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Pancreas - Need info

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My 2 year old siamese cat has been at the vets for the past 1 1/2 weeks & after all testing, they suspect a problem with her pancreas. We'll have final test results back on 5/7.

If anyone has had a cat w/pancreas problems, can you tell me what you did/learned??? Anything? I'm completely in the dark w/this problem & am trying to decide what to do for this little girl.

Appreciate any info/help you can offer.
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Dear Karen,

Please accept my apologies for not responding to your message sooner - I had my settings out of whack and didn't see it until just now.

Since today is the 8th, I can only presume the vet has given you his findings. I am interested to know what he told you as I have cared for two diabetic siamese cats in the past 4 years. Sadly, both are now at The Bridge.

I sincerely hope that everything is OK with you - and with your kitty. Please come back and let us know. I'll worry about you until I hear...

Hugs and hopes for the best,

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Hi Gaye. Thanks for your reply. I'm sorry about your 2 meezers. I'm sure they've found peace at the Rainbow Bridge.

Here's what I've found out about this disease in cats. (Wish I didn't have to find out at all...)

First, the vets used to think it was not common in cats. However, now that owners are allowing more care & vets are better, they are finding it much too often in cats. Usually in older cats - in overweight cats - and, as you probably know, in cats w/diabetes. It's believed that it is most likely genetic, though not limited to that.

Initial signs seem to be vomiting, diareah & fever. Loss of appetite or eating like there's no tomorrow are also signs.

Because it's just now really being found, the treatment is still being developed. Getting them thru the initial illness is only the 1st step. They have to feed thru a tube directly into the intestines to allow the pancreas time to rest & go inactive. This can take anywhere from a day or so to a week or so.

After surviving the initial treatment, diet (food & water) is limited in amounts & the food needs to be high fiber (like WD). Also, as the pancreas is what breaks food down into usable nutrition, an enzyme pill is usually used daily for at least a while, if not for the remaining time the cat is alive.

Depending on the severity, & the cat I'd guess, some survive & do ok, others don't. My vet said that it appears that siamese cats may have more of a predisposition to this disease - which is terribly upseting to hear.

My little meezer, Tami, did not have a very good diagnosis. She is very young (2) & only 5#. They're pretty certain it is a genetic problem w/her that she's been fighting her whole life.

I went in to discuss everything w/the vet last night... After going over all the possible outcomes, I decided to let her go to the bridge. Then, the vet begged me to give her more time to do some research & see if there was anything else they could do for her. So Tami got a temporary reprieve.

Her care is going to be very expensive & due to monitoring food, water & giving drugs, as well as the intensive time needed to do all of this, I asked them to let her go. I am not home enough hours in the day to give her the care & attention she'll need plus take care of the other 3 meezers in the house.

So, long story short, the vet & her nurse have decided to adopt Tami & give her a chance that I can't. I felt very conflicted about this... but they have the time & resources to handle the intensive care she's going to need. We've agreed it's a slim chance, but her only one, and they will let her go to the bridge if she doesn't do well during the treatment. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that she does well & am grateful for the extra mile these caring people are going to for her.

There's some info on this on the following site that you might be interested in.
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Dear Karen,

Thank you for the update, and please know that my thoughts are with you during what I know has to be a horrible time for you. I will hold you and your little Tami close to my heart and in my thoughts.


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