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Hello all.

Sorry if this is long & a bit confusing.

We've had Roxy since October, she came from a home with her sister (who was the dominate cat) & some dogs that she was terrified of. For the first month or so, she would yowl after we went to bed/in the middle of the night. The only way I know of describing it is when it seemed to me my past cats were looking for others.

That information aside, this past Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday nights (well, actually morning around 6 am, but still my bedtime) she has stayed in the front room after I go to bed, & started yowling within 20 minutes-1 hour later.

Thursday evening, she was playing with her little catnip lion toy. Swatting it about the floor & such, then she stopped abruptly & started yowling loudly. She looked straight at me & did it louder. I was confused, but then she started playing with it again as my bf & I looked on. Then she was carrying it around in her mouth, & making noises at the same time. She did this for nearly an hour, & never has before. There were 3 separate times that she's done this now, including just a few minutes ago (which only lasted a few minutes). I don't know if this is normal behaviour, or if she has lost her little feline mind.

Any input??
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Fairly normal, she may still be looking for her sister.
Certain things trigger memories somewhat and bring it on.

My 14 year old cat does it.
She only ever truly bonded to one cat in her life and we lost him to cancer 7 years ago, she still sometimes looks for him.
When she does it, I call her name comfortingly and she'll stop.

Talking to toys while playing is pretty normal too, all of my kits do it, I think that is instinctual on some level.
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Thanks Arlyn!

Hmmm...I wonder why she would start doing it now. We were told that she was bullied by her sister, & never really played. I actually haven't seen her play as much by herself as I have today. I think she may be losing weight, so that may explain it too I guess.

ETA: Your kitty Shadow looks like Roxy!
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My cat Frosty is the yowler in this house. I've never actually SEEN her do it: she goes down into the basement for these little sessions that only last a minute or two. I think it's because she likes the accoustics down there!
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How old is she? Yowling can also be an indication of a thyroid issue. I went through that with my Molly.
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
How old is she? Yowling can also be an indication of a thyroid issue. I went through that with my Molly.
She's about 2 years old I think. (That's what we were told when we brought her home.)

& I feel silly, but I don't think I know what a thyroid issue is.
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