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I am so excited I just had to share this. Kabou has had off and on intestinal issues for a long time and we still haven't come up with a diagnosis. She is scheduled for an ultrasound next Tuesday. Anyway, a co-worker has just started feeding her cats a raw rabbit diet that she made and she gave me a small sample. She used the recipe. I was a little afraid to try it but decided to take a chance since we weren't making much progress with meds and Hills ID. I was totally blown away last night when I tried it on her. The minute I opened the baggie after running it under warm water she jumped on the counter trying to get at it. I put some on a plate for her and she did not blink an eye. She ate like I have never seen her eat before, WITH GUSTO! I watched her to see if she was going to vomit or have a bad reaction and nope, totally satisfied except she wanted more. Gave her more after an hour or so and she ate that up. Same thing this morning. I sure hope this isn't beginners luck...........Brandon my male who is a kibble junkie took two small licks or bites and vomited.

I had tried both of them on Nature's Variety medallions during the recalls and she wouldn't touch it. I wonder if the rabbit is making the difference? Anway, I just ordered some ground rabbit from Hare-Today (the shipping is horribly expensive), but it won't get here for at least a week. I noticed that Feline Pride makes a pre-made raw with rabbit and the shipping is much faster. Has anyone tried them?