in denial, and/or very scared, but still...

I could NEVER do this. Even though I've chosen not to have kids, I would love any child of mine so much, and just couldn't harm them. If I couldn't take care of them, I'd still try to do the best for them, and get help.

There is some irony in the dumpster dumping of babies--often, the heat generated by the garbage actually keeps them from freezing to death overnight (not saying this is the right thing to do).
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Thank God this baby was found still alive. There are so many decent people out there waiting to adopt, I'm sure this baby will have a good life away from it's birth parents.
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When ever I see something like this it makes me sad and happy at the same time. I'm sad that the woman who had the baby could face the issue and give her baby up for adoption. There is nothing shameful about saying that you are in over your head and you can't be a parent.

It also makes me happy that this child will have a far better life than it would have had if it stayed with the mother.
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