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thats quite interesting - i love learning about eastern religions in which they are more spiritual, into finding themselves. but egyptian religions are very fascinating. I am in a town that when you first meet someone, the first words out of their mouth is 'which church do you go to?' and i hate the dirty looks that they give me when i say 'i dont belong to a church' - i prefer to believe in my own way, like i read somewhere that a man called nature itself his own church. the town i am in is smack dab in the middle of the bible belt and you really have to be careful what you say or do.
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Originally posted by Kiwideus
I am in a town that when you first meet someone, the first words out of their mouth is 'which church do you go to?' and i hate the dirty looks that they give me when i say 'i dont belong to a church' - i prefer to believe in my own way, like i read somewhere that a man called nature itself his own church. the town i am in is smack dab in the middle of the bible belt and you really have to be careful what you say or do.
I don't think anyone should be that forward on such a personal matter. If I am religious, and what God (or deity) I pray to is between myself and that other power.

I grew up Lutheran, but right now I see myself as more spiritual than religious. I have many friends that make up every religion. I find myself today, very open to new ideas and other faiths because of the influence of these friends.

I find many people have judged me on my views and that is fine for them. If someone wants to be so close minded, and will not tolerate me for my alternate view then they can live in their sheltered limitations.

I am just trying to mark my own path as everyone else is on this earth. It's too bad when people force their views on the world and then expect everyone else to follow behind.

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I definitely fall into the spiritual more than religious category, too. Dan and I have been going to different churches, trying to find one that fits. So far, we haven't found one where everything clicks.

I really don't like the people who think I should believe exactly like they do. I don't expect that from them, why should they expect if of me? Too bad so many of those people are religious, I think that is why I was turned off to the whole church idea for a long time. I realize not everyone is like that, thank goodness. But they are out there.
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i am relieved, i thought i was going to get flamed for my opinion. while i respect others in their choices, i want to be respected in mine.
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Kellye I totally understand. I was pretty scared to voice my religious beliefs here the first time. I'm sure you can imagine the reactions I have gotten before. (You're a witch? That means you worship satan and sacrifice babies, right? ) I think that was when I really became attached to this site, because people have all kinds of religious beliefs, from alternative to very mainstream conservative, yet we can still respect each other and our respective beliefs, and still be friends.
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I second what Heidi's saying.

I look at the concept of religion as a large, many-faceted diamond of great beauty. Each facet is in itself beautiful, but they are only part of the whole. So is each religion sacred, but only part of the mind of the Divine.

I feel very lucky to have found this forum, where despite our differences, we can all laugh and cry and share together. >^..^<
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I wholeheartedly agree, there are so many other things people could argue about rather than religion. Religion is there, whether we believe it or not, leave it at that. Religion is important, I'll agree to that, but when you force your beliefs on others and then get mad at them for not agreeing right away, that's wrong. And I have found so many churches like that. One church in particular refused to marry us because we wouldn't/couldn't live apart until we got married. He said "God is all understanding, but there are rules to be followed", I said "but if God is all understanding, then he understands that there is NO way we could possibly move back in with our parents, I mean, we have cats, a home we've made, doesn't he understand?" "Oh yes, He is all understanding, but there are rules and if you don't obey them, then I would feel very uncomfortable marrying you" Darrell says "So your not going to marry us?" "No." THAT was five months before we were supposed to be married. Imagine our dilemma.

Religion has it benefits, but I see the bible as a guide, not something to "thump", if you know what I mean. I was raised Catholic, then Baptist and then Christian here in BC. Now that I live on my own, I don't belong to any church, I believe in my own way.
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My problem, with most religions, is their attitude toward women. I refuse to believe that God would decree that 51% of human beings are inferior to the other 49%.
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That's one of my major problems, and I am a Christian. Although my church raises women up as leaders and teachers and important in the community (although there are no women deacons or preachers... but that's someone else's fight, I'm not getting into it!), a lot of other churches twist scripture to say that women are inferior and should obey their husbands in their every whim. Yes, there is a verse about "women, submit to your husbands", but I don't think that's about what most people think it is! And do you ever hear about the next verse... "husbands, love your wives?" NO!

And personally, if anyone around me has a different opinion about their higher power, I may not agree, but at least I have the ability to keep my mouth shut, cause it's not my business!
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We have a few new members.....

