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Deb - Canadian pay by the litre, not the gallon!
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I remember paying by the liter here....back in the 70s when none of the gas pumps could go over a dollar. Ah, the good old days...
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WOW!!! I love this thread...took me half an hour to read what all had been posted since I last read it! But it was worth it! I am learning so much about you all!!!!

Hissy, I have had the dream about losing my teeth a few times too....not sure why, I have really good teeth, but I guess it just freaks me out thinking about losing them.

Deb, they make lots of vanilla colognes...Vanilla Fields is a good one and Coty makes an awesome Vanilla musk....I have them both.

Anne, I too hate roaches!!! I have no problem with spiders or any other bugs, although I don't care for them, I don't get hysterical and I can kill them, but a cockroach just gives me the heebie jeebies!!!!

Can I do a few more??? (this is addicting!!!)

11. My middle name is Jean
12. I played with barbies till I was 16
13. I slept with teddy bears till I was in college
14. I have a horrible fear of dying and finding out I didn't make it into heaven (although I am fairly certain I will)
15. My mother was often very emotionally cruel to me although I loved her (god rest her soul)
16. I am obssessive with my hair (I have on occassion spent 3 hours fixing it just to go out if it was a really important event) (I never told anyone that) I can't stand it if I have a hair out of place, and I KNOW that is absolutely ridiculous!!!!! I hate that about myself!!!! (I might add that the 3 hours was because I redid it three times because I hated it!)
17. I am very insecure about the way I look
18. I have a bad habit of using my credit cards too much, though I try not to..I am very compulsive when it comes to shopping.

I'll stop there since I have already used 8 more turns than I was supposed to!
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I love this thread...so I will add some more

11) I have a fear of mirrors at night time - I think it stems from when I was a kid and I saw a movie in which a young girl saw a evil ghost in the mirror and ever since I was afraid to see one myself.

12) My family thinks I am a goof. I have always been the joker of my family and now it looks as if my son is just the same!

13) Sometimes I will wear my jammies all day - I love flannel jammies, they are so comfortable and I never want to take them off.

14) The ocean is one of my favourite things to look at, I lived near the beach growing up and being here in the mountains makes me miss it every day.

15) I am addicted to pavlova

16) I have always wanted a pet chimpanzee. But no one will let me have one.

17) I hate my food touching other food on its plate. I am not OCD but there is something about mixing food that I dont like.

18) I have a very soft heart and I feel very sorry for people very easily.

19) I am very interested in the life of Gia Carangi, which was taken too soon.

20) Growing up, my nickname was Smellye. (My name is Kellye for those who don't know it)
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1 I am terrified of large cockroaches. (one ran down the back of my bare leg when I was 10.)
2 I believe in UFO's
3 I believe in ghosts
4 My husband is 10 years younger than me. (First hubby died and I refuse to be a widdow again!)
5 When I was young I believed hands would reach through tiles in the wall and grab me. They were under the bed too!
6 My dad walked out of my life when I was 7 and I didn't see him again until I was 21.
8 I got my drivers liscense at 21, I hate driving.
9 I have a fear of being lost!
10 I love mythical creatures!
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I'm not afraid of 666. If the price of everything becomes 666 all the time, then I will be wary! I used to work at McDonald's, and some people would acually buy extra stuff to avoid getting $6.66 change.

Here's a little more about me:
My middle name is Zachary

I once had the misfortune of seeing my own mom nude (ugh)

I used to type one-page fantasy stories as a kid. Beginning, middle, and end all in a few paragraphs.
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Originally posted by Thirtysilver
I once had the misfortune of seeing my own mom nude (ugh)
LOL! My mother used to dash around from the bathroom to her room all the time wearing nothing and scream and yell that she couldn't get any privacy. I could do 10 things on my mother alone...
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1. I am a youngest child. I have two older sisters.
2. I never dated while in high school. I was very shy when it came to members of the opposite sex.
3. When I was a freshman in college I came down with Mono.
4. I love to read and I think I've now finished all of Lilian Jackson Braun's books. I prefer mysteries.
5. While learning how to drive in the school's driver's ed car, I was hit while sitting in park by another car.
6. I have been living with my younger boyfriend now for almost 3 years. Never would have considered it "proper" 10 years ago.

7. I love chocolate and consider it one of life's finest foods.
8. I have an interest in photography but haven't pursued it yet.
9. I am a messy person by nature but I get paranoid if I have company over.
10. My favorite quality in a person is their sense of humour. If someone can make me laugh than I have a lot of respect for them. Love Jerry Seinfeld and got to see him in person!:laughing:
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1: My middle name is Karl.
2: I'm part Jewish.
3: I love the dark.
4: I believe in alien life.
5: I believe in a creator.
6: I'm adopted.
7: My natural father is an Astronomer in Hawaii.
8: I've had a mental illness(twas fun).
9: I like the Backstreet Boys music, lol.
10: I like to tempt fate, mwahaha.

