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1. I'm very nearly blind in my right eye. My dog, Pepper, bit me in the face when I was two, permanently damaging my eye. It drifts to the right, as well. Oh, and Pepper got put down and I was more upset about that than I was about my eye I still love dogs.

2. I can't drive, roller skate, roller blade, ride a bike, ski, skateboard, snowboard, or ice skate. Anything that involves being on wheels or other things so my feet sliding... I feel like I have no control.

3. I'm afraid of the dark. I know, it's stupid, but I never really got over my fear of monsters/rapists/theives sneaking in. Being stalked by my violent ex-boyfriend didn't help matters.

4. I wasn't allowed to have cats after my dad moved away. My mom swore it was because my brother and sister were allergic, but that was not the case, because now both my brother and sister have cats. She just doesn't care for cats. I, however, have loved cats since I met Mulligan, our first cat, when I was 5 months old.

5. I have a learning disorder relating to math, along with number dyslexia. Both of these together mean I can't do simple addition/subtraction. I can manage with a calculator, so I passed high school algebra, but it's really, really hard.

6. I am completely sterile, which is great because for some reason I cannot stand children. at all. Of course, they love me.

7. I am a really, really, really fast reader. Ridiculously fast. When I was 8 I read the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy (for the first time) in one day, when I was home sick from school.

8. I'm obsessed with J.R.R. Tolkien. I own nearly every book he or his son Christopher wrote/edited, I've been doing school projects on him since 3rd grade, and I've practically memorized his biography. My most recent project on him was for my Concepts of Nature philosophy class, spring semester.

9. My boyfriend and I met while working at Cub Foods. I was, at the time, dating my violent ex mentioned above, who also worked there. After I dumped my ex, and after a month of dating other friends of mine off and on, Cory invited me out to Perkins (completely out of nowhere- we were barely friends at that point) and one thing led to another... and...*ahem* well we've been together for over two years now, most of that long distance, and we've got wedding plans in the making We moved in together last month. (he loves cats too! )

10. I had depression and bipolar from 6th grade thru freshman year of college. Well, I still have it, but it's so under control now that I'm not even medicated anymore.

and a bonus one because I want to!
11. The only reason I've ever travelled outside of Minnesota, where I've lived my whole life, is to visit my dad, who in the span of 6 years lived in Kansas, Massachussetts, and then Colorado. He still lives in CO and I LOVE visiting him there. It's so gorgeous!
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Hmmm ... My turn!

1) I'm mildly arachnophobic. I will freeze with terror if I see a spider, but if no escape presents itself, I will eventually do something about it. (My friend, who is really arachnophobic, will just stand there freaking out if he sees one; eventually, he'll pass out.)

2) I've been swimming since I was two months old. I grew up in a town with three lakes, and my mother wanted me to never remember learning how to swim -- she wanted me to just know how to do it. I'm almost twenty-eight and I swim like a fish.

3) I'm ambidextrous. I'm technically left-handed, but have taught myself how to do most things (including write) with my right hand. Left-handed scissors confuse me.

4) I collect swords, daggers and other interesting weapons.

5) For the first twenty-seven years of my life I was convinced I could not cook. When my boyfriend and I moved into our new apartment, I started trying out recipes, and it turns out I'm really, really good at cooking. Exact measurements are for sissies (and baking).

6) I'm a writer: I write fantasy fiction. And yes, I'm published.

7) I'm a licensed bartender; I used to drive a "beer cart" at a golf course back home. I was the most popular person on the course.

8) I can read upside down and backwards as quickly and easily as the right way up. (Apparently this is quite common to lefties?)

9) I studied psychology and serial killers in university, and I'm actually pretty good at profiling.

10) I can swear (and only swear) in Gaelic.
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1. Have a fear of other people driving. I have no fear to drive a car but when other people drive I am scared to death.

2. I love Little House on the Prairie and Star Trek Next Generation. I have all the episodes of Star Trek NG on DVD and I need only two more of the Little House series.

