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Not going to the fair no more... Punk Vandals!!!

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How unecessary is this? Its a total of 150 cars that received vandal at a county fair. I really wanted to go this weekend, but now Im not so sure.
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Well they at least say they will have a stronger Police presence there now, but that is just sad the things that people do now ........whats the point in doing this?!?!?!
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Usually once something hits the news its less likely to be repeated again (until the following year).

Hook your car up to something that will zap them if they try anything with a key
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I dont know but it is destructive and disrespectful and plain out uncall for. My car has been threw hell in the 1.5 years I have had it. Its been hit (in a parking lot, no one left their info), it has been keyed etc... It is a target for disaster apparently. 150 cars is alot, im suprised no on say this going down...
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I would be a nervous wreck if I had a new car. I park my old beauty, lock her up and don't worry about it.

But back on topic, there are too many folks out there these days that don't find enough to keep them busy or interested so they get into mischief just for something to do. Give them a couple years and they will have their own cars and will understand what they've done but until then we're going to see these things happen.
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The cheapskate fair organizers only offering a $500.00 reward.
I bet they had NO security in the parking lot Trixie.

I wouldn't go if I were you. Maybe, take a bus.
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LOL it isnt worth the hassle of a bus. I just moved out of waukesha a few months ago... Its a shame it used to be a nice neighborhood but now it is being swarmed buy a not so positive aspect of people. My former apartment complex was ridiculous. The cops where there everyday, we had tons of illegals living there, drug dealers, sex offenders in the area, etc... The rent wasnt cheap either and this is located in the suburbs.
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That's awful! I'll add the fair to the list of places we don't want to take our new car (really - it's brand new...my hubby is practically OCD about not getting scratches ).

The last time we went to a local fair, the only people in the parking lot were the 2 guys directing cars to park. I'd have to agree with other posters that there was likely no security.
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