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Cat food and sick!

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Hi everyone!
Ive noticed a real trend with my cat. She is sick if i refridgerate her food. If it is room temperature she is ok. Is there any cause for this?
Also, she eats very little, so it can take a good while for her to get through a tin of food, how long after its been opened should i sling it? Is it 3 days as with human food?
x x lucyx x
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I would buy smaller cans to start. And have you tried to warm up the refridgerated food with hot water? That's what I do with the leftover canned food - my two will eat it very quickly warmed up.

What kind of canned foods are you feeding now?
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Im just using whiskas. She tends to turn her nose up at anything else unless it high life stuff. Those are small cans though arnt they - are they meant to be in addition to other food, or is the high life range proper nutritional food?
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Well, I bet since it's cold it makes the food less smelly. Cats LOVE smelly. Their sense of taste really isn't that fantastic (i forgot how many taste receptors they have, but it's far less than humans) but their sense of smell is phenomenal. Thus, they rely on their sense of smell to make a judgement on whether or not to eat.

Warmed up food smells more strongly. When a cat is ill, warming up the food can entice him to eat.

I usually limit the kitty food in the fridge to a little under a week...about the same amount i'd keep food for myself.
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You have to wonder too if cold food from the fridge doesn't give them stomach cramps? My girls will only eat canned food at room temperature. That's partly why I feed them Fancy Feast.... nice tiny cans, each one is just enough for one meal at a time for both my girls.
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If she's only sick when the food is cold, it's probably just the temperature upsetting her stomach. Trying warming it in the microwave (that's what I do), adding warm water to it, or standing it in warm water.

Some of the hi life is complementary (so you need to feed a complete food alongside it) and some is complete. I can't remember about the cans, but the pouches are complementary, except for the essentials pouches.

I don't like to keep canned food more than a couple of days, although it will probably be ok for 3 days if kept in the fridge.
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