3. I can crochet really fast.

4. I have 15 pets.

5. I had my tubes tied at 21.

6. I have been married and divorced twice.

7. out of a 40 hour week I probably only work about 10, the rest of the time I surf several message boards.

8. I have Tinitus

9. I am deathly afraid of the dentist and I have not been to one in at least 10 years.

10. I was not an only child. My brother commited suicide when I was 16.
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1. I can't swim and am terrified of drowning. I am good in a pool where I can touch the bottom, but I'm so afraid of not being able to touch the bottom that I get panick attacks if I'm on a small boat.... I can do large boats though, of course with a life vest. I don't like to get my face wet, for some reason I think that if I get water in my eyes, or up my nose, I'll drown. So I wash with a washcloth!

2. I am double jointed in both wrists. I can pull my thumbs down to touch my forearms.... this freaks out most 4-10yr old kids.

3. My front 2 teeth are fake. I fell through the metal ladder going to my swimming pool when I was 12, on a Sunday... broke both front teeth, exposing the nerves (talk about pain!!!) and had to go to the ER, then to an emergency dentist! Nope that visit is NOT covered by insurance! (my dad loved getting the bill!)

4. I have a peachy colored birth mark on the inside of my left calf... it's kinda shaped like America.

5. Occasionally I dream about the 1st boy I ever fell in love with.... I was 15, and he was 16, ahhhhh puppylove! .... I think it's mostly started because I ran into his sister online, and she told me he was expecting his 1st child.

6. I take my coffee sweet & creamy! Lots of cream/milk/whatever and lots of sweetener. I prefer equal or splenda....

7. I got a scholarship to art school but didn't go....

8. I was a sweetheart in a fraternity.... and occasionally still kit with the guys via myspace.

9. My husband is a bad boy.... I have always had a thing for the bad boys.... I just don't know what it is about them that drives me crazy? I dated a good guy for 2 years.... he was such a pushover, that didn't work for me...

10. I am a Daddy's Girl. And always have been. I was my daddy's 1st, and am the most like him out of all my siblings. I am still the apple of his eye. My sister hated me for many reasons when we were younger, and one of her favorite things to say was: "but you let Heather _______!" And my dad would say: "we're not talking about Heather. And if you maintained a 4.0 in school then you could have the same privledges."
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1. I seriously CAN NOT cook.
2. I have 5 indoor cats and 2 outside dogs.
3. their names are, CATS:Storm, Cali, Dimond, Baby Girl and Baby Boy DOGS:Niki, Neshia
4. I love them all!
5. My mom and Dad are divorced.
6. Dad has a girlfriend.

7. I want my hair as long as Crystal Gayle's, if anyone knows who that is!
8. I used to have 6 cats but Vixen died.
9. I have THREE litterboxes!!!!!!!!
10. My name is HEATHER TOOOOO!
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Time for me!

1 - I am the oldest child in my family, and the oldest granddaughter on my Mom's side.

2 - I've never met my biological father. My mom got pregnant for me when she was 18, in high school, and he left her while she was pregnant. My uncle, who is now my Godfather, was in the delivery room with my mom when I was born. I am extremely close to him. I have written to my biological father about 3 times since I was 16, but never heard anything from him. My mom re-married when I was 2, and I consider him my true, real dad. Him & I are very very close. I'm completely daddy's girl and a momma's girl.

3 - I won't use both sides of a q-tip - only one side I don't know why.

4 - My family is the most important thing to me. I call my mom at least 5 times a day. She's my best friend.

5 - A few years ago, I lost my Great-Uncle to brain cancer, my Grandpa to prostate cancer, and 2 of my Great-Grandparents. They all passed away in a 3 year time frame. That was the hardest time in my life.

6 - My biggest fear is dying

7 - I order magazines for wedding's all the time - I secretly have my wedding planned out alread - and I'm not even engaged yet

8 - I get really close to crying everytime I see someone eating alone in a restaraunt. I always want to go sit with them.