10 things we don't know about you!!!???
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1. I love baseball
2. I faithfully watch All My Children
3. I love flower gardening
4. I am a coin collecter.
5.People tell me I have a midwest accent.
6. I love Rod Stewart
7. I am afraid of roller coasters.
8. I suck at kareoke.
9. I mooned someone twice.
10. I love real story murder books.
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1.I work on library software
2.I've been on the "internet" for almost 15 years
3.I used to program software code (yuck!)
4.my favorite place on Earth is the Schlossgarten in Oldenburg, Germany in Spring
5.I believe in ghosts (ghosts of pets too)
6.I used to wear only olive green (now it's lime, coral, yellow, whatever!)
7.my favorite house decor is tropical island/carribean style
8.I like Prairie Dogs (even worked on saving a colony once)
9.my perfume has been discontinued (Scent of a Woman by The Body Shop)
10.I never really experienced Fall till my first Fall in Chicago (and WOW!!!!)
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1. I met my boyfriend, Josh, online on a 'punk rock dating service' provided by a band we both used to listen to.
2. The one thing I was good at in life... great at, maybe, was softball... and I quit!
3. I'm an English major at Marywood University in PA. I hope to teach eventually.
4. I'm totally dependant on my family (especially my sister )
5. My favorite band is The Alkaline Trio.
6. I love going to the beach, but I BURN whenever sun touches my skin!
7. My boyfriend moved from Illinois to PA to be with me, and that makes me feel incredible.
8. I'm DEATHLY afraid of all bugs!!!
9. When I get married I'm planning on having my bestfriend, Ferris, be my 'man of honor' (unless Jennifer agrees to stand for me!)
10. I am OBSESSED with Buffy the Vampire Slayer... during the series finale, when all of the potential slayers were 'being awakened' I was sitting in front of my television, waiting to suddently feel different and have slayer strenght!!!
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1. I am a college student.

2. I didn't have a dog or cat as a kid.

3. I lost 50lbs last year.

4. I loved the movie Jackass.

5. I lived in Italy for two years.

6. I hate to fly.

7. I've eaten alligator.

8. My favorite color is red.

9. My mom and I look like twins.

10. I used to be in the Air Force.
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What an awesome thread. Everybody is so interesting! Here's my list:

1. I am Samoan, people say I don't look it though.
2. I wrote a book (unpublished) called "How Harry the Cat helps people".
3. I am obsessed with mary jane shoes.
4. I hate washing dishes.
5. I have an MGB hiding in my garage that I plan to restore one day.
6. I like bad reality tv shows.
7. When I was 16, I worked for McDonald's for one day. I left and didn't even give notice. What a lousy kid I was!
8. I am an Ebay fanatic.
9. Diet Coke is my drink, even when I go to a pub!
10. I am allergic to bullsh*t!
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Okay here goes

1. I am a newlywed of 7 months

2. I am a grandmother with 5 grandkids 4-girls and finally 1 boy.

3. I collect cat fiqurines.

4. Right now at the age of 40 I am a college student working on my BA in Accounting.

5. I have done public speaking since I went back to school. To tell other students my story.

6. I am a rehabiliated drug user. This one I am very proud of since the stuff almost killed me.

7. I had ovarian and uterine cancer at the age of 26. Therefore I can't have anymore children.

8. I would really enjoy working at a zoo or somewhere that involves animals. I love all kinds of critters.

9. One of my passions is obedience training dogs. Lots of fun and builds a strong bond with the dog.

10. I recently realized that I don't have a brown thumb after all and enjoy growing roses.
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hissy: Great thread you got going here.

Here's 10 facts you don't know about me.

1) I have had no contact with my immediate or extended family for a year and a half now. They disowned me when I announced that I had a long distance relationship with my boyfriend for two years. I moved 1600 km to be with him.

2) Three months after moving out of home, I was given the choice of having a kitten as my 21st birthday present by my boyfriend's parents, (they took me in first so I could sort out the emotional mess and torment before I went to live with my boyfriend) and I chose Russell.

3) I'm a university student trying VERY hard to complete my Chemistry major. I swear next year will be my final year.

4) I play the clarinet and was pleasantly surprised that I could play the saxophone as well. I also play the recorder.

5) I do volunteer work at the local high school helping out students in science classes. And now I'm thinking about joining the Meals on Wheels association in my town.

6) I am an arachnophobe. Scared of all types of bugs. They're creepy and they're always HUGE!!

7) I've missed seeing all the meteor showers in the last four years due to weather.

8) I started looking after injured animals at the age of six after a wildlife officer did a talk in my class. My mother wasn't too impressed at first but gave up in the end and let me do it anyway after the wildlife officer came round to the house to collect an injured bird I had rescued.

9) My brothers and I were not allowed pets as we were growing up. Not even a darn goldfish!!

