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Fleas in Rug??

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Hi - any advice? - cat's Advantage treatment didint work for the first time ever - she seemed to have quite a few and was miserable - gave her Capstar - she is 100% better 24 hrs. later but here's the problem - there still are some fleas in a rug in my living room - when I sit there - every now and then one or two have jumped on my ankles and Ive been able to grab them and kill them - obviously there are now some in this rug - so here's my question - it's a rug that I can roll up and remove from the house - but it's a nice rug - could I "bag" it - enclose it in a bag and then take it somewhere where they can professionally wash it or dry clean it or something to get rid of them?? I understand when people have wall to wall carpet and a flea problem - its another issue but the fleas seem to be only in this rug now.
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You may have trouble getting it professionally cleaned as the cleaners probably won't want to take it if there are fleas.
I have heard of bagging things that cannot be washed in an airtight bag when doing a whole-house flea treatment, but I don't know how long they have to stay bagged...

Another option that might work is a spray that kills fleas, or using diatomous earth. I have heard of people using flea spray made for animals on rugs/carpeting but it could possibly discolor the rug. The diatomous earth IIRC kills fleas by drying them out and can be used on a rug, I think you sprinkle it on, rub it in and then vacuum but I've never tried it myself.

Another thing I would suggest trying is this spray: Natural Chemistry(that's the brand I think) "DeFlea Pet and Area Spray". It is harmless to pets, it kills fleas by softening the exoskeleton/shell. I have not used it on a rug but I've used it on a couple cats/kittens and my dog and it did kill the fleas so I'd say give it a try, it's not horribly expensive either... I've seen it at several of the big chain pet stores. I think I sprayed it on the furniture and carpet when my dog brought home fleas from a friend's house, but I don't know if it really worked or not because I think my dog just brought home a few fleas and they had not had time to spread to the house/carpet yet (thankfully!)
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I had a bad flea infestation in my carpet one year and put a single dose of diatomaceous earth (DE) on it. I've not had the problem since. I tried just about every spray that was supposedly pet safe and nothing else works. One of the sprays that I purchased from the vet actually poisoned my dog and we had an emergency vet visit from it.

I hate the sprays as it has poison. Food grade DE works wonders and is so safe that you can eat it.
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Hi - thanks for the advice. See, my problem doesnt seem too bad - Ive only seen a couple fleas so I dont know if it is an infestation but the DE sounds interesting - do you have to go to a garden center? And you said one dose - what did that entail? I appreciate the info.
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I bet you could put the rug in a really big bag, fill the bag with flea poison, wait for the fleas to die, and then have the rug cleaned to get the poison off it.
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