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ok, here it goes...

1. I`m born and raised in Sweden, moved to the UK 5 years ago.
2. I have a tiny little diamond on my upper lip.
3. I have a tribal tattoo on my right ankle.
4. I LOVE stickers, stationary and pens in different colours.
5. I hate nosehair!
6. I love to swim.
7. I play The Sims religiously...
8. I`m a Photoshop addict and love to play around with graphics.
9. I`m a daddy`s girl.
10. I got married in the Swedish church of London in Feb 2001.

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Ryan - just go for it! I think you could just post the NEXT ten!

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5. I have recurring dreams about tornados...ones where there are more than one and I cannot find shelter anywhere.
I do too! I have "lived through" probably 50 tornado dreams. Some tornados are off in the distance, some hit the house I am in in the dream. All sorts of different scenarios! I have learned not to be afraid in my dreams now. I know that I am dreaming, so I sorta enjoy the tornado dreams!

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I am not the only one with those dreams! I thought I was nuts or something. I actually read that it could be a symbolism of like turmoil in your life or something like that. ME?!?! lol NOT ME!!!
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Originally posted by LDG
4) I grew up in Winnetka, Illinois (a suburb of Chicago). I grew up two blocks from Lake Michigan, and I miss it very much. The lake was my friend.
I had a really good friend in high school ( In NJ) who moved to Winnetka our senior year!

P.S. This thread is the bomb!
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Originally posted by okeefecl
8) I have bad skin allergies and have to be careful what soap/lotion/etc I use, so I collect lots of natural scent perfumes (vanilla, peach, blackberry) to wear.
Ok, this is bizarre! I dislike most perfumes because I hate the floral scent. This morning I was just thinking....why don't they make perfume with smells I like, such as peach or vanilla? Where do you buy these? I must know!
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I think you can get them at the Body Shop. ????

And I forgot to say - apart from wearing the same earings and necklace all the time, I don't wear bracelets or a watch (although I always know what time it is!), and I have TWO wedding rings, one on the fourth finger of each hand. It's a plan band (not rounded) with flat edges.

The first time Gary and I got married, we wanted to do it "right," because we'd both been married before. So we used our right hands! And that same ring was made from one of the medals Gary received in the army. We had it melted down and turned into our first set of wedding rings.

...so now I'm two ahead of my 10 quota. Ryan, where are you so I'm not alone out here?

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I wear a bit more jewelry than the rest of you, but it's the same stuff everyday. I never change it. Actually in the past year I have added a couple of pieces, but they are now part of the daily ritual. The last time I changed anything was when I stopped wearing a necklace with the Sagittarius guy on it (from ex-boyfriend). I wear a gold cat ring I found in an obscure jewelry store in St. Augustine a few years ago, a gold ring with dolphins on it (my fav non-cat animal), and I treated myself to a college ring when I finished my masters. I'm a dork for keeping things. I'd probably still be wearing my high school ring if it hadn't been stolen. I wear the same earrings everyday. I also bought a 9/11 memorial bracelet with the name of a guy lost in the WTC from my hometown.

There's my 11th thing, and a long-winded one at that.
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This is fun!

1. I am an only child.

2. I have a degree in political science from Penn State. I also have a social studies teaching certificate, as well as my Spanish certification. I have spent a lot of years in college.

3. My first job out of college was as a stock broker. I didn't last long in that field.

4. My s/o and I have been together for 12 years. We plan to get married when he finishes school in 2 years.

5. I have sung in the National Cathedral in Washington, and in Notre Dame in Paris. Both with choirs from Penn State.

6. I used to have recurring tornado dreams. Now I have a recurring dream of exploring a large and empty house.

7. I want to have a greyhound someday.

8. I crochet, I made several afghans as Christmas presents this year.

9. I love to cook, and I make excellent desserts.

10. I am not afraid of snakes, but I can't stand insects.
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The entire rest of my family and my parents and all my grandparents and most of my cousins were Nittany Lions!