10) I have a sea-monkey colony.
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1. I am 35 and look 18-21.( Could that be why I am still single?)
2. I LOVE Harley-Davidson motorcycles
3. I have two tattoos. (one is a cat of course!)
4. I am in college to get a degree in Education
5. I would like to own a purebred Abyssinian cat someday.
6. I have a beanie baby collection
7. I have my own business (Pet-Sitting)
8. My best friend is my mother
9. I didn't get my driver's license until I was 23 years-old(better late then never!)
10. I will be a millionaire someday(I didn't know that! LOL!)
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Just thought I'd rate the thread but then found out I had to type something to do so.

Umm...something else you don't know about me.

I LOVE tulips.
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1. I HATE dishes and sweeping floors. I am constantly doing 5+ hours of dishes a day at work. Sweeping, I don't know why I hate, but I do. I never sweep under my bed/my bedroom floor...nothing!

2. I have a tattoo...no one believes. In fact, when I got it and showed my friends, I had to show them like 2 weeks later that it was still there.

3. I moved to the East Coast when I was 18 and lived there for 6 months, but I didn't know anyone when I moved there.

4. I'm scared of bugs. Doesn't matter what kind they are, how big/small they are, they are still bugs. I have to lift my feet off the floor of the car when there is a snake on the road (dead or alive) for fear that it will suddenly grow huge and eat me, my car and everyone in it. Have I seen Tremors too many times????? (well, maybe 1 time is 1 time too many!!!)

5. I collect lighthouses.

6. I used to read about 5-6 books a week, when I was in school. Our local library is/was only open on Tuesdays, so I'd get my 5-6 books, and sometimes, depending on what type of books, I'd be able to read them all 2x before returning them the next week.

7. I am slightly obsessive-compulsive. There are some things that I HAVE to do before I can finish something. Like, in the winter, I have to clean my car off TOTALLY, even if it's snowing, and virtually impossible to have it right clean, before I go anywhere. And, lots of stuff (which I can't think of right now b/c it is almost 3:30am), has to be done exactly right, or I have to do it again.

8. I'm a night owl. I used to love mornings, but I've had so many nite shifts, that I like nites better now.

9. I was the first one in my family (cousins included) to have to need glasses. Now, all of them except 3 out 12 of us need glasses. And only 2 or 3 of them have contacts (me not included!)

10. I look and sound so much like my mom, ppl often mistake me for her. Some old lady even thought we were twins! And my mom was showing some old friends from her high school days pics of us kids, and he thought my gr 12 pic was her!!! Which is why I am scared to get contacts.....if I get them, I'll look even more like her! And our names are most similar...Pam (mine) and Pat (hers).

11. I am a bag of medical mysteries....trust me you don't want to know!

12. I have never dissected any animal in my entire life! You couldn't pay me to take biology or chemistry, or really any science courses or math courses! Of course, you know those word math problems in school? I had problems with them until like 2 weeks before the final/provincial exam, and now have no need of them.

13. I LOVE Winter! Even the -35 or -40 Celsius temps we have! It means no bugs!!! lol

14. I have enough stuff to probably furnish 2 houses.

15. I sunburn very easily....can we say skin cancer any time???? lol Especially with it running in our family, I'd say my chances of cancer are very high! No one hardly believes me when I ask them to put sunscreen on me (usually #30 or 45) b/c I'll burn. Just cuz they all don't, and I do! (Amazingly, this is one thing different about my mom and I!)

16. I was born a preemie, by 2 1/2 months. I weighed 3lbs, 2 oz, and should have been born on Valentines day....almost 2 1/2 months exactly! (I was born on Nov 27). Maybe that's why I am a bag of medical mystery

17. I am a virgin.....althoug no one believes me b/c my ex-fiance and I lived together for almost 9 months (well all of the time we started going together) before I broke it off so they all thought that you know, we had done it but we never did, and I am so glad!!!......hoping to meet another virgin (male lol ) to get married and have 4 kids (2 of each! lol) and live happily ever after!

18. I am going to be an aunt....in Sept or Oct. I can't wait!!!

19. I used to be a neat freak, when my sister and I had to share a room, now I couldn't care less, really.

20. I have penpals all over the world, although not as numerous as they once were.

21. I am a huge fan of "Road to Avonlea", victorian era stuff, genealogy, and a complete and hopeless romantic!

Ok, I think I'll stop here for now. I've gone over my 10....done it twice in fact! I'll probably think of more later, so if I do, I'll post them tomorrow. G'nite all!
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Weee this thread is SO COOOL!!! Here are some things I can think of.

1) I met Craig on a MMORPG (massive multiplayer online roleplaying game). We talked on the phone for 9 months straight before he visited me (He was in California I was in North Carolina). On our 1 year anniversary I moved to California to be with him. This year will make three years for us.

2) My mother is my best friend, and always has been.