I'm working on a book about 8 in order to help others with the same problem I had.
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I believe in evolution.
I know this is topic is a powder keg . . .
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I believe in evolution too....
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Well, after all that, this should be quite mundane...

1. I'm the youngest of three (an older brother and an older sister);

2. My first time EVER on skis was in the Austrian Alps;

3. I attended a radio station Halloween bash adorned as Jesus (dragging an 8 foot cross to boot!);

4. I've never taken SAT's or any other college-entry exam;

5. I'm currently starting a college career with the long-range plan of becoming an ordained pastor (and NOT because of #3 above);

6. I LOVE to travel;

7. I adopted my/our son after our marriage (his "father" didn't even flinch);

8. I've been identified (in performance evaluations) as "confrontational" and "unapproachable" and as "having issues";

9. I nearly lost vision in my right eye after a freak deck-hockey injury (the pupil no longer contracts and dilates, but stays constant);

10. My middle name is Edward for no significant reason that I am aware of.

Das ist alles.
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11. I have a cousin who is a nun. Her mother was a novice, but left before taking her final vows.

I do love this post!
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Originally posted by billchamb
8. I've been identified (in performance evaluations) as "confrontational" and "unapproachable" and as "having issues";
No fair peeking at my yearly evalutions!
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I believe in a "creator," but I also believe it is beyond our ability to comprehend or understand. I don't believe in a grandpa smiling down upon us.

However, I also believe in evolution, and I don't see at all that they are mutually exclusive.

I also believe in alien life, I think it's amazingly egocentric to NOT believe in other life somewhere in the universe. But I add that I have a good enough comprehension of physics to understand that the likelihood of our encountering other life (or it encountering us) is essentially none.

I also believe there are an infinite number of universes and realities all co-existing at once.

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...I always cry when I see someone with Parkinson's Disease. I don't know why.
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I know what you mean Laurie about the parkinsons disease, I was upset when I saw Michael J Fox on a tv interview and he was explaining it all. It was very hard to watch him.
We thought my hubby's grandmother had it, but as it turns out, she has a brain tumour and by the looks of it, it is inoperable.
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Debby, my middle name is Jean as well! So is my moms. I haven't run into many people at all with Jean in any part of their name.

I'll post my 10 things a bit later!
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This is such a great thread! I've been so busy with the holidays this is the first chance I've had to read it. But now that I'm back at work...

1. I was a total dog person until Ophelia happened into our lives. Hubby was the one always trying to convince me that we needed cats. (Obviously a staunch convert now!)

2. Although I always have and always will love dogs, all of my terrifying nightmares have been about dogs. Usually about our family dog going demonic in one way or another.

3. I loved being in school, and I miss it terribly. If I could be a "professional student" I would.

4. I used to (and hope to get back into) shoot high-power rifle cometitively. I was the first woman in Colorado to make Master classification (94% or better), and the 41st woman in the history of our sport (since 1880s) to make Distiguished Rifleman.

5. I don't want kids. Nothing against them per se, I just don't want them.

6. I hate answering phones and yet am a receptionist. The need for money to survive will make one do many undesirable things.

7. I have written a novel about vampires based on a short story I wrote in college. After I finished it, I realized that the characters were flat and the plot too predictable and stale, so I want to completely re-vamp it (pun intended). I just haven't gotten around to it.

8. I don't like sweets in general. My mother always had desserts there when I was a kid, and now neither my sister nor I have sweet tooths.

9. I used to ride hubby all the time about being on the computer so much and couldn't understand how he could consider people he had never met to be "friends." Then I found The Cat Site....

10. I don't have any real fears, but am totally grossed out by worms.
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Way to go Heidi! I love shooting too - but I've never been in competition, and only picked it up because Gary had guns when we moved in together, and I figured I'd better know how to use them. Turns out it's a hobby I enjoy.

Kellye, I'm so sorry to hear about your hubby's Grandma. Hubby actually had a brain tumer, but we caught it early and he's fine now. It was operated on a year ago October.
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I have a big collection of Betty Boop stuff.
I always have at least 1 lava lamp going.
I cannot stay in the same room with someone biting their fingernails or chewing with their mouth open.
I usually carry a gun.
I once worked in a costume ballroom in New Orleans.
Music can move me to tears, not much else can.
I have been known to actually gag over sobby stuff on tv.
Coffee is a food group at my house.
My next car is going to be a hearse.
I am psychic with certain people.
I have an 11. I am the survivor of a set of identical twins. My sister died at birth.
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krazy kat - coffee is a food group IMHO!!!!
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11) Although I'm Irish by descent, my family immigrated to Canada first (Prince Edward Island), so I can claim to be part Canadian. Mom's family is Polish and German.

12) 3 of my 4 grandfathers (both Mom's and Dad's parents divorced) served in WWII. My uncle served in Vietnam, but my Dad was not allowed to serve because he was the only surviving son of a deceased war veteran.

