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Chatters & Trills...

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My 8 month adopted kitty, Mattie, has some odd sounds she makes... She does these trills and chirps, kind of like a bird you know? And she chatters... exactly like a squirrel. Exactly, she just chatters. When she plays, when she's hungry, and when she gets excited. Is this a paticularly individual trait or is it common?
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I think it's pretty common.

When Roxie was a kitten if BF and I closed the door to our bedroom and she wanted to play she would make these chirpy noises. We used to call her a velociraptor

She still makes noises like that all the time, mostly when she's excited or wants to play!
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My indoor-only cats really chatter when they see something outside like a squirrel or the birds at the feeders. It's quite entertaining.
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ahhh!!Isnt it so so cute!
Princess snow kitten does this too.she chatters and makes bird sounds all the time.And if you stroke or call her when she is lying down,she chirps this cute little melody which is to say translated "yesss" "what is it?" oh she is a sweet pumpkin face
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Spock does this trill thing to get her babies' attention, and she does it to me sometimes too. Patrick trills then meows when he's wanting attention or cheese...but sometimes he does it while he's walking around in the yard! None of them make any squirrel-like noises, though...
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Bella makes chirpy chattering noises when she's playing with her little fur mice or the foam balls. She also sometimes makes these noises when she's carrying a stuffed animal around in her teeth.

She doesn't make many other sounds, but I find these noises really adorable. She only seems to make them with her mouth full...
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Here's an interesting article about the sounds cats make:
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My 3 yr old female does not really "meow". She trills and chirps when greeting me. It's really very sweet.
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