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4wk kitten: best food?

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We are taking the little kitty to the vet tomorrow for his first checkup. What I want to know is . . what is the best thing to be feeding him right now? Mom picked up something called 'science diet' canned food and we've been giving him/her/it some of that with formula and a little straight water. He tried to nibble on kitten dry food on the side but almost choked on it, so we're keeping it away from him for now.

Should we keep feeding him canned science diet? Is there a better brand? Should we just soak the dry food in formula so it's soft enough to eat? Smash it into little pieces so he won't choke? The kitty loves the gooshyfood (canned) and it seems easy for it to eat, so I'm guessing that's what we should be feeding it for now, but it would be nice to have some advice. I'll be asking the vet, too, but don't want to just hear an advertisement for whatever brand the vet might be selling.

Assuming we keep it on the gooshy, how soon should we introduce the dry? Should we break it up and mix it with the gooshyfood? is there some better method? etc. etc. . .

Thanks in advance for putting up with my newb-ness, just want to find the best way to take care of this little guy. Or girl, as the case may be.

=^.^= Teneko
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get some kitten formula at the pet store. i've been using the 'just born' brand, but there are several brands. i recommend the liquid kind - the powdered kind is really hard to get the lumps out of.
wet food for now is fine. i'd wait a while before trying the dry. when s/he's ready, you can moisten the dry [soak it] in the formula, so it's soft. don't do too much at once, 'cause it'll spoil pretty fast after you soak it.
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When we first brought home our Sunny & Hobbes, we fed them Iams wet kitten food. They LOVED it, and it is to-date the ONLY wet food they've ever been willing to consume, hehe! I totally recommend it...combined with the formula mentioned above.

Another note: the Iams wet kitten food has formula in it. I would basically go with feeding recommendations from your vet (and I don't mean their brand, just if they say to continue giving Kitty formula COMBINED with canned kitten food, or one or the other).
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I would combine Kitten Formula with the canned food for extra nutrition
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