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Stopped Eating The Healthy Stuff...

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When I first started feeding Zoey her wet food, I just fed her the pate/loaf style. Natural Life, Nutro, IAMS & Friskies. Then I started feeding her the cuts in gravy and broth. Friskies, Fancy Feast, Meow Mix. Now she doesn't want to eat the "healthy" stuff, i.e the NL & Nutro. Is that okay? I like NL because it's a good quality food in addition to being available at Wal-Mart and being cheap, but she doesn't like it. I warm it up for her in the microwave, just so it's barely warm and not cold, and I put her Meow Mix over the top of it, but she picks around it and won't eat the stuff. I realize Nutro is coming out (or have they already) with their cuts in gravy/broth again. If I just feed the below, will it still be okay?

Fancy Feast -- Friskies -- IAMS -- Meow Mix -- Nutro

I wish she hadn't of stopped...
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My cats don't like the "healthy" canned foods, and are doing just fine. We use mostly Friskies and FF.

When Nutro is making their own, we'll probably give Nutro wet a try again.
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same boat here.

the best i have been able to do is proplan..

i have tried dozens of others and they won't touch it, and even with some of the others they make the "baby" puke

i think if you have a good quality kibble the wet as long as they get some isn't as much of a concern? but i could be totally off base.. but everyone is doing fine here by going w/that method.
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I think your right followedbydolls... I guess we'll be okay, as long as she's on wet. I do wish she would eat some healthier stuff, but that is okay...
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Okay I am a bit more lenient with wet ... ANY will work... as long as some quality is in there wet or dry
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I know alot of cats will lick off all of the gravy in chunky foods, and leave the chunks.... Have you tried chunks vs no chunks?

It's ok to feed her the foods on your list, just make sure you keep feeding the good dry food too.
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Mattie is like that a little bit. She gets in "moods" where she will eat the pate or loaf, but for the majority of the time, she wants the chunks in gravy or broth. Toby doesn't care, he's just a pig.
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My cats used to just eat the broth. After I empty the can into the bowl I fill the can a little with warm water and then mix it into the wet food just enough so it is a thick broth. As a result I find they completely devour the food and I also know this way they are getting more water.
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