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It takes me longer and longer to find Sam these days. He has a lot of favourite hiding places.

Most popular is his cat bed under the dining room table. He used to just lie on the carpet there, so I moved his bed to that spot, and he spends hours and hours there. He can see out the window, and chase away the squirrels if they happen to look in.

Second spot to look is on my bed, curled up on his cat afghan that my mother made for him. She made it because he and I used to have big fights about who owned mine. He is pretty much the same colour as part of the afghan, so I have to look carefully, or turn on the light to find him.

Third, in the laundry hamper. Sometimes I can only find him by spotting the tip of his tail.

Behind the bathroom door - where, somehow, a towel has managed to become permanently crumpled up. Sometimes he doesn't actually hide in the bathroom and I find him sleeping on the bathmat.

If he thinks that I might be looking for him to go in the car, he hides under the plant stand in the dining room - and I have a lot of trouble reaching him there. Usually pounce treats are called into action, and despite his hatred of cars, his love of pounce treats appears to be greater.

And the last new spot I discovered yesterday, in the living room, behind a chair, stretched out full length on top of the radiator. I had a towel there to drape a sweater on to dry, left the towel for some reason, and it is now the best cat bed in the house for winter. Mmmm. Toasted kitty.