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Feliway Suggestions/Recommendations Help!

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Here are two links to explain my personal situation and why I am interested in trying feliway (I've never used it before):

Mainly the issues is with my older male cat. We have alot of outdoor kitties in our complex and whenever he sees one outside he starts hissing, spitting, screaming, slamming himself into the windows, tail puffed up, hair raised on the back... Just really hostile.

I was wondering whether I should try the diffusers, the spray, etc? I live in an 1100 sq ft apartment. Im curious hot to go about this since I have never used it before. Im researching it online as we speak. Also if you have links to great price deals on the stuff that would be appreciated as well. Thanks!
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My home is approximately the same size and I use two diffusers (they say one can cover 600sqft). I use them when I have to watch my mom's kitties and it takes a day or two, but they settle down.

My only real advice is this:

If you have a PetSmart near you, go online, print off the online prices of whichever product you want, and take it with you to the store. They do price matching and you can save yourself a bundle doing this.

Last time I bought refills for the diffusers, I saved over $20 doing that.

Good luck!!!
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Sweet we do have a petsmart here... I will definitely check into that. I was looking at which method is suggested for each cause and the diffusers sound like a decent deal and even the spray. My older cat gets aggressive and territorial with outside kitties and my kitten is very timid and scardy cat like. THe both might do well with this in our home. Here is the site I got some info and suggestions from thus far, in case anyone is interested:

I was interested in the flower essences if anyone has feedback on those as well???
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I'll move this to care and grooming
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Thanks I wasnt sure where to put this thread at all.. So I risked it by putting it here!
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I use the diffuser. Ymmv, but it seems like people generally have more success with the diffusers (as opposed to the spray). Each diffuser lasts about a month.

I buy my refills online now, but I bought my first "kit" at Petsmart. You should check out for options. I think a refill is about $25 at Petsmart, and I just ordered a 6-pack for around $80 (with s/h).
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Ive been looking around for price comparision. It is quite expensive so I hope it is worth it... I read that it has an 86% success rate... Hopefully my cats will fall in that range.
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That might be another reason to get your first one at Petsmart - they're great about taking products back if they don't work.

One of my cats isn't really affected by it, but I can always tell when I need to change the diffuser by the behavior of my other. It definitely makes a big difference for him.

ETA: The product says you should give it a full month to get the full effect. It made a difference for Leo in much less time, however. Just wanted to let you know so you didn't give up on it after a few days if it hasn't "kicked in" for him yet.
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Im hoping it will help with my older cat. Ill probably pick one up at petsmart as suggested, and bring the online pricing sheet with me.
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If your unsure if it will work try one of the spray s first youll be able to see if it does help and wont be out $$$
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Really? Cuz I kind of want to start by spraying just the window ledges and the back area by my kitchen patio.. These are the places where he sees other outside kitties and where he has his crazy fits...
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Well Petsmart has a spray here for 14.99 .. you can spray the ledge daily if needed
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I could... I am going to try that first to see if there is any reaction at all. Im not ready to spend major mula on the diffusers if I am not aware whether or not it will do justice for my fatty. The poor guy ws crying to me after the situation last night (like he had been violated and disturbed) Poor guy!
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
Well Petsmart has a spray here for 14.99 .. you can spray the ledge daily if needed
$14.99? Really? For Feliway or another brand?

The Feliway spray @ PS here is $28. The "No Mark" (also a pheromone spray) is $8.99 on sale. I like the No Mark. I think there's an inbetween priced one too.
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Nutri vet I think... there stuff is good from what I found
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Hmmm... I will check into that as well. If you have a link that would be great.
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I placed both orders online through Amazon. The last order was from EntirelyPets at Amazon. The refill was 12.99 and the spray was 14.75.
The diffuser is much better than the spray IMO. I have the spray b/c I just don't have enough outlets for the diffusers. We have one in Mom's room where Connor hides and one in the living room b/c he hides in the closet on the other side of the wall. I have the spray for the other rooms I may see him in. I also use the spray after I clean up Connor's spray marks with the enzyme cleaner. The order arrived in 4 days. Shipping was 5.95.

The first order was with discountpetsupplies at Amazon. They were cheaper than EntirelyPets at the time. The Diffuser was 21.99 and the spray was 15.99. This order took 5-7 days to arrive. Shipping was 4.95.

If you order online double check the shipping costs. I did find other places that were cheaper but the shipping was more money.
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Thank you for all of the insight, the pricing isnt too bad in some of your recommended locations...
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Since you are in Wisconsin, if you have a Farm & Fleet nearby, diffusers are only $20-25 and refills are $15. That's where I get mine.

When Raven was having major spraying issues I used both. Diffuser going 24/7 and the spray for the spots he "hosed".

I'm using a diffuser now for other reasons, but it definitely helps at our huose. The diffuser ran out last week, and we had to make an emergency run to Farm & Fleet. It was bad at our house. Raven and Stimpy were having issues with each other.
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Hmmm Im not sure if they are at my local farm and fleet... Roughly where in wisconsin is the one you go to located... You can pm if you feel uncomfortable putting that out there.
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