3) I love to study serial killers. What makes them tick? Criminal psychology greatly interests me.

4) My mother miscarried three children. One before me. Then she had me. After she had me she got pregnant with twins. One boy and a girl. She miscarried the boy first and a month later miscarried the girl. I was her only child.

5) I had surgery on leg when I was nine years old.

6) At 5'1" I am the tallest woman in my family.

7) I am in the middle of buying my first car ever. Paying for it by MYSELF. It is very important to me, and I am extremely proud.

8) I am torn between going to medical school, and going to law school.

9) I had a miscarriage at the age of 17.

10) Purple is my favorite color.

More to come later.
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I too lived with my ex-fiancee for 9 months!! It's not that I am a virgin for competely religious reasons (although that plays a part) I just don't want to do it until I know I am with the right guy! I came extremely close one time but the guy didn't love me back. (Not my ex either)
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What an interesting thread. I've already learned a lot about all of you. Well here's my 10 things.

1. My mother was a missionary (child evangelist). She met and married my dad when she was 40. My sister was born when she was 41 and I was born 13 months later.

2. My faith in God is the most important thing in my life.

3. My sister is, and always has been, my best friend.

4. I have Rhumatoid Arthritis and the pain sometimes gets to me. It has restricted my life quite a bit.

5. I love anything victorian.

6. My most traumatic experience was when my mom died - I was 21.

7. I run a security company. I work with all men.

8. I have sung in front of people since I was 4 years old.

9. Growing up and living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (where winter is our longest season), I am a huge hockey fan. College Team: Northern Michigan University Wildcats. Pro Team: Detroit Red Wings.

10. My 6 year old goddaughter, Halley, is the love of my life.

That's it! Not very interesting, but it's me.
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My reasons are mostly religious, although I am not a fanatic about it really. lol Also, b/c my brother and sister both are not (my sister is married, and lived w/ her bf for 4 yrs), I feel it's something that makes me different. I am determined to wait until I am married. I don't care if everyone else is doing it or not, I'm not! My ex and I both decided to wait until we got married, b/c it was really important to both of us. I also felt that if I did do it, and my parents found out, I would 1. be so embarrassed, and 2. be so ashamed that I did it before I got married. For some reason, those things stuck in my head and not my siblings weird, eh? Anyways, that's just me. Someday it will happen! lol
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ok here mine:

1. i've learned to play the flute for 3 years and guitar
2. i played lead roles in high school plays (no one now would believe me, i'm not that outgoing!)
3. i am a christian (not a very good one, but i try!>>)

4. i left my family to move to australia by myself at 18
5. i met my boyfriend of 4 years on an internet chat room ( i also left new zealand to be with him!)
6. i can't whistle
7. i hate all bugs, and all things slimy
8. i get mini anxiety attacks when i drive sometimes.
9. i have a brother who is 7 years my senior whom i haven't lived with since i was 10 ( he lived in the southern part of NZ)
10. my dream job would to be a singer songwriter.
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1.) I have a twin brother

2.) I have never had a speeding ticket in my life...

3.) I can't STAND the sound of someone "smacking" their food....it totally grosses me out!

4.) I grew up next door to 2 historic cemeteries.... I mean right next door! Ooooooo, the ghost stories I can tell…

5.) I cannot swallow a BEET - I gag every time I try...

6.) In 1985, my painting hung in the white house for one year...(because of an art contest I won in high school)

7.) I was a Homecoming Queen.

8.) At Seaworld, here in Florida, in the Penguin Display there is an 8 ft World Relief Globe. I am the artisit who painted it. I did it years ago, while going to school in Kentucky. I worked at Rand McNally in Richmond. It took one year to create the globe.

9.) My first car was a Pinto, LOL! It was!

10.) I am about to have the LAP/RNY in less than 2 weeks

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1. I have a brother
2. I can put both legs over my head
3. My pinky toe bends sideways
4. I dance Salsa
5. I smoke
6. I've been to Italy
7. I know how to change my oil in my car by myself
8. My favorite TV show is Survivor
9. I'm addicted to Animal Planet
10. My favorite Ice cream is Bubble Gum

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1. Im jewish
2. I LOVE Drawing
3. I wanna be a singer REALLY bad
4. I wanna be a vet LOL
5. I Sing like Christina Aguilera ( I REALLY and TRUELY do! BUT I think better!)
6. I LOVE Olden day shows like All in the Family, Etc
7. I like Game Show Network
8. Im 5'6" 110 pounds LOL... Just thought I'd add that cuz my sister doesnt even know that!
9. I HATE SOAP operas!
10. I wanna be a cheerleader lol..
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Wow you have like the same body type as me! I'm 5'5" and 110lbs!
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