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1. I'm petrified of mice even though I own Sally & Jaffa ( 2 rats )

2. I have a Mickey Mouse, mouse pad

3. I have curly curly curly blonde hair with black roots even though blonde is my natural hair color.

4.My Nickname is Nigel off Mr. Bean b'cause his names nigel and I apparently looked like him when I was a baby!

5. I'm totally afraid of ducks, swans , geese

6. My father left me the night after he slept with my Mum, now he lives in Scotland.

7. I live in one of the poshest parts of wellington.

8. I live for singing, I have been in choirs and I'm extremely proud of my voice, I think my singing is very good!

9.BARE Feet, If you ever come to NZ and see a lil girl like the one in my signature with bare feet it's probably me!

10. Im in the top class for my year level ( year nine ) at college and I'm proud of it

I hope you learnt a bit about me , Sam
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Im a blonde too.. my "natural" color before when I was like 5 ws dishwter blonde.. now Im full platinum LOL.. No just regular blonde now LOL

I have wavy hair.. not curly anymore I used t have curly when I was like 5-6..

Aww you have a mickey mouse mouse pad! Cute... I have a leopard one LOL
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Awww Thanks!

MIckey Mouse Rocks, Nah ..LOL It was on special for like $1.. and it's pretty crappy, but any way and on it it says Mouse Mat? ..LOL

Curly hair rocks, I had boring ( for me anyway) straight hair when I was 1-10 and now I'm super curly!

Smiles, Sam
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1. I am faithfully devoted to Sunless Tanners

2. I am terrified of spiders, hornets, wasps, and water past my chest. And roller coasters.

3. I went to catholic school most of my life

4. I love my mom more than anything in the world, and my dad.. then my cat is next

5. I love God more than anything in the universe and even tho my life seems crappy I kno that there's a plan..

6. I love athletic/yoga pants (so comfy!)

7. My grandfather bought my family a commodore 64/128 computer around 1983/84, it came with a 2.4k modem (i think) and it sucked, but that's when I first started messing w/comps..

8. I drive a 2002 Ruby Red Dodge Stratus SE Coupe that I try to wax every week because I am obsessed with it

9. My favorite TV personality is Meredith Viera from the View, followed by Kelly Rippa

10. I love Dairy Queens Peanut Butter Cup Blizzards with Chocolate ice cream instead of vanilla.. My favorite food is a toss up between cottage cheese, garlic toast, and grilled chiken salads..
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1. I'm addicted to Burger King Woppers!

2. I, too am totally terrified of bee's, wasps, and hornets (basically anything that stings, but ironically I've never been stung)

3. I would like to get a dog someday, but when we have a house with a fenced in yard, next year!?!

4. I hope to be Teacher of the Year sometime in my career

5. People actually think that I'm a nutbag when it comes to animals. Some people will never understand

6. I LOVE live music and going to concerts!

7. However, I'm a horrible dancer (think of Elaine on Seinfeld)

8. I am a "Friends" fanatic and I have to watch at least one friends episode a day! (too pathetic!)

9. I love Ralph on the Simsons: ("I'm special, but my teacher says, '"I'll get used to it'")

10. My mom is my best friend!

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I've posted some things in the past, but since this has come up again, I thought I'd add some more...

1. I have been wearing glasses since I was 8 years old. Now, at 32, I have to wear bifocals.

2. I am double jointed. I can bend my knees and elbows backwards-a doctor that I once worked with thought I had a connective tissue disorder.

3. I went to school with the actor Edward Norton.

4. I can say the alphabet in 4 languages-English, French, Greek and American Sign Language.

5. I swam competitively when I was a child, and was ranked one of the best swimmers in Maryland.

6. Last year, I was on a genealogy website for our family and found a cousin my father didn't know he had.

7. I am fascinated with the Civil War, especially the battle at Gettysburg.

8. I believe in ghosts.

9. I am allergic to ginger.

10. I still have my childhood teddybear, Teddy, in my bedroom.
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4. I can say the alphabet in 4 languages-English, French, Greek and American Sign Language.

Wow! Christy Now THAT'S Impressive.

Way To Go!
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Originally posted by WellingtonCats
4. I can say the alphabet in 4 languages-English, French, Greek and American Sign Language.

Wow! Christy Now THAT'S Impressive.