9 - I'm extremely kind hearted - I hate being mean to people, cuz I believe in Karma - it will come back to get me in the long run.

10 - I used to despise cats until we got Harley. He changed me!
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1. The most pets I've ever had at once was 15. We had a lot more when I was little and we lived with my dad, but there was way too many dogs for me to count.

2. I hate potatoes.. but I love french fries.

3. Besides family, my boyfriend, and a few other people, I'm terrified of calling people on the phone.. and I don't know why.

4. My boyfriend and I met online a little over three years ago, and we're still dating (and we hardly ever talk online).

5. I'm in love with the Full Moon wo Sagashite anime and manga, and the Kare Kano manga.

6. Both of my big toes are double-jointed, and I remember how freaked out my friends got when I showed them.

7. I don't really get along well with younger people online (preteen-ish age) because a girl I met on another forum started a bunch of really stupid rumors about me when my computer was down, and was always making stuff up for attention, and starting "forum drama".. ugh.

8. I am absolutely terrible at math.. I'm a senior this year, and I'm in geometry, and most seniors are in college algebra, or calculus.

9. I used to be terrified of roller coasters, and now I can't wait to go to amusement parks. I'm already excited to go to Cedar Point at the end of the month!

10. I can't stand touching anyone's dirty dishes.. I'll wash mine, or rinse them, but I cringe when it comes to washing other peoples..
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okey-doke, let's see, I don't know if there's too many things you don't know about me

1. I wore braces for almost 3 years, but after I got them out I never wore my retainer... luckily my teeth didn't move back
2. I absolutely do not like to mix food, I eat everything on my plate one a time meat, potatoes, vegeatables, I really don't even like them to touch
3. I am a total clutter-bug, I must have various random items all over the place at all times.... some might call this messy, but that's your interpretation
4. when I get upset or worried about something, I pull out my eyelashes I've been doing this since I was 16, and while they grow back much thinner and sparser, they keep coming back. Most people I've known for years do not know I do this, it's like a compulsion, as I can't stop
5. I have not read a book in over a year
6. growing up, my grandma was my best friend. She passed away when I was only 12 and I still miss her everyday.
7. I'm a sweat-er! If I go out to a club to dance, my hair will be soaked, like I just got out the shower wet, by the time I leave ponytail all the way
8. I am a doomsday prophetess, if something goes wrong, I always assume the worst i.e. if my Mom is late I think she must have gotten into a fiery crash on the freeway not good for stress levels, but I can't seem to stop thinking like that, I guess I like to be pleasantly surprised
9. I scored a 33 out of 36 on my ACT in high school, that's the top 1 percentile in the nation, I scored the highest in my HS class of which a couple people were not happy about I am a whiz at multiple choice tests, as long as I go with my first instinct
10. since i got my license when I was 17, I have gotten a ticket every year, sometimes more than 1
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Heh, I possibly should have mentioned in mine, since it seems to be a common theme- I HATE washing dishes. Like, I would rather get stabbed in the shoulder than wash dishes. Completely serious. Hate hate hate. Oh, and I really don't like doing laundry, but I'll do it. Grudgingly.
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1. I love to write poetry that is inspired by my moods and current feelings most of the ones in the past have been really dark and not very happy.

2.Salem was the first cat I was ever actually owned by. Before that growing up i had several dogs, turtles, hamsters but no cats.

3. I can play the organ , piano, clarinet and violin although i haven't played any of them in years.

4.I hate cars! I dont feel safe in them at all give me a "Big Ole Truck" anyday.

5.I am scared to death of clowns to the point where i will freak and pass out!

6. I have driven across a frozen lake in above mentioned Big Ole Truck lol

7.I am addicted to coffee, hot cold ,frozen, flavored it doesnt matter i like it all!!!!!!!!

8.I saw a produce truck run off the side of a mountian in mexico.

9.Until feb. of this year texas was the only state in 28 years that i had ever lived in.

