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New kitten!

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I have a male long haired domestic kitten who is 5 months old (Felix). Yesterday I rescued a ginger & white female kitten and she is 9 weeks.

Felix and the new kitten met yesterday, the new kitten did not seem bothered by Felix at all. Felix sniffed at her and followed her around for a while then started to chase her and he pawed her. I kept them seperate throughout the night, this morning they started to play nicely by pawing each other, or at least I think they were playing, the new kitten certainly was and I do think Felix was also. After a short while Felix started pawing harder and then scared the new kitten, she hissed etc at him and he stopped, this went on for sometime, Felix seems to get worse with her the more time he spends with her. When I left for work I put them in seperate rooms.

They have only met within the last 24 hours but I wondered if there was anything I could do to help them get along better, or if there is anything I also should not do.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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You can't expect them to get along in just a few days. Supervise their playtime and if you are not there, then separate them.

Be sure all nails are clipped so they don't hurt each other accidently.

And I'm assuming he's neutered or will be very soon? Males and females can breed at 5 months old. You have a female - while she's just 9 weeks, he could still try and breed her if not careful. Get both spayed/neutered asap.
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