Way To Go!
Actually, it's kinda useless, considering I can only carry a conversation in English! As for the Greek alphabet, well pledging a sorority had one good outcome, I guess.
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LOL Christy!
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Ok 10 things about me....hmm...I'll warn u I'm kinda wierd LOL

1. I can sing...I have since 4th grade(im class of 2002) in choirs(school and church) I can sing high soprano and alto. I'm trying to do something with my voice right now (band???). Oh and I was 1st chair Clarinet in 7th grade band..but I moved and my parents wouldnt let me back in band

2.I'm kinda obsessed with purple. My bedspread is a purple and black leopard print(I love cats),My walls and even my 89 Chevy S-10 is painted a dark purple :

3.I draw and write poems. Won awards in art class and my english in school was usually 95 and above. I can also do Calligraphy. I am working on 2 novels right now.

4. I LOOOOOOVEEEEE Medieval stuff....I have 2 dresses and my is hair long. I'm wanting to find a reenactment group to join so I'll have an excuse to wear my dresses I am also against tanning because of the health hazards and am proud to say I am gothicaly pale

5.I love antiques...I want a house full of them. I already have antique bottles, desk chair, and vanity. I just cant afford more right now.

6.I love CHEVY CAMARO!!!! I want a 69 that I can restore myself and a 98 to drive for fun. I also like older cars like Nova, Chevelle, Wildcat,etc.

7. My fiancee and I have been together 2 years and after he gets back from his school in FL, we are getting married

8.Favorite artists off the top of my head are: Salvador Dali,Amy Brown,Christian Reese Lassen, Botticelli,etc.

9.10.I live with my Grandma, aunt and uncle(2 of grandma's 4 kids). My parents weren't very good to me...and this is the second time I've lived here. I'm moving out soon to finally be on my own

Hope I dont now seem totally nuts I also wasnt trying to be concieted about anything...this was all I could think of that is interesting about me that not everyone knows.
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Everybody sounds pretty darn interesting around here! It seems that cat lovers are creative and intelligent. Christy: I think its great that you know American Sign Language -- I have always wanted to learn it and plan to take a course when I finish school (only 2 more weeks to go ...)!
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1. I have two younger brothers and no sisters, and I'm the oldest kid.
2. My grandparents (mom's parents) "have money"...but we don't see any of the money
3. I have two big doggies
4. I prefer male cats over female cats.
5. I'm pagan, learning wicca
6 I LOVEEEE to sleep!
7 I was trying to get pregant but have given up.
8 My hubby and I bought our home when I was 21 and he was 22. We got married when I was 22 and he was 23.
9 I'm scared of the dark and of bugs...also birds!
10 I really don't like to clean!
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Val( Princess Purr)

10 I really don't like to clean!

Here, Here Val!
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Oh This is fun! I love this thread!

1. I'm 4'10 1/2"
2. I used to sing in bands
3. I spent some time in an orphange when young
4. I collect porcelain dolls
5. I have 2 grandsons
6. I've played guitar, flute and accordian
7. I can speak 3 languages: English, Arabic & German (not necessarily fluent!)
8. My maternal grandmother's family goes back to the Brittish Royal family
9. My sister has her own small horse ranch.
10. When I was 18-20 I partied with Robby Randall (founder and former member of the Sawyer Brown country band). I was good friends with his girlfriend and back then he played in the bar I worked in. It was no big deal... we had no idea he'd become big within a few years!

Peaches' mommy
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1. I only have 2 fears: spiders-with all that hair+those eyes---and swimming w/animals over my head--I almost died from coming up to fast once.

2.I went to college my last 2 yrs of high school, left-made a million dollars and now I've been back for awhile.

3.I'm not found of school but like it better than working.Thats why I'll probably go forever or until I'm broke.

4.I was ALMOST married once, the morning before we called it off--I did have pretty flowers for like a month.

5.I started wearing a bra at 11 or 12, and it was a size B cup, now it's worst--------

6.I can only sleep with my special down pillow on my head, makes sleeping out--staying up all night.

7.My toes HAVE to be painted, or they look like odd worms--eekkkkkkhhh

8.I don't like the phone--in any form cell or house- it annoys me to the point of killing myself.

9.I'm over dramatic-------------------a little.

10.The T.P. has to be sheet down or I freak out, I mean who wants dust on their bummmmmm
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I can say the alphabet in 4 languages-English, French, Greek and American Sign Language.
Christy - then you will have no problem communicating with me if you know the alphabet in ASL

Everybody sounds pretty darn interesting around here! It seems that cat lovers are creative and intelligent. Christy: I think its great that you know American Sign Language -- I have always wanted to learn it and plan to take a course when I finish school (only 2 more weeks to go ...)!
THats great that you are interested in learning ASL Angela - I am profoundly deaf and its always nice to meet people who can sign. I am fluent in both ASL and NZSL. Sometimes I forget and revert back to NZSL while signing to americans and they get confused.

