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Silly things your cats do

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I was just sitting on the couch in the sunroom watching the cats chase flies. Zebra walked over to the doors (theres 2 glass doors going to outside) and was looking outside and looking like she was about to pounce. All of the sudden I heard a bang! She jumped into the door to try to get a fly that was outside.

What are some silly things your cats do?
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Forest does battle daily with the doors in our house. We have no idea why. Every so often he manages to get himself caught in some room because of it. Yesterday he managed to shut himself in our bedroom for the day while we were at work. He heard DH come home and started meowing to be let out. Judging by the speed at which he made for the litterbox, we're guessing he was in there most of the day.
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Not sure if its silly or not but Diego went to jump off the table today and made a mistake somewhere coz he went splat. Proved the theory wrong about cats always landing on their feet.
I ran over to him quickly to make sure he was OK coz the floor is wooden and it sounded like a pretty big
He was fine just gave me a dopey look and said meow when I asked if he was ok.

Its not often you get to see a cat not land on its feet
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Chasing flies...there's a useful talent!

Once there was a fly bothering me in the bathroom. Merfy was sitting on the (closed) toilet and grabbed in her paw. I praised her profusely. After about 10 seconds of turning her paw over, looking at it, she opened her paw up and let it go.

Right now Isosceles is attacking the keyboard as I type. I'm hoping he grows out of that.
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Hmmm. Well, I'd have to say that Spike is about 97% silliness and 3% demonic entity, so it'd probably take me days to document all the zaniness that he gets up to. Let's see ...

1) Spike's tongue occasionally loses the ability to fit inside his mouth. Consequently, he sticks it out. Sometimes, he sticks it out quite far -- about half an inch -- and then walks around like that. He does not appear to notice this.

2) Spike is unaware that his tail is attached to the rest of his body, but lives in constant paranoia that it will be stepped upon. If you come within five feet of his tail, he will yowl at you in warning. His tail has never been stepped on that I know of. Conversely, when he walks around cluttered surfaces (such as my dresser or my writing desk), his tail whacks into things and sends my belongings flying. He does not appear to notice this.

3) Spike is completely fascinated by the bathtub drain, which makes some very interesting noises when any other faucet/drain combination in the apartment is in use (the plumbing in our upstairs apartment is very closely connected). It doesn't matter where he is in our apartment -- if that drain starts making noise, he's there to investigate. But not too closely, because there are apparently trolls living in there, who might come out and attack him. Or so I can only surmise, based on Spike's behaviour.

4) Just because something was solid glass yesterday does not mean it will still be solid glass today. It's best to keep trying (or, in other words, flinging yourself against it repeatedly) just in case.

5) Regarding hot surfaces and water, see #4. Things that were hot and/or wet yesterday may not be hot and/or wet today. You should probably stick your paws into it, just in case.

6) Despite the fact that Spike eats the exact same food for breakfast as he has for dinner, his dinner food is only acceptable if it is consumed in the bathroom instead of the kitchen. (Breakfast, however, must be served in the kitchen.) Whatever is in his bowl in the kitchen at dinnertime isn't food until it's moved into the bathroom.

7) Spike can tackle a squirrel (in our bathroom -- he's an indoor-only cat), but that big bug in the corner of our bedroom? Yeah, that's just weird. No way he's going near that!

As for Oz ... Ozzie is a less silly cat, more of a laidback, "I just wanna sniff my 'nip and go for a nap" kind of cat. His one extremely silly behaviour is stealing my underwear (my underwear, mind you -- not J's!) and racing around the apartment wearing it as a hat. I think that's silly enough, don't you?
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OH where do I begin...

Chess likes to lay on my lap all the time,, and when I read a book she gets soo mad at me. She put her paw up from the bottom to pull down the book.. If that doesn't work, she'll attack the book cover.. It's quite funny.....

Chess is also very lazy,, she won't budge unless you literally pick her up,, so she likes to lay smack dab in the middle of everything, and then give you dirty meows and dirty looks when you pick her up.

Angel is wild, she likes to chase a non moving target. Literally around in circles around her scratch boards,, and then attack them like they did something wrong to her.. IT's quite funny....

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