As a matter of fact, I think my Grandpa was on the Board, or whatever you call it - back in the 70s. Both my paternal grandparents had their ashes scattered on Nittany mountain.
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I've also never put soap on my face! I have never had a pimple, or skin problems and I do not wear makeup, or jewelry. Though I have a lot of rings and stuff. I have washed my face with noxema since i was 12 years old.
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1 I HATE snakesHATE
2 I have been married 29 years!
3 I have 2 sons
4 I have 6 Grandchildern
5 I do not cook in the summer I BBQ
6 I have 5 Siamese Cats
7 I hate to clean go figuer,I am a housekeeper in a Nursing home!
8 I was 1 of 7 kid's
9 I do not know how to swim
10 I love to drive{except in snow}
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1. I sucked my thumb until I was 11. I had to wear socks on my hand at night to break the habit. In spite of this, I have never had orthodontic work, my teeth are straight with just a very mild overbite.

2. I need to be reading, constantly. Because of this, I re-read books over and over. Also, if I start a book, I will finish it, even if I am not really enjoying it.

3. I was never a cat person (preferred dogs), until my life circumstances meant that if I wanted a pet, it would have to be a cat. Now, I am a total convert.

4. My first cat, ginger DSH, Peter, was a birthday present from my husband. He (the cat) was hit by a car and killed while we were overseas. This was devastating and I will never have an "outside" cat again. Our new kitten, Nik, is 100% indoors, and is happy watching the outside world through glass.

5. I have five brothers and three sisters. Because of this, I will never have any more than two children.

6. When I was growing up we raised chickens to eat. We killed and plucked them ourselves. I remember very clearly the smell of wet chicken, and it makes me feel sick to this day.

7. I am very active politically.

8. I constantly feel like I don't know what I am doing in my job, but my boss is always saying that I'm going great so I guess that's okay. In spite of that, I really enjoy what I do.

9. I have a degree in speech & language pathology, but have never been employed as a speech/language pathologist. On my last placement during my degree, I worked with a four year old boy who was diagnosed with a brain tumour and died just before Christmas that year, it was awful.

10. I never cook. My husband does all the cooking. But I do the washing up and a lot of the general tidying (usually). (Before I met my husband, I ate a lot of toast and cereal.)
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Ok, this is bizarre! I dislike most perfumes because I hate the floral scent. This morning I was just thinking....why don't they make perfume with smells I like, such as peach or vanilla? Where do you buy these? I must know!

Laurie is right, you can get these from the Body Shop. The blackberry (well, blackberry/sage) I got from an herb shop/gift shop. I also love Demeter perfumes. I have Gin and Tonic, Grapefruit Tea and Dulce De Lece. The product line is interesting, and includes:
Angelfood Cake
Fresh Laundry

You get the idea.

5. I have recurring dreams about tornados...ones where there are more than one and I cannot find shelter anywhere.
I do too!!! This is actually my anxiety dream-little person-sized tornadoes chasing me around, or where they keep on coming and coming and I have to save Ivo...

Does anyone else have dreams about losing their teeth? Or having so much chewing gum in your mouth you have to use two hands to remove it, and it keeps coming?
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raising hand- I dream about losing my teeth all the time now. For some reason after my accident in May, that is a reocurring nightmare for me. I have even been dreaming about going to dentists! EEEK! LOL
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Originally posted by hissy
The Northern Lights sound like thousands of tinkling bells, or shattering glass? Hard to describe the sound. Mike and I were up in the Interior of Alaska one year, and woke up at 2:00 a.m. because the people in the lodge were all shouting. The lights were out and they were pink (a rare color for them) so we went outside, and Vern the innkeeper shushed everyone and we just sat in the stillness and we could hear this tinkling sound like an angelic bell ringer choir. It was awesome.
I was interested in the Northern Lights "scientific" explanation so I looked it up on the internet. For those of you who are science minded like me, here is the explanation, pretty cool...

