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guys i really need ur help with this cat i just adopted.

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quick inside on my story

okay so i decided to adopt a cat. i had searched for a good month and even though i found cats i liked nothing really caught my eye to take home until i saw petrina. i found her at petsmart where she had been for 7 days. she was scared to death. she layed in her bed trying to hide her eyes when u would look or talk to her. i felt so bad for her i just knew she was the one i was suppose to have. i wanted to be her savior and take her in to the best home anyone could give her. i went through the adoption process which made me nervous because it took a few days and i didnt want anyone else to take her. i found out from the adoption lady that she was one of four inside cats and the family she lived with and apparently was attached to one of the other cats. the family was moving back to Australia and couldnt take the cats with them. they found a home for 3 of them but couldnt find anyone to take petrina. why i dont know guys believe me she is a beautiful but very shy cat. here is my problem.

day one of bringing her home it was the greatest thing. it took her not even five minutes to come out of her cage. she smelled and rubbed everything. she would let my gf get close to her and even touch her for a second but thats as far as it went. she still wont let me get close to her. i would try slowly but she would run off. i was so excited i thought she was happy and i was ready to enjoy life with pretrina. so i went to bed that night and woke up with her on top of the cabinets in the corner. thought she would come down. never did. i left the house and came back she had come down but now she was under the bed. still wouldnt let me come near her. so now its been two days she is either under the bed or on top of the cabinets in the corner. we heard her eat the first day but since then it doesnt look like she touched her food. i even tried three different kinds but still doesnt look like she is. so WHAT DO I DO. just wait her out? how long does it take a cat to get comfortable with a new family? ive talked to her non stop when im home to get her use to my voice but she doesnt respond for anything. if u would of seen her the first day u would of thought she would of been fine because she was just mewoing away but its now been three days and shes not coming out from hiding. please anyone let me know if there is anything i can do to help this process out. i dont want to take it to the point where she hasnt eaten in days and it starts to affect her health. let me know if this is a normal thing or not please.

thanks in advance.
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First of all what a great thing you have done too give Petrina a loving home. I suggest...a quiet room, so Petrina can adjust....without any fuss or distress, 2 days is so soon, it takes a while for them too adjust too their new surroundings. Give Petrina some food and water and a litter box, and let her take it all in. My 4 month old Ragdoll, took a while too come out of her shell. I assume poor Petrina has had a hard time, moved around alot and being at a petshop must have been rather trying as well, not knowing what is going on and no security. Let her have time too herself, in a quiet room. Visit often and give her lots of soft talking and gentle pats, in time Petrina will come too realize this home is a forever home and she will become acustomed too her new surroundings, sounds and smells. This could take days...weeks...try and be patient and simply offer her security and love. In time she will learn too trust you and your family. She will eat in her own time, often even young kittens lose their appetite for a while in their new home, as long as you provide fresh water and food, if and when she is ready she will eat and drink. If in doubt call your vet...I am sure it will all be takes time, everything will work out 2 days is early days my friend, you will be surprized how quickly she comes out of her shell after some time of adjustment and assurance
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I will also say thank you for taking this sweet cat into your house. Everything that ShakaDaka said is true. Keep her in a small area so she does feel secure - to put things in perspective - imagine if you were picked up and put in a world where you were the size of a cat - you would be petrified! Go and sit in the room (often) wit her and just talk quietly to her. Let her come to you. Make sure that she has plenty of fresh fod and water. I, too have a 4 mo. old Ragdoll - howver, he was crawling under the door to get out of the guest bedroom on his 2nd day! But, for a few weeks, he always slept in the carrier that I brought him home in. So, keep the carrier open with clean bedding, so she has a small, comfortable safe place to retreat to! You will get many response here, because there are many more knowledgable people than I who will help you out!
PS Welcome to TCS! Enjoy!
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Keep her in a smaller room that you spend a lot of time in. Always talk to her, watch tv in the room with her, read outloud, anything. But don't directly try to approach her or even look at her. Feed her on the same schedule everyday. Put out some stinky wet food too.