13) I'm afraid of dogs, and have to get to know them on a personal basis.

14) I use cocktail sauce on my scrambled eggs, and ketchup on my mac and cheese.

15) I only drink diet sodas because I hate the corn syrup in regular sodas.

16) I hate having food stuck in my teeth, so I have floss at home, at work, in my briefcase...
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Very interesting things! Here's my 10...

1. I got married when I was 18. I've now been happily married for over 1 1/2 years.
2. I will be getting my real estate license next Spring.
3. I am a twin. I have an identical sister.
4. I have 3 sisters and 1 brother.
5. When I was younger, one time we had over 30 gerbils.
6. I love to buy stuff off eBay.
7. I hate the snow, yet I've lived in Chicago all of my life. (20 yrs.)
8. I love Hello Kitty stuff.
9. I can't live without music, and I love to sing in my car.
10. I have many penpals who live in Finland.

and # 11. My brother is getting married tomorrow, so I've been running around with my head chopped off like a chicken. :LOL:
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KrazyKat, I have a '64 Cadillac hearse, stored at my son's house. When Bill retires, he's going to finish the restoration for me.

Coffee and chocolate ARE food groups.

My mother is the surviving twin. Her sister was anacephalic and died at 5 hrs, old.

Besides cats, most of us have a LOT in common.
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Originally posted by LDG
...I always cry when I see someone with Parkinson's Disease. I don't know why.
My father had this...but not until he got older....I hated to see the way his hands shook...I cried too.

Big Kat (your user name always reminds me of those big Kit Kat bars that I love so much! ) I think Jean is a pretty cool middle name!! But noone ever calls me that anymore, it was only my mom who used my full name whenever I was in trouble!!! "DEBRA JEAN!!!!" :laughing:

Lisa, so how much older are you than Ryan? 16 years? Well if you are happy, then who cares!

Spooky....I never had that many gerbils, but when I was married to my first hubby I had about 20 hamsters and a rat.
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Debby, where do you think the user name came from?! (My boyfriend always said if we got a cat that would have to be it's name since he loves those candy bars, but when we got little Pepper he was just way too cute and small to be called big kat, so I said I'd at least make it my user name on the cat site!). As for Jean, no one has ever called me that either really, and I for one, never even liked it much! But it sounds nice with Debra Jean. . . :tounge2:
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1. I am a HUGE fan of Tom Hanks and Michael J. Fox

2. I think 'The Lord of The Rings' is boring

3. I cannot swim

4. I collect giraffes

5. I get severely depressed at Christmas

6. I have one sister

7. I hate dogs

8. I live in the United Kingdom

9. Im a fantastic cook

10.Im terrible with money
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What a great thread, you guys are so interesting!

1~I never owned a cat growing up so when I met my husband, I treated his cat like I would treat a dog, rough house, etc. Now I have a totally different attitude to them, they rule me! and if there is anything I love more than cats - it's cat themed stuff! Calendars, mirrors, mugs, anything!.

2~I'm scared. Of people, strange men, tall women, people who don't speak english (are they talking about me?), co-workers (I know they're talking about me), everybody on the bus (what are they thinking), homeless (I'm going to get mugged), I'm scared of disappointing anybody. I know most of these fears are groundless, but I think them anyway.

3~While growing up, mom always fed us macaroni and cheese with weiners. After I moved out, I couldn't eat them for three years. I still have a problem with those real cheap and small weiners though. Yuck!

4~I was excellent at Biology in school but couldn't comprehend Chemistry or Physics. And I needed all three to be a school teacher. Which is what I wanted to do since I was a child.

5~I got into caring for the elderly totally by mistake. Well, I volunteered with a group from school once a week and all we did was sit there with them while they told us stories. One day someone told me that I could get paid $20/hr to sit there, so I went into the course thiking that. Little did I know I would have to clean up old people diarrhea! But it's ok now. I love the elderly.

6~I hate cleaning but I have my standards. You must wipe all tables and counters before vacuuming or you'll hear from me. and "Don't just tidy the mess, Darrell, clean it. Put stuff AWAY" Weird. Oh, and all the towels have to be folded perfectly or I'll re-do them.

7~I secretly dream of being a seamstress in the 1600's and making gorgeous dresses for the Lady's and Duchess's of the Queen's court.

8~I'm left handed.

9~I've never met my real father. and don't really care to...

10~I can't sing. But I do when I think no one can hear me. :tounge2:
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I also believe in alien life, I think it's amazingly egocentric to NOT believe in other life somewhere in the universe. But I add that I have a good enough comprehension of physics to understand that the likelihood of our encountering other life (or it encountering us) is essentially none.
I absolutely and whole-heartedly agree with you. The universe is so vast, it's neverending. I believe it is very vain to think that we're the only thinking, creative beings in the entire galaxy. We may never meet anyone else, but that doesn't mean they don't exist.
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