Auroral brush discharge occurs from point-like electrodes where sharp potential gradients exist. It can be trees, bushes, hair and other sharp protruding objects. The discharge can produce sounds from rustling up to hissing. The necessary electrical field to trigger the brush discharge is around 1500 V/m. Remember that the electrical field of the order 100 V/m in the open air is present permanently. During the periods of the strong aurora the electrical field can reach values of 1000 V/m and more. However, the changes in the electric field are not instaneous but with the rise time of the order ten seconds. Again, it is difficult to explain observations of instantenous changes in the sound which follow the development of the aurora. The brush discharge can have some side effects like tingling of the skin, or smell of the ozone (produced during the discharge). There are a few observations that indicate the smell of the ozone following the sounds.
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I have had that dream in which I lost my teeth (I get scared of losing my teeth now since I came here to the South and saw so many people with missing teeth!)
I also have a lot of dreams in which I have been shot, some in which my mother in law has hired someone to try and kill me but I manage to get away. Another dream I have is flying - I love those dreams, I love to fly!
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Okay....next 10

1. I have had several dreams in which I am drowning (one of my biggest fears). I also dream I am falling but I never know off of what. I usually end up sitting up in bed just thankful that that is where I landed!

2. I have dreams where someone is actually trying to pull one of my teeth out.( I am terrifyed of dentists).

3. I NEED to read every night before going to sleep. No matter what time it is. And, it cannot be a book because I am not smart enough to quit reading at a decent time and get some sleep.

4. I am an over protective mother hen.

5. I have considered liposuction many times!!! Just too chicken to do it.

6. I am addicted to The Star, Enquirer, People magazine. I faithfully purchase them on fridays. It's no-brain reading and I am able to put the magazine down and go to sleep. At night I need reading material that does not make me think otherwise I cannot sleep. These just make me chuckle and roll my eyes.

7. I have a brother who works side by side all the big stars (he's part of the lighting crew on film locations) and yet...I only talk to him once a year so I don't get to bask in his glory.

8. I cry easily. Bambi, Stepmom, Bridges of Madison County, Soap Operas, etc....you name it, I've probably cried watching it. It's a very annoying thing because no matter how I say "This time I won't cry".....I do. I stay away from sad movies at the Theatre because of that.

9. I am terrified of all insects. Makes it hard to do my gardening. Which, BTW, I never do without wearing gloves. Weeding can be a very heart palpitating experience for me.

10. I once worked in a nudist resort....(thought I'd save the best for last!)
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Ghys - I cry at all that stuff too. And happy stuff - Miracle on 34th Street, etc.

Since all you people are talking about dreams, I had the coolest dream once! In it, I was having a dream, and I "woke up." But it turned out I was still dreaming, and I "woke up" from that dream. But I was still dreaming!!!! I don't know how many I've written here, but the fifth time I "woke up" was when I ACTUALLY woke up.

The weirdest part about all of it, is that each time I "woke up" in my bed, in my (at the time) apartment, and I got up, out of bed and walked into the kitchen - and something about it wasn't right, and I said to myself "I must be dreaming." ...and I'd say "Wait a second - I AM dreaming!" In a couple of the dream-inside-a-dream things, I washed the dishes, had a whole conversation with the ex-hubby, did a bunch of stuff around the house and then noticed "something wasn't right."

When I finally woke up, I really wasn't sure I was awake! It had happened so many times, I spent quite a while wondering how I would know the difference.

So...it kind of freaked me out at the time. But it hasn't happened again - so either I'm having one heck of a great dream (overall), or I actually woke up that last time. LOL!
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Laurie - I have had that dream many times, and I think it is rather cool because you become aware that you are dreaming. I am very aware of what I dream about and most of them are nightmares, but I have become so accustomed to them that they hardly bother me anymore.
The other night, I dreamed what it would have been like if I had married my ex boyfriend - soon after the wedding, I ran off with a policeman. (my ex boyfriend was a total dillhole), so it was probably my subconscious saying 'thank goodness I never married him!'
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1.\tI am a real red head who is turning blonde…and am considering coloring it back red. Hmm…

2.\tI am slightly insane as I three girls, six cats and one husband (he is more work than the kids and cats combined, but hey he is cute, funny and makes good money..even if he is a pain….LOL)

3.\tI love visiting Italy…some day I want to live there. 5 of our 6 cats are Italian cats..We rescued one Italian cat and she gave us four more..no good deed goes unpunished…LOL

4.\tI used to have a small crystal business; some day when the girls are a little older I might start it up again.

5.\tI love Champagne, but hate those nights when a second bottle seemed like a good idea.