10.I want to have another baby but DH says no and it makes me really sad.
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Originally Posted by Thirtysilver View Post
When I was young, I had H.S. Purpura, an extremely rare disease associate with the lymphatic system, that temporarily paralyzed me from the waist down, and cause a certain part mf my anatomy to swell up.
OT, but my 5yo son was diagnosed with HSP last fall.

Guess I better finish this.

1. Cooking really stresses me out a lot.

2. I almost went to school to be an Architectural Engineering Technician instead of a Vet Tech.

3. I eat way to much junk food (and love it) and I hate drinking water.

4. I have an incredibly difficult time thinking of 10 things interesting about me.

5. I have recently been diagnosed with PTSD that stems from an abusive relationship I had in high school.

6. I am extremely terrified of bees (I'm allergic) and storms and torandoes (I panic).

7. I love riding dirtbikes, watching motocross, and college football (go Penn State!)

8. I just started playing golf (have gone 4 times sofar) and I am becoming very addicted to it.

9. I am happily married and we have a 6year old son (Cameron Ezra) and a 14 month old daughter (Alexis Ciara) and they are excellent kids.

10. I love love love studying anything related to the vet field (ecs. anesthesia) and would love to become a Veterinary Technician Specialist in anesthesia.
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1) I am deathly afraid of snakes, but they seem to follow me (i.e., copperhead in the garage, milksnake in mom's house).

2) I have three ureters (most people have two.) Because of this, I spent a lot of time in the hospital from the ages 4-10.

3) I have the worst stretch marks in the world. Belly, thighs, even my calves. I guess that's what gaining 45 lbs during pregnancy will do to you.

4) Because of #3, I plan on having a tummy tuck as soon as we can afford it. I abhor plastic surgery, but in this case, I'm all for it.

5) I'm writing a book about motherhood and the toilet, kind of Erma Bombeck non-fiction humor style.

6) I published an article my junior year of college, "Archaeology and Pop Culture: Exploring Misconceptions." Who knew that a research project focused on Indiana Jones could result in a scholarly article.

7) Both of my children are named after characters in Edgar Allen Poe works. Annabelle Leigh and Madeleine Camille (I took some liberty with the spellings.)

8) My sister and I were named after Little Women. Wev'e got 3 out of 4 names- Amy, Meg, and Beth.

9) My husband's family are hillbillies in the truest, kindest sense of the word. They are actually from the hills of Arkansas, a very small town called Lead Hill to be exact.

10) My pet peeves are people who misprounounce words and who are consistently late.
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1.I grew up in NY in an Italian Catholic Family...enough said!!!
2.I was the youngest of 4 and my whole family is seriously FUNNY. My dad is a hoot!!!
3.I have 7 nieces and nephews and would literally give my life for them...they are my kids I never had especially my sisters kids!!! I am Aunt honey!!!
5.Growing up my family owned a pizza/Italian restaurant and I worked there for over 11 years.
6.I have known my best friend since kindergarten!!! Love you Ann!!
7.My first husband was killed in a boat accident in 1996. (he was a passenger)After the accident I fought for a speed limit on the lake and after months of fighting for it they imposed a speed limit...yay!
8.I met my current wonderful husband on AOL in a widow/widowers chatroom, he lost his wife to cancer, we have been married fo over 8 years.
9.I am still very close to my in-laws from my first husband, we visit them when we go back to NY, they love my husband too and he loves them!
10.I believe our memories are the greatest gifts we have!
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I can't believe I actually just read this whole thread