This is really interesting.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
Christy - then you will have no problem communicating with me if you know the alphabet in ASL
That would be cool! But the alphabet is the only thing I know, except for the sign for bread (my college roommate taught herself the Lord's Prayer in sign language) and "You crazy devil".

My mother taught at the Maryland School for the Deaf for several years. She wasn't deaf herself, but she became very good friends with her sign teacher, who was. It was kind of hard not to pick it up.
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I am profoundly deaf

That's so sad Kellye , I'm glad you are still able to hear all the voices of TCS'ers

If it's not a rude question. How does your little boy cope with a deaf Mummy?

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Sam, dont be sad - I live life to the fullest as much as I can - I can do anything except hear - thats the motto of a lot of deaf people.
My little lad is great, he can sign and talk and my family is great with support. My hubby is deaf and I know a lot of deaf people who have children and they cope really well, its amazing, some even become interpreters etc.
Deaf people have a culture of their own, really, and its quite fascinating. I have this great little book and one day I will have to post in here some aspects of it - a friend is borrowing it, but when I get it back, I will post, so you guys can get a heads up.
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This made me smile.

I think it's really great that your Husband is deaf too, Your family sounds great! I like it also how the lil boy can sign as well, How cute is that?, I see you live a normal life! That's great.

Thanks for that Kellye. My Aunt has Polio(sp?) and I'm learning to live with that, BUT I have never met a fully deaf person.

Kudos to you my friend!


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ooo - I've got some more!

1) My sister and I HATED each other growing up, and now we're becoming close friends (I'm 40 now and she's 46!)

2) I was a mistake (mom managed to include that when she gave me "the talk" about birth control, many years ago...)

3) I have a large, ugly scar on the inside of my right thigh - it looks (to me) like a large, backwards upside down "L"

4) Until about high school, when people asked me what I wanted to be growing up, I wanted to be a "farmer's wife."

5) I found out last weekend that I really like my nephew (12) - he's really cool!

6) I don't wear nail polish (and rarely wear make up), but for some reason I just put polish on my toenails - I really like it!

7) I might get to meet Christy and Heidi this August (in person!), and I'm really psyched about it!!!

8) I was a staunch VHS advocate when I first joined TCS, and now we've made the switch to DVD...

9) I promised Gary when we first brought in the first kitten (Lazlo) that I would finish knitting a lap-blanket for him by Winter - and I never did, and I haven't knitted for MONTHS now...

10) I'm still wearing my pajamas today!
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This thread is so interesting, it had to be brought back!

Originally Posted by Kiwideus View Post
19) I am very interested in the life of Gia Carangi, which was taken too soon.
1. I LOVE Gia Carangi!
2. I have braces.
3. I don't know how to swim.
4. Everyone in my family is under 5'5".
5. I am addicted to cinnamon flavour gum.
6. I hate pennies and I never use them.
7. I'm afraid of mushrooms.
8. I have dreams of tornadoes at least once a week.
9. I've never eaten a hamburger before.
10. I'm the only one in my family without glasses.
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1) I left home at 11 and was emancipated at 13
2) I was married at 16
3) I learned to drive in a stolen car when I was 13
4) I've hitchiked across the country and hopped a freight train across the country
5) I stood three feet from a man when he was shot point blank in the head
6) I'm a car nut, particularly 72-74 Celicas, and 64 1/2 -68 Mustangs and a couple others.
7) I'm a Middle School drop out
8) I've been officially unemployed since 1999
9) I still have my entire collection (a couple hundred pounds) of Magic: The Gathering cards
10) I cry at almost anything mushy.
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1. I'm addicted to mascarra- i have mastered the art of applying it perfectly while driving (hehe eyeliner too)...bad thing is my boyfriend Colin's a cop lol ....go figure

2. I HATE mayonnaise- and tuna, and potatoes, and spiders

3.I have had baby names for my futre children picked out for quite a while . My maternial clock is ticking! Very, Very loudly! lol!

4.I have my lisence in floral design/wedding planning- i started planning weddings when i was 18 love it!!! I've had my future wedding planned out for a while now- i plan to do all of my flowers if i ever get married . - for right now though, i just nailed an awesome job as a Vet. Tech....i start next week...so i'm just free lance designing on the side.

5. I freak out when i go to a docs visit and they try to take blood- I am petrified of needles!!! i move my arm away when they're about to "strike", try to distract the nurses, ask them to count, ask them not to count, ...lol you name it- i'm a total chicken about having my blood drawn. I do warn them ahead of time though lol....and appologize afterwards.