Just keep on doing this and see how it goes after a week or two, it may take much longer though, some cats are just like that.
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Congrats on Petrina and good job on giving her a loving home. Everyone is giving you good advice. Here is a personal experience that can relate somewhat, but a shortened version, since the entire story is elsewhere on the site ....
Hera and Reyah were shelter kitties. We took Reyah home, but chose not to take Hera. Well, Hera was being fostered by a friend, who had to take her back to the shelter (who Hera was being fostered from) while she had family in town (allergies to cats). Anyway, Hera went ballistic. She was terrified and wouldn't let anything or anyone anywhere even close to her without her trying to attack them. The shelter said she was unadoptable and wanted to euthanize her. My friend contacted me worried about her, so we told her to bring her to us. She did. We have a room set up strictly for the cats with a baby gate at the door, so they can come and go as they please, but still have a "safe place" to go if they want a break. For the first 2-3 days, I left the girls in the room together with the door closed. That gave them time to learn where their food, water, and litterboxes were. After that, I opened the door, but didn't force them to come out. I let them decide when they were ready. Hera has been with us for 4wks and she just recently started coming around (within the past week to week and a half). She is now the sweetest and most loving cat that we have. I can't move without her on my heels. I just adore this baby girl. It's sad to think that the shelter wanted to euthanize her.

Anyway, in other words, give Petrina more time. It sounds like she may have come from a family that loved her, but everything has been in a turmoil for her. How old is she? Hera is a year old. I bet Petrina will be the joy of your life when she realizes that she is safe and sees just how much she's loved.
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Aww.. She sounds like a very sweet girl. She just needs more time. I know that it's really hard but you have to try to ignore them and let them come to you. Sometimes it takes a long time, but she will come around
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first off thanks everyone for r stories and advice. i read everyword of everyones posts and u all have helped me shed some better light on this matter. at the moment patrina is still hiding during the day. she likes to be on top of the cabinets basically because its the highest point and she can see everything. i still havent even touched her yet but hey im sure i will eventually. my girlfriend has been joking how it feels like we dont even have a cat but i know she will come around. last night though we were watching tv and it was dark in the room and patrina walked by. me and the gf kinda froze because we had not seen her out roaming around the house since day one. she went to her room with her food and litter box and spent sometime in there. when she finally came out she creeped by me and the gf very slowly. stopping and looking at us to see if we were going to do anything. she went in the kitchen and layed under the table so i thought that would be a good chance to try and get close to her. YAH RIGHT. she was gone under the bed in a second. so no big deal progress is being made just at a snails pace. anyways thanks for everyones help. i do appreciate it more then words could say. from what u guys have said i truly believe patrina will come around sooner or later. thanks again everyone.

btw patrina is 3 years young.
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Thats a very good start! I wouldn't make a move towards her at all. Let her come to you

When your sitting down like that keep a small bit of food on the floor beside you, that will tempt her to get even closer! But don't attempt to touch her, let her come to you. She will! After a while I think she will come around. But everytime you try to go to her sounds like it is spooking her. After she knows your not going to try and get near her, she will feel more secure.

Sounds like she has a great new home!
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Congrats on your new baby!

When I first got my boys, I would sit on the floor in their room with the lights low and either sing to the radio or read out loud. They got to hear quite a number of romance novels in the week they were in there. I also put their dish of food in the floor and didn't move while they ate.

So long as she is eating, drinking and using her litter box, you're doing fine. Let HER come to you. Curiosity will help her learn you.
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Everyone has given you the exact right advice. It is hard to follow but it definitely works.

Indeed do not look at her directly in the eyes. For cats this is interpreted as a direct challenge. Here is a good link to body language in cats so you have some idea of what she may be thinking.

Treats and play are powerful motivators but your kitty has to show a bit of interest in you (sniffing or walking nearby more often) before you can begin to work with her in that area.

It could take your kitty several weeks or even months to come around. But it will be worth it when she does, because you will feel so rewarded by her love.
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once again thanks for the advice everyone even though its been one week and i still havent touched her yet. i know i will one day haha.

anyways got another question. not sure what she wants but she will go in a room and just start meowing. sometimes she will come nearby and just meow so loud. i talk and talk to her and she just doesnt stop. i come close to her and she takes off. then goes and meows some more. i dont know what she could want she has food water and toys. anyone know whats going on?
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She is calling out other cats........ she is in a new environment with new things and she is a little/lot scared... It is normal.
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