1. I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.
2. I can't stand the feeling of a strand of hair on my hands if they are wet (like the hair that falls out while your washing it.)
3. I,too, never liked cats until my husband and I got our first one together. Now I'm hooked:0
4. I had my gallbladder removed about 2 years ago.
5. I am obsessive compulsive. I count things instead of the usual "handwashing."
6. I have been parasailing at Table Rock Lake in Southern Missouri, that was pretty cool.
7. I am usually a very sensitive person.
8. My whole family, including my husband is left handed except for me.
9. Every year at Thanksgiving and Christmas my entire Dad's side of the family sits down together for dinner. There are over 30 of us!
10. Once in highschool I had my sister break up with my boyfriend for me over the phone because she and I sound exactly alike.
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1. I have a food allergy to citrus, pineapple, and tomatoes that causes my tongue to break out in welts...but I eat citrus and tomatoes anyway.
2. I finally managed to convince my husband that the Gators rule.
3. When I was 16, I developed a peculiar rash and the doctors thought I had syphillis, but I didn't (hadn't even gone to third base yet)
4. Since moving to CO, I've developed acne, roseacea, dermatitus, and eczema.
5. I love ginger ale and ginger beers, but don't particularly care for ginger bread or ginger the spice.
6. I once painted my bedroom at my stepmother and dad's house bright teal with peach trim. The room would practically glow. My college room was painted candy colored sea green by mistake while shooting for sage and my current bedroom had another green mishap, but it's tolerable. I'm bad at picking colors
7. I wanted to elope
8. I don't like mixing fruit with savory flavors. For example, I loathe teriyaki chicken with pineapple on it, won't touch hawaiian style pizza, frown on fancified fruit 'salsas' served with meats, etc...
9. I was raised lutheran, but my family left the church after my parents divorced and I haven't been back since. Unless someone gets married in one.
10. I consider the divorce of my parents to be a great thing as my life has been much enriched by my stepparents, stepsisters (and their subsequent families) and my halfbrother
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Hmm.. let me think now....Okay,

1. I can not cook, only bake.

2. I use to compete with my last boyfriend as a team in Kite Competitions.

3. I think feet are disgusting.

4. I am a clean freak, obsessed with it.

5. I get depressed at night if I am alone in my house.

6. I collect Country Artist Cat Figurines

7. I have been chatting with a guy on the Internet from Israel for 9 years now and he wants to come visit me in September for 3 weeks! I am so nervous and excited at the sametime

8. I am a home body, just like being at home. Was never really into partying to much.

9. I don't like Lipstick, the taste is gross and I don't like the feel of it on my lips.

10. The first time I ever tired Marijuana was this year and I'm 31.
Why I just decided to try it now and not when I was younger, I have no idea!
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oooh fun thread:

1 - I have an unhealthy obsession with 80s teen heart throb Corey Haim

2 - When i was 11 years old i was rushed to hospital and stayed there for 4 weeks because i was....allergic to my blood

3 - I spent 6 months backpacking round australia when i was 19

4 - Im obsessed with chick flicks and own about 30 on dvd including Mean Girls, Coyote Ugly and Moulin Rouge

5 - Im 26 years old

6 - I love the colour pink and my desk at work is covered in pink fluffy things

7 - I had a pet cockatiel named Dodi - I got her for my 18th birthday which was 31st August, it was the exact day Princess Diana and Dodi Alfied died in the car crash - hence my pets name

8 - Ive fancied one of my friends for 4 years but ive never told a single person....until now

9 - I HATE the sound and feel of people rubbing sponges or carpets with their bare hands

10 - I love the smell of carpet shops and if im in hardware store that sells carper i go straight to it and stand there for ages just smelling it....but obviously not touching it!
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1) My dad is 21 years older than my mum.

2) My house is over ninety years old.

3) I've fallen off a horse eight times. It was the same horse.

4) My father's ethinicity is Polish/German, and my mother's ethnicity is Irish/English/Welsh.

5) I have never dated a man in my life. However, when I was in Grade One, I had three simultaneous boyfriends

6) I can't swim.

7) As of now, I have 26 fish and one cat.

8) I have been to Germany, England x2, Italy, France, Austria, The US, all over Canada, Wales, and Ireland. However, I've never been to Florida.

9) I was talking at nine months, but didn't walk until I was a year old.

10) I've been singing in choirs for most of my life, and I'm a soprano.
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