6.\tI love skiing in the Alps. We go once or twice every year and rent a little cabin where the cats stay.

7.\tI love to sleep with the cats in our bed….

8.\tI love Christmas, hate the commercialism and wrapping presents, absolutely love decorating.

9.\tI love shopping for bargains with my husband and buying Barbies…it is almost an addiction. But he started me on the whole Barbie thing. For those of you guys out there, remember this simple rule and you too can have a successful relationship…it is always the guy’s fault.

10.\tI love the quiet of the morning and watching the sunrise on my deck with a fresh cup of coffee.

11.\t I know this is number 11, but right now I hate the laundry.
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As I just spend precious 20 minutes reading this thread (Thank you hissy!) I might as well list my 10:

1. I am 3rd generation in Israel. My grandparents from my mother's side are Tunisian and from my father's side Polish.

2. My Hebrew name (the one everyone calls me by) is Anat. It's the biblical name of the Phoenician goddess of love and fertility.

3. I was an officer in the IDF for 7 years. Left to find my fortune on the internet and just as I came the dot com fiasco took place (not my fault! honest! ) I know how to use both an Uzi and an M-16.

4. While in the IDF I was working on the peace agreemens with the Palestinians (again - the current situation is not my fault! ) I even took part in the actual peace talks.

5. I have a degree in Political Science and English Literature. And I started and quit and the middle of my MA in English Lit and a few years later started and quit in the middle of my MA in Defense Studies.

6. I've been close enough to hear 3 bomb explosions but never to see one (thank God!).

7. I have a chemical warfare protection kit in my closet. It contains a gas mask, a filter, special powder against mustard gas contamination and a shot of atropin. My kit is way past it's due date (for the filter and atropin) so I have to go and renew it this week and get one for my baby as well.

8. I grew up in Jerusalem but now I rarely visit there anymore. I have visited the Church of the Holy Seplechure, the Via Dolorosa and most other sites sacred to Christianity. I live 10 minutes away from where Jesus had his trial in Cessaria.

9. I hate cockroaches! I don't mind spiders or other insects. I don't mind reptiles or rodents. It's just cockroaches that I hate and fear.

10. I have sleep paralysis - that is what you described Laurie. It's a condition where you sometimes think you're up, you dream that you are awake. It seems incredibly vivid but then you discover it was a dream and you're still lying in bed. What happens is your brain is awake but your body is still paralysed by the mechanism that prevents us from moving while we're dreaming. First time I've had it was just like you described Laurie. I was sure I was awake and doing things around the house only to discover time and time again that I was dreaming/hallucinating and was still lying in bed.
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Thread Good! Aarr!

1. I have one half-brother, three step-brothers, one step-sister, and one actual, full-genetic brother. My mom and dad divorced hen I was seven, and they both remarried. I haven't talked to my mom in 3 years.

2. I've been interviewed on the radio with my ex-band, Born Yesterday. I've gotten airplay both when I was with BY and more recently with music I recorded solo (I thought that was pretty cool).

3. My favorite actor is Patrick Stewart.

4. I never believed in Santa Claus. My parents told me the story and I believe I replied, "Yeah, right. Then how come all my toys say 'Made in Taiwan?'"

5. I grew up with pets. Licorice the cat, a wiener dog, Snow-bubba the dog, Rainbow the Golden retriever (R.I.P. ), Bitsey the chihuhua and Honey the chihuahua-cocker spaniel mix, Herman the hamster, a bunch'a gerbils including one named Gandalf, Ignitowski M. Laurentis the green iguana, Orca cat, Lilly cat, Sammy the giant dog, Music the little kitten, Mowgli the Pekingese, Garfield the cat, Neo and Morpheus (kitten siblings), plus an assortment of fish. That's not counting my current pets.

6. I detest maple syrup. Even the smell of it make me feel ill.

7. I'm very picky about pronunciation and inflection. I don't like it when people sound like they're smiling while they talk, I don't like overpronuciation of C's or P's, plus there are certain non-vocal sounds like glottal stops and clicks or nasal hissing that drive me batty!

8. I am petrified of bugs that jump. Especially big, fat-bodied crickets with long, stilt legs. The kind that may be as big as your eyeball. Some call them spider-crickets, but they're technically called house crickets.