6. I was a Music Industry (Recording Technology) major for almost 2 yrs. I can play drums, guitar, piano, clairanet, bass, and i've been singing since i was little . I love laying down tracks and mixing stuff- it's awesome! Music is one of my biggest passions. When i'm not playing guitar, i'm singing, when i'm not singing, i'm drumming....go figure i'm from Memphis...

7. I can shoot a gun- really, really well Punks beware !!!!

8.When i can't sleep, i listen to my Mazzy Star cd...works like a charm

9. When i get really mad or upset at people- i clean....everything, including toilets! lol, colin can always tell when i'm upset, because i clean his house from top to bottom. Lol, my closet is color coordinated and organized by season and style....yeah..i have a cleaning issue (but i'm not ocd)

10. I collect those tiny painted bobble-head turtles..i have a ton of them.
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Originally Posted by mzjazz2u View Post
Oh This is fun! I love this thread!

1. I'm 4'10 1/2"

Peaches' mommy

Yea!!! I'm not the only vertically challenged person on TCS! I'm 4' 10 1/2'' too,..but i always lie and say i'm 4'11''
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1. I used to be extremely scared of cats from an encounter with a very mean cat as a child.
2. I know the american sign language.
3. I am very shy in certain situations.
4. I havent worked for 18 years.
5. I thought I would be married with children by the age of 30, Im not and didnt.
6. I cannot handle the sight of blood or injury and almost fainted daily when my cats were spayed and neutered.
7. Everyone calls me Poomie.
8. I love to decorate and love to take something old and make it new again.
9. I used to live in England (Coventry)
10. I am a huge clown and LOVE to laugh, but have a dry sense of humor.
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1.\tI traveled across Europe and saw parts of the world most people dream about seeing their whole life before the age of 9.

2.\tI wear a size 14 shoe which is a very hard size to find in women’s shoes. I either special order them or wear a men’s 12.

3.\tI graduated valedictorian of my high school class only to go on and drop out of college because of depression. I want to go back ….someday.

4.\tI met my fiancé online in a chat room in 2002. He lived in ND then but move here to TX in 2003.

5.\tI hated cats for the first 21 years of my life… my fiancé’s cat changed my mind, and now we are trying to get involved in a TNR program for the feral babies here.

6.\tI’m terrified of roaches, heights, semi trucks, and ghosts.

7.\tPaper cuts seriously freak me out to the point of crying. They put wicked thoughts in my head about being sliced in the eye or other “areas†by paper. Same with bending back fingernails.

8.\tI can generally play any instrument by ear after getting familiar with it. It runs in my family for some weird reason.

9.\tI love to cook but only Italian food.

10.\tMy fiancé and I playfully physically abuse each other when we are stressed out and we enjoy it.
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Ten Random Things about me.....

1. I am a middle child, but I never had the "middle Child syndrome"

2. I am probably the only left handed person in my family, but the only thing I do with my left hand is write and eat...everything else I use my right hand

3. I am a computer and math whiz!!

4. I have lived all over the united states but I have now lived in Alabama for over 11 years......which means that from the time I was born until I was 11 we moved quite a bit!!

5. Jason and I "met" at a bowling alley when I was a senior in highschool...but we had really seen eachother since we were in middle school...we just didn't know it...we both had a mutual friend and she would invite us both to her bday parties....there is even a picture of me and jason next to eachother when I was 11 and he was 12...but I never "knew of" him until I was 17....

6. I am a discovery channel/tlc fanatic!! I love watching documentaries...

7. My mother passed away from Cancer when I was 19 . One of the reason's why Jason and I are soo close...is that he moved in with me and my family while she was sick and helped out around the house...since my dad had to work long shifts... (I love my Jason!!)...so Jason and I have been living together since I was 18....

8. I have luckily never had to have surgery .....and I have never been admitted to a hospital....

9. My favorite novel and movie is "The Notebook"....and I am sure you know why...b/c I am all into Romance!!

10. I met lynard skynard a couple of times a few weeks ago...b/c he was staying at the same hotel that we had our convention at .....let's just say he is very very tall!!
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Lets see:

1. I actually like cranberry juice
2.My favorite dessert is Pumpkin Pie even when its not Thanksgiving
3. I have gone to 8 different schools in my lifetime so far
4. I really want to be a teacher when I finish school
5. I secretly plan small parts of my wedding even though I am not engaged yet!
6.I am such a book worm that when we go to the race to watch Lee I bring books to read until he actually goes on the track.
7. I have an older sister who is gong to have a baby due on September 9
8.I was born in Hawaii
9. I am really shy until you get to know me then I won't shut my mouth!
10.I love cinnamon flavored mints but no other flavor!
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