9. I don't celebrate holidays. It's a personal choice. I recognize that other people celebrate them, but I don't recognize them as special days. (Yes, Lisa and I have a Christmas tree, and I did help decorate it. If it makes her happy, why not).

10. Last but not least: I stepped on a deck nail as a pre-teen. The first thing my mom tried to do was pull it out. NOTE: That really hurts. Deck nails have barbs. Finally, we decided to go to the hospital . Mom couldn't carry me, so I crabwalked carefully to the car. When the doctor saw the nail, he said, "That's the rustiest nail I've ever seen." Thanks doc. Then I had to get a tetanus shot. They missed the vein the first time and had do it again. Ow! Then they missed again putting in the IV, and had to redo that. By the time I left the hospital, I looked like a heroin addict. In the X-ray room, the nurses didn't no how to operate the machine. They argued about which button to press to start it. Then, they x-rayed both feet. When I asked why, they said, "For comparison." I told them, "What's to compare? One foot is fine . . . the other foot has a nail in it!" Then they labeled both feet "Left." When the X-rays came back, they showed that the nail had gone almost through my foot. This turned out to be wrong. Imagine that.
Boy, that was a harrowing experience. And I was born in that hospital!
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This is a fascinating thread!

I wanted to add I have re-occurring night mares of dying in a car wreck while in a black car - I refuse to ride in a black car since the dreams started. I have been having them for 20 years - at least 1 a wk.
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Ugh. Ryan - do you have to be so graphic? I had a piece of glass (a BIG one) in my toe once. I refused to let my mom take it out, and made her take me to the hospital! The funny thing was - she was always so good at removing sharp and foreign objects from our bodies!

I've "caught" a real fear of things happening to my feet from Hubby. He was also in the IDF for many years. I guess he had trenchfoot, and ever since then has had a serious phobia about anything happening to his feet. Any movies or shows that have someone stepping on glass, or having to walk through a "dangerous" area barefoot are completely unwatcheable and the channel must be changed IMMEDIATELY, no matter how involved in the show we are!
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1. I'm a native Arizonan (we're, still, a minority)

2. I refuse to have gray hair - I will DIE as a blonde or redhead!

3. The man that I refer to as "my dad" is, actually, my stepfather. (I figure that a dad is the guy who's always been there for you and loves you. Tomorrow, will be 30 years, since I've seen my biological father.)

4. My first marriage was at 16 (dumb, dumb, dumb), lasted three years and produced one son - Richard.

5. I am, probably, the youngest Korean War widow. At 27, I married a 55-year-old disabled veteran. Russ died two weeks before our third anniversary.

6. Knowing that two kids was all that I could deal with, pschychologically and financially, I had my tubes tied at 21. (THAT was a fight!) I've never regretted it.

7. My mother is a twin. SHE had no twins nor, did I or my brothers. My daughter-in-law is due, with twins, in May.

8. I can't sleep well, alone.

9. I own 5 pairs of PURPLE boots and 4 pairs of purple pumps.

10. I read 4-7 books, per week.

Well, THAT'S a mishmash of information.
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I just thought the nail-in-foot story was comical. I mean, it was not fun at the time, but now I laugh at the incompetance at that OR. I'm suprised I cam eout with all my . . . parts . . . intact.

I can't watch bugs, ghosts, mummies (thousand year old dead guy -gross)or anything religious on TV.
TV has one purpose: it is a marekting tool. I only watch the Discovery channel (except when there's bugs on).
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Cindy, I met a geneticist once who explained why twins skip a generation or two. It is very complicated for stupid people like me to explain, but all to do with the "twin" gene becoming recessive in one generation and then coming to the fore over the next few generations. My grandmother had twins in her family - she had 15 babies, none of them twins, none of my 14 aunts or uncles had any twins, but now my sister has a set, one cousin has three sets of twins, and about four other cousins have twins as well - all naturally conceived!
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One last thing from me.....

I never buy gas when the price is 66.6 Or raffle tickets ending with 666. Nothing.

I am deathly afraid of that number and what it represents.
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I'd pull up a tanker if gas was 66.6. It's 142.9 (or any other huge price